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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Rmoe77



TPRS second 50 most frequently used words for true beginners. These flashcards are based on Blaine Ray's TPR Spanish words for true beginners. They use cognates, mnemonics, memory tricks, and visuals to aid acquisition.

Spanish (eSOeS Español) Spanish (eSOeS Español) Words you already know, Words you already know, mnemonics, cognates, memory mnemonics, cognates, memory devices, tricks, visuals… devices, tricks, visuals… Words 51-100 Words 51-100 TPR and Most Frequent Words for TPR and Most Frequent Words for true beginners true beginners

Words 51-100Words 51-100 TPR and Most FrequentTPR and Most Frequent Words for true beginnersWords for true beginners

#51 se reír#51 se reír

to laughlaugh Don’tDon’t say rearsay rear in class, kids willin class, kids will laughlaugh.. SeñorSeñor Ray EarRay Ear,, laughslaughs andand laughslaughs andand laughslaughs.. The studentsThe students laughedlaughed when the teacherwhen the teacher fell on hisfell on his rearsyrearsy..

#52#52 orejaoreja

earear Do you want anDo you want an earear,, or aor a hahamburger?mburger? Pig's ear is served roasted as a tapa,Pig's ear is served roasted as a tapa, Oreja de CerdoOreja de Cerdo.. Oh Ray-haOh Ray-ha, ha, ha, your, ha, ha, your earear isis funnyfunny..

#53#53 tiratira la pelotala pelota

throwthrow the ballthe ball A childA child throwsthrows aa titiaarara.. A sA sttinging rayray throwthrowss his tail.his tail.

#54 hombre#54 hombre

man, mankindman, mankind GoGo home bravehome brave fellow, slumber if you can.fellow, slumber if you can. In battle you have proved yourself aIn battle you have proved yourself a manman.. AA manman who sayswho says “Ummm”“Ummm” andand braybrayss probably has an IQ of 2.probably has an IQ of 2.

#55 toma#55 toma

taketake ThomaThomass the squirrelthe squirrel takestakes hishis tomatomahawkhawk to hunt hunt nuts. Tow máTow mámama home.home.

#56 cara#56 cara

faceface YourYour faceface lookslooks as sweet asas sweet as caracaramel.mel. CarCarmen has themen has the faceface of an angel.of an angel.

#57 abre#57 abre la puertala puerta

open theopen the doordoor PuertoPuerto Rico is the doorRico is the door to the Caribbeanto the Caribbean..

#58#58 cierracierra la puertala puerta

closeclose the doorthe door ¡¡SarahSarah,, closeclose thethe door! It’sdoor! It’s freezing in thefreezing in the SierraSierra Nevada.Nevada.

#59 reloj#59 reloj

clockclock The battery in theThe battery in the clockclock isis real low.real low. ReloRelocate yourcate your clockclock to hear the hear the alarm.

#60 hombro#60 hombro

shouldershoulder Let’s goLet’s go home Brohome Bro. I’ll carry you on my. I’ll carry you on my shoulder.shoulder.

#61 bebé#61 bebé


#62 casa#62 casa – housecasa – house Bogart’sBogart’s casacasa isis CasaCasablanca.blanca. 2. casar, casarse - to marry2. casar, casarse - to marry CassaCassandra wants to marryndra wants to marry someone who makessomeone who makes casscasseroles.eroles.

#63 copa#63 copa

cupcup Some drink aSome drink a copacopa toto copecope.. AA copcop escorts aescorts a copacopa and aand a dona.dona.

#64 libro#64 libro

bookbook Lee, bro, readLee, bro, read a book! (lit. reada book! (lit. read brother). In thebrother). In the liblibrary,rary, brobro, people, people readread books.books.

#65 lengua#65 lengua

tongue, languagetongue, language My nativeMy native langualanguage isge is my mothermy mother tonguetongue..

#66 revista#66 revista

magazinemagazine TheThe Rev’s visitRev’s visit made themade the front page of thefront page of the revistarevista..

#67 aplaude#67 aplaude

he/she applaudshe/she applauds

#68 una vez#68 una vez

one timeone time this is una vezthis is una vez this is one besothis is one beso this is one Bessthis is one Bess1X1X

#69 dos veces#69 dos veces

this is two Bessesthis is two Besses2X2X this is two besosthis is two besos two timestwo times this is two vecesthis is two veces

#70 tres veces#70 tres veces

this is three Bessesthis is three Besses3X3X this is three besosthis is three besos three timesthree times this is three vecesthis is three veces

IfIf three Bessesthree Besses givegive tres bessostres bessos,, trestres vezesvezes.. How manyHow many besosbesos do the Bessesdo the Besses give?give?

nueve besos nueve besos

#71 todos#71 todos

all, everythingall, everything I have to doI have to do everythingeverything on myon my to doto do list.list. To-do (allTo-do (all)) or notor not toto dodo??

