Trade the world - an innovative investment plan using FOREX Trading.

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Information about Trade the world - an innovative investment plan using FOREX Trading.
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Published on September 19, 2014

Author: Enterprise3030



Maxim Trader offers an innovative 2 prong investment plan using FOREX Trading to generate dividends for investors of between 5% to 8% in each account setup.

Curious to know more ... email me at for more information.

Trade The World 全球交易 领航国际 Distribution of Wealth 资产配置

Money at Work 钱在为你工作

一般主要投资项目 Common investment Portfolio 股票 Stocks 期货 Commodities 债券 Bonds 房地产 Property

外汇市场的优势 Competitiveness of Forex Trading Market

外汇与股市平均 Forex Trading vs Stock Exchange 每日交易量 Average Daily Trading Volume

外汇交易每日平均成交易量的成长图 Growth of Forex Average Daily Trading Volume

7 零售外匯产业 Retail Forex Trading 爆炸式增長 在80年代,零售外匯是聞所未聞的 2001 = 3860億美元 2013 = 20萬億美元 佔外匯市場40% 一旦中國開放其資本市場將爆發 2046億美 元

外汇市场平均每日最高成交量的钱币 The Top Average Daily Trading Volume Currencies

为甚么投资外汇市场? Why trade in Forex? 高杠杆操作 High Leverage Trade 双向获利空间 Bi-direction Profit Taking 24小时网上交易平台 24 hours web trading platform 高交易量 High Transaction Volume

5:0 0A M Tai pei 24小时网上交易平台 24 hours web trading platform 3:0 0P M Tai pei 8:0 0P M Tai pei

股票債券外匯 TRADERS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD 11 884400億 1188668800億美元 5533445500億美元 高交易量 High Transaction Volume

高杠杆操作 High Leverage Trade 貨幣對標準手迷你手 歐元對美元€100,000 €10,000 英鎊對美元£100,000 £10,000 澳元對美元A$100,000 A$10,000 美元對日圓US$100,000 US$10,000

双向获利空间 Bi-direction Profit Taking

資金有限 Limited Funds 知識有限 Lack of Professional Knowledge 時間有限 Limited Time 心理因素 Psychological factors 自己投资外汇为甚么会失败? Why Self Trade in Forex usually Fails

時間充分 Full Time 資金雄厚 Large Funds 專業經理 Professional Funds Managers 有規劃交易 Planned trade 投资基金管理的優點 The Benefits of Fund Management 投资基金管理的優點 The Benefits of Fund Management

绩效报告 Performance Report

Myfxbook外汇在线自动分析工具 Myfxbook Online Automated Analytical Tool for FOREX

Myfxbook外汇在线自动分析工具 Myfxbook Online Automated Analytical Tool for FOREX

Myfxbook外汇在线自动分析工具 Myfxbook Online Automated Analytical Tool for FOREX

Myfxbook外汇在线自动分析工具 Myfxbook Online Automated Analytical Tool for FOREX

Myfxbook外汇在线自动分析工具 Myfxbook Online Automated Analytical Tool for FOREX

Myfxbook电子邮件报告和通知 Myfxbook Email Reports and Notifications

其他交易者的业绩记录 Other Trader’s Track Records

其他交易者的业绩记录 Other Trader’s Track Records

马胜金融外汇低风险投资策略 Maxim Trader Low Risk Forex Investment Program 配套 Packages 每月盈利高达 Maximum Monthly Returns (%) 每月盈利高达 Maximum Monthly Returns (USD) USD 5,000 5% USD 250 USD 10,000 6% USD 600 USD 20,000 7% USD 1,400 >USD 30,000 8% >USD 2,400

Actual Dividend Report for USD1,000 Account since 28 July 2013 to 28 December 2014. Total of 18 months contract.

