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Published on January 29, 2008

Author: Demetrio


The Wonderful World of Hairs and Fibers:  The Wonderful World of Hairs and Fibers Different Scopes used to analyze hair and fiber:  Different Scopes used to analyze hair and fiber Compound light Comparison Dissecting Polarized Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Stages of Hair “Life”:  Stages of Hair “Life” Anagen Growing stage Up to 6 years possible Root shaped like “flame” Hair grows ~1cm/month (1” every 10 weeks) Stages of Hair “Life”:  Catagen ~3 weeks long Dormant, resting stage Root gets longer and thinner Stages of Hair “Life” Stages of Hair “Life”:  Telogen ~6 months Root  Club shaped Pushes out and is shed Lose approximately 70 hairs/day Stages of Hair “Life” Human Hair Parts:  Human Hair Parts 1. Root 2. Follicle 3. Shaft 4. Tip 1 2 3 4 Human Hair Parts:  Human Hair Parts 1. Distal (tip) 2. Proximal (root end) 3. Medulla 4. Cuticle (contains scale pattern) 5. Cortex 1 2 3 4 5 Scale patterns:  Scale patterns Imbricated Mosaic Petal Pectinate Chevron Medulla Types:  Medulla Types Continuous Fragmented Intermittent/interrupted Medullary Index of Hair:  Medullary Index of Hair To find the MI Diameter of medulla/hair shaft diameter Humans = <1/3 Other animals = >1/2 Classify Medulla as: Continuous, Interrupted, Fragmented, or Absent Example Medulla Patterns that can be seen:  Example Medulla Patterns that can be seen Lattice Vacuolated Uniserial Multiserial Deer, Dog & Muskrat hair:  Deer, Dog & Muskrat hair Muskrat Deer Which is Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid Head Hair?:  Which is Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid Head Hair? Caucasian, Europeans, Mexicans, Middle Easterners: oval to round Negroid, Africans oval to flat Mongoloid, Orientals, American Indians: round Pulled Hair v. Shed Hair:  Pulled Hair v. Shed Hair Telogen stage Anagen Stage Pulled Hair Razor, Cut hair & Split hair:  Razor, Cut hair & Split hair Razor Cut Split Human eyebrow:  Human eyebrow Burned hair:  Burned hair Buckling of hair seen in pubic hair:  Buckling of hair seen in pubic hair Hair match:  Hair match This is the view that a comparison scope can give when comparing two matching hairs The small things in life:  The small things in life Eyelash mites Bedbug feeding on flesh Fibers:  Fibers Types of fibers:  Types of fibers Natural fibers Animal fibers are most common at crime scene Man-made Natural fibers:  Natural fibers Animal: Wool from sheep most common Goats, camel, alpaca, rabbit, mink, llamas, beaver Plant: Cotton most common Flax (linen), ramie, sisal, jute, hemp Excrement: Silk from silkworm (cellulose from mulberry leaves) Mineral: Asbestos Cotton fibers cross-section:  Cotton fibers cross-section Wool fibers v. Cotton fibers:  Wool fibers v. Cotton fibers Wool Cotton Flax Fibers:  Flax Fibers Hemp fibers:  Hemp fibers Silk fibers:  Silk fibers Raw thrown Wild silk Asbestos fibers:  Asbestos fibers Man-Made fibers:  Man-Made fibers Regenerated fibers Machine made from natural materials like cotton or wood 1910 rayon, then acetate, then triacetate Synthetic fibers Most fibers are made synthetically from chemicals 1939 nylon, then polyester and acrylic Shape or cross-section can determine value of the fiber; manufacturer specific Nylon fiber cross sections:  Nylon fiber cross sections Acetate Fibers:  Acetate Fibers Nylon fibers:  Nylon fibers Orlon Fibers:  Orlon Fibers Polypropylene fibers:  Polypropylene fibers

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