#72 sonríe#72 sonríe

to smileto smile SunSun rayrays bring as bring a smilesmile to my my face. MyMy son Ray’s earson Ray’s ear makes me smile.makes me smile.

#73 alrededor#73 alrededor

aroundaround AroundAround herher I getI get all red.all red. A doorA door separatesseparates me fromme from her.her.

#74 vaso de agua#74 vaso de agua

glass of waterglass of water VaseVaseline in aline in a vasovaso.. AA bassbass oover aver a vasovaso.. cognate: vasecognate: vase

#75 leche#75 leche

the milkthe milk The cow told the farmer, “I won’tThe cow told the farmer, “I won’t letchaletcha get myget my lecheleche.”.” cognates:cognates: lactic acid, lactose…lactic acid, lactose…

#76 refresco#76 refresco

soft drinksoft drink RefreshRefresh Co-Co-lala is myis my refrescorefresco favorito.favorito.

#77 se rompe#77 se rompe

it gets brokenit gets broken InIn romperromper room everything isroom everything is brokenbroken.. RotoRoto Rooter fixesRooter fixes brokenbroken

#78 cubre#78 cubre

he/she covershe/she covers Mama bearMama bear covers, Cub Ray.covers, Cub Ray.

#79 mueve#79 mueve

he/she moveshe/she moves HeHe mueve, nuevemueve, nueve cows.cows. MuéveloMuévelo

#80 juega#80 juega

playplay Who guarWho guardds the goal,s the goal, playsplays goalie.goalie. TheThe way Gaway Gaga,ga, playsplays,, is way way cool.

#81 cuenta#81 cuenta

he/she counts, tellshe/she counts, tells TheThe queue wentqueue went aaroundround the block. Hethe block. He countscounts the hours on the clock.the hours on the clock. 1,2,3,4,5…1,2,3,4,5… cognates:cognates: counter, countcounter, count

#82 toca la guitarra#82 toca la guitarra

play the guitarplay the guitar

#83 toca la#83 toca la trompetatrompeta

to play the trumpetto play the trumpet

#84 toca el violín#84 toca el violín

to play the violinto play the violin

#85 toca la flauta#85 toca la flauta

to play the fluteto play the flute Mexican dish flautaMexican dish flauta

#86 toca el piano#86 toca el piano

play the pianoplay the piano

#87 traje#87 traje

Hey, I haveHey, I have hayhay in myin my tra-jetra-je. I’m. I’m itchy.itchy. MyMy trajetrajectory inctory in life is to have anlife is to have an ArmaniArmani suit.suit. suitsuit

#88 traje de baño#88 traje de baño

suit of the baiting roomsuit of the baiting room tray+hay+de+baño=traje de bañotray+hay+de+baño=traje de baño

#89 ropa#89 ropa

AA clothes, ropeclothes, rope is where youis where you hang yourhang your roparopa.. ClothesClothes mademade out ofout of rope,rope, areare ropa.ropa.

#90 azul#90 azul

blueblue A zooA zoo llagoon is aagoon is a blueblue lagoon.lagoon.

#91 blanco#91 blanco

whitewhite AA blank oblank old wall to a graffiti artist is ald wall to a graffiti artist is a whitewhite canvas.canvas.

#92 negro#92 negro

blackblack NegNegativeative growgrowth does not put you inth does not put you in thethe blackblack..

#93 verde#93 verde

greengreen PalosPalos Verdes=greenVerdes=green sticks.sticks. VerdeVerde the composer was not reallythe composer was not really

#94 amarillo#94 amarillo

yellowyellow Am ahAm ah (really(really in)in) RíoRío de Janeiro underde Janeiro under aa yella’yella’ umbrella?umbrella? AmarillosAmarillos armadillosarmadillos are rare even inare rare even in Amarillo Texas.Amarillo Texas.

#95 rosa, rosado#95 rosa, rosado

LoveLove pinkpink, LoveLove RosaRosa pinkpink

#96 escucha#96 escucha

listenlisten Eh skoochEh skooch over andover and listenlisten.. I haveI have something to tell you.something to tell you.

#97 anaranjado#97 anaranjado

orangeorange Anna ran hard, ohAnna ran hard, oh-so-hard, to win the-so-hard, to win the OrangeOrange Marathon.Marathon.

#98 violeta#98 violeta

violetviolet VioletaVioleta hadhad purplepurple hair and ahair and a violentviolent temper.temper.

#99 color café#99 color café

brownbrown In aIn a café,café, coffee is usuallycoffee is usually brown.brown.

#100 morado#100 morado

purplepurple More andMore and moremore adoadolescents are dyinglescents are dying their hairtheir hair purple.purple.

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