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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Rmoe77



These flashcards are based on Blaine Ray's TPR Spanish words for true beginners. They use cognates, mnemonics, memory tricks, and visuals to aid acquisition.

Spanish (eSOeS Español) Spanish (eSOeS Español) Words you already know, Words you already know, mnemonics, cognates, memory mnemonics, cognates, memory devices, tricks, visuals… devices, tricks, visuals… Words 1-50 Words 1-50 TPR and Most Frequent Words for TPR and Most Frequent Words for true beginners true beginners

Words 1-50Words 1-50 TPR and Most FrequentTPR and Most Frequent Words for true beginnersWords for true beginners

#1 levantarse#1 levantarse

stand upstand up YouYou levlevitateitate yourself when youyourself when you get up.get up. LeavenedLeavened breadbread risesrises..

#2 sentarse#2 sentarse

sit down (favor de sentarse)sit down (favor de sentarse) TheThe senatorssenators would notwould not sentarsesentarse.. TheyThey sentsent tartar to tar and feather theto tar and feather the senators that would notsenators that would not sitsit down.down.

#3 rápido#3 rápido

fast, rapidfast, rapid rápido rabbit-orápido rabbit-o rápido/rápidarápido/rápida

#4 lento#4 lento

Len’Len’ss toetoe isis hurt so he ishurt so he is slowslow.. slowslow Len’Len’ss ToeToe Truck isTruck is slowslow..

#5 anda#5 anda

he/she walkshe/she walks Take aTake a walkwalk and aand a jog.jog.

#6 camina#6 camina

he/she walkshe/she walks Driver to hitchhiker,Driver to hitchhiker, “Come in o“Come in orr you willyou will have tohave to walkwalk a long way.”a long way.” CammyCammy NaNakamoto,kamoto, walkswalks elel CaminoCamino dede Compostela.Compostela.

#7 salta#7 salta

he/she jumpshe/she jumps TheThe saltsalt jumpjumped overed over thethe tartar.. saltasalta-montes-montes = mountain= mountain jumpjumperer

#8 para#8 para

1) stop1) stop •aa parapara-a-aguasguas stops waterstops water •aa parapara-sol-sol stops sunstops sun •If youIf you parapara thethe paraparade you stopde you stop the parade.the parade.

2) for2) for ““pot of teapot of tea”” == parapara titi == forfor youyou 3) in order, to3) in order, to In order toIn order to makemake parpar you need toyou need to be a good a good golfer.

#9 levanta#9 levanta

he/she lifts, raiseshe/she lifts, raises Love auntLove aunt AA-bigail's bread when it-bigail's bread when it risesrises and fills the house withand fills the house with delicious smells.delicious smells.

#10 baja#10 baja

1)1) bajarbajar he/she lowers,he/she lowers, goes downgoes down 2)2) bajo, bajabajo, baja adj.adj. BajaBaja CaliforniaCalifornia

#11 mano#11 mano

the handthe hand Man-oMan-o man, eachman, each manman has 2has 2 manomanos.s. Also slang for herAlso slang for hermanomano,, “bro” or “dude.”“bro” or “dude.” ¿ Qué hubo¿ Qué hubo manomano?? How is it going Bro?How is it going Bro?

#12#12 piernapierna

the legthe leg PierrePierre has twohas two piernaspiernas..

#13 grita#13 grita

he/she yells, screamshe/she yells, screams HeHe yellsyells,, “I have“I have gritgrit in myin my gritsgrits.”.” DON’TDON’T YELLYELL YOURYOUR GREETGREETING!ING!

#14#14 miramira

he/she looks athe/she looks at I amI am looklooking at myself in aing at myself in a miramira.. H eseesa m ira ge. Mira Mira Mira Miraon the wall on the wall

he/she looks athe/she looks at HeHe seessees aa I amI am looklooking at myself in aing at myself in a miramira..

#14 ver#14 ver

to seeto see ToTo verver thethe bearbear..

#15 suave#15 suave

softsoft He is reallyHe is really suavesuave aa smoothsmooth operator.operator. SuaveSuave shampoo makes my hairshampoo makes my hair soft.soft.

#16 fuerte#16 fuerte

This isThis is strong for teastrong for tea.. loud =loud = fortfortissimoissimo I amI am fuertefuerte atat 4040 loud, strongloud, strong

#17 toca#17 toca

he/she toucheshe/she touches Don’tDon’t tocatoca mymy togatoga..

#18 señala#18 señala

he/she points outhe/she points out TheThe signal, señalasignal, señala if you can go.if you can go.

#18 mostrar,#18 mostrar, indicarindicar

to point out, indicateto point out, indicate MostrarMostrar thethe monstermonster.. Favor deFavor de mostrarmemostrarme elel monstruomonstruo..