绩效参考 Performance Simulation 月 本金 绩效 盈利 累积基金最高分红8% 余额 1 1,000,000 20% 200,000 1,200,000 80,000 1,120,000 2 1,120,000 20% 224,000 1,344,000 80,000 1,264,000 3 1,264,000 20% 252,800 1,516,800 80,000 1,436,800 4 1,436,800 20% 287,360 1,724,160 80,000 1,644,160 5 1,644,160 20% 328,832 1,972,992 80,000 1,892,992 6 1,892,992 20% 378,598 2,271,590 80,000 2,191,590 7 2,191,590 20% 438,318 2,629,908 80,000 2,549,908 8 2,549,908 20% 509,982 3,059,890 80,000 2,979,890 9 2,979,890 20% 595,978 3,575,868 80,000 3,495,868 10 3,495,868 20% 699,174 4,195,042 80,000 4,115,042 11 4,115,042 20% 823,008 4,938,050 80,000 4,858,050 12 4,858,050 20% 971,610 5,829,660 80,000 5,749,660 13 5,749,660 20% 1,149,932 6,899,592 80,000 6,819,592 14 6,819,592 20% 1,363,918 8,183,511 80,000 8,103,511 15 8,103,511 20% 1,620,702 9,724,213 80,000 9,644,213 16 9,644,213 20% 1,928,843 11,573,056 80,000 11,493,056 17 11,493,056 20% 2,298,611 13,791,667 80,000 13,711,667 18 13,711,667 20% 2,742,333 16,454,000 80,000 16,374,000

开放交易额度 Trading Margin Fund Management Self Trading

市场专业指导(市场展望、技术分析、贴士) Professional Market Guidance (market outlook, technical analysis, tips)

• 低门槛 • Low Entry • 创造被动收入 • Money at Work • 简化易懂快上手 • Easy to Learn and Entry • 马上获利,稳定回酬 • Immediate Return and Stable • 风险最小化,利益最大化 • Low Risk and Maximize Profit 马胜基金的竞争优势 Competiveness Advantage

是由Maxim Capital Limited管理 Maxim是Royale Globe Holding Inc.成员公司, Royale Group Holding 是一间在美国上市(OTC)公司 Managed by Maxim Capital Limited, a member company of Royale Globe Holding Inc., a public listed company (OTC) in USA

Royale Globe Holding Inc. 前称Rohat Resources Inc., 于2006年创立 Formerly known as Rohat Resources Inc., was founded in 2006 总部设于泰国曼谷, 是亚洲增长最迅速的采矿公司 Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and is Asia’s fastest growing mining company 近年来开始进军亚洲多项投资领域, 金融货币市场, 农业, 酒店与度假村 及 产业开发等 In recent years the company entered into a number of investments in Asia in the field of financial and monetary markets, agriculture, hotels and resorts as well as industrial development 秉持与投资者及国际合作伙伴互惠互重的崇高精神 The company upholds the noble spirit of mutual benefit with international partners and investors 在2013年于美国纳斯达克主板挂牌上市, 以协助投资者缔造倍增盈利 The company was listed on NASDAQ United States in 2013 to create double profits for investors

马胜金融基金获得的荣誉 Maxim Trader’s Awards Received

国际杂志报导 International Magazine Coverage 汇商杂志专访(香港) Forexpress (H.K) 钱杂志(台湾) Money Magazine(TW)

国际杂志报导 International Magazine Coverage

马胜金融基金的活动 Maxim Trader’s Activities 第十届上海国际金融博览会 10th Shanghai International Finance & Money Fair 23rd - 25th November 2012 上海金融博览会是目前国内展出规模最大、最权利的金融业年度 盛会,是目前上海三大公众展之一。 博览会从2003年第一届至2011年第九届,无论从参展内容、 展商服, 是活策、、媒体宣等方面不断新和务还动划观众组织传创 提升,受到社会各界广泛好评,被誉为国内最具影响力的金融展 会、上海市民年度理财嘉年华、上海城市的一张亮丽金融名片 Shanghai Finance Expo is currently the largest annual gathering of the financial sector in China and is one of the three largest public exhibition in Shanghai. From the first expo in 2003 to the ninth in 2011, the exhibition content, service, event planning, audience management and media promotion has seen continuous innovation and improvement, thus is widely praised by the community. It is now known as the country’s most influential financial exhibition, the Shanghai public annual financial exhibition is the city’s major calling cards.

第11届上海国际理财博览会 11th Shanghai International Money Fair

上海复旦大学金融论坛 Shanghai Fudan Financial Forum

国际金融交流会 International Members Exchange

Singapore Yacht Show 2014 – Maxim Trader was the major sponsor.

韩国 Korea 日本 Japan 中国大陆 China 台湾 Taiwan 全球推广会 Global Preview

ChengDu Maney Fair 2014

Annual Convention 2014

你明智的资产配置 Your Wise Investment Portfolio Don’t put your eggs in one basket

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