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Information about Trade the trait - Ice breaker - Small Group

Published on January 31, 2014

Author: zaingoplani



This activity was designed by me for the client, Karachi United Football Foundation.

The text was proof-read by Sarah Mashhood


Materials Required In this activity we use Trait Cards which are prepared beforehand by the facilitator. The trait cards include traits like strong, presentable, active, m ature, has two sisters, etc.).

Objective This activity takes up significant amount of time to explore traits of all participants as the foundation of leadership, to cultivate and develop the traits that make everyone even stronger.

Execution After welcoming the participants to the training, the trainer recites the directions to the participants: “Welcome to ‘Trade the Trait’ session. You will be required to trade cards that will be passed on to you. The traits written on the cards must represent you. Rules are as under: 1. Write your name on the card when you receive it. 2. Trade your card with the fellow trainee. If the new card represents you as well, write you name on its back too. 3. Keep trading. The aim is to end up with a trait that exhibits a trait in you and to have written your name on more slips than the rest. 4. Stop when I say ‘Stop’. 5. Stop trading before I say, ‘Stop’.”

Execution The Facilitator passes around the cards once the directions have been read out. The trait on the card must represent the trainee’s trait. Once the cards are shuffled and passed on, the activity should be started. After the closing, the Facilitator should ask all participants to lay the trait cards on the table, with the side containing participants’ names on top. The Facilitator should ask participants to take turns to say names and then raise hands if their name appears on the list.

Debrief To get to know of each other’s traits and realizing the traits that the participants themselves have and to work on them even more for better and effective results

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