#19#19 cabezacabeza

AA cab iscab is aa head.head. TheThe cab iscab is aahead.head.

headhead TheThe cab iscab is aahead.head.

#19#19 cocococo

TheThe cocococo is literally theis literally the cocococonut but isnut but is also slang foralso slang for headhead.

#20 tira la#20 tira la pelotapelota

he/she throws thehe/she throws the ballball AtAt Pay Low TaPay Low Taxesxes they gavethey gave me ame a pelotapelota.. AA pelopelota withta with pelopelo..

#21 la boca#21 la boca

mouthmouth Put aPut a mochamocha in yourin your bocaboca.. BocaBoca Raton=(RatsRaton=(Rats MouthMouth city, Florida)city, Florida)

#22 ojo#22 ojo

eyeeye MMooee,, hoehoe neatly the garden bed.neatly the garden bed. The boss has anThe boss has an eyeeye in the back of hisin the back of his head.head.

eye: ojoeye: ojo == ooldld hoehoe..

#23 pelo#23 pelo

hairhair Pay LowPay Low Barbers is cheap butBarbers is cheap but look at thelook at the hairhaircut you get.cut you get.

#24 brazo#24 brazo

armarm The general hasThe general has brassbrass oonn hishis armarm..

#25#25 piepie

the foot the foot AA foot foot P.A. P.A.

the foot (spelled like)the foot (spelled like) Step on aStep on a piepie with yourwith your piepie.. PiePie likelike pedpedestrian orestrian or

#26 mesa#26 mesa

tabletable CostaCosta MesaMesa = coast= coast tabletable

#27 nariz#27 nariz

nosenose TheThe narnarwhalewhale isis known for itsknown for its nariznariz.. With myWith my nariznariz I smellI smell new ricenew rice..

#28 duerme#28 duerme

he/she sleepshe/she sleeps Dee, whereDee, where mamayy hehe sleepsleep?? In theIn the dormdormiitotorry of course.y of course. AA dormerdormer is not a personis not a person sleepsleeping on aing on a roof, it is a type of window.roof, it is a type of window.

#29 camisa#29 camisa

shirtshirt Like cami or camisoleLike cami or camisole

#30 calcetines#30 calcetines

sockssocks CalCal-ifornia-ifornia sent teenssent teens newnew socksocks.s. Cal sent inCal sent in aa socksock to Santa with a noteto Santa with a note asking for a secondasking for a second socksock..

#31 botón#31 botón

button, pimplebutton, pimple Mireya wasMireya was hoping to be ashoping to be as cute as acute as a botónbotón forfor homecoming,homecoming, unfortunatelyunfortunately sheshe discovered adiscovered a pimplepimple..

#32 se pone#32 se pone

he/she puts, gets, becomes (+adj.)he/she puts, gets, becomes (+adj.) II ponderponder where towhere to ponerponer my money. II pongopongo mymy ponchoponcho.. HeHe ponepone his poncho on hishis poncho on his ponypony..

#33 se quita#33 se quita

he/she takes awayhe/she takes away Jungle JaneJungle Jane takestakes thethe keykey TarTarzan leftzan left under the mat.under the mat. Will someone pleaseWill someone please taketake thethe key-tarkey-tar away from Eddieaway from Eddie Van Halen.Van Halen.

#34 vestido#34 vestido

dress, dresseddress, dressed Although it was theAlthough it was the best teabest tea,, dodozens ofzens of menmen dresseddressed in Indian costumes threwin Indian costumes threw it into the into the bay. A line ofA line of clothingclothing,, vest Fritovest Frito is a crossis a cross between abetween a vestvest and aand a FritoFrito ..

#35 blusa#35 blusa

blouseblouse She puts on her favoriteShe puts on her favorite blue blusablue blusa for a night at the House offor a night at the House of Blusas.Blusas.

#36 sobre#36 sobre

on top of, over, abouton top of, over, about TheThe sobersober drunk is standingdrunk is standing onon the bottle.the bottle. AA sombresombrero isro is on topon top ofof your head.your head.

#36 encima de#36 encima de

en = in, onen = in, on cima = summitcima = summit See MaSee Ma on theon the summit.summit.. EczemaEczema isis on topon top of the skin.of the skin.

#37 debajo de#37 debajo de

below, underbelow, under An alligator livesAn alligator lives debajo de, d’ bayou.debajo de, d’ bayou.

#38 arriba de#38 arriba de

over, on top ofover, on top of ¡Arriba¡Arriba los manos!los manos! A rib eyeA rib eye is a cutis a cut aboveabove thethe others.others.

#39 enfrente de#39 enfrente de

in front ofin front of en = inen = in frente = frontfrente = front de = ofde = of

#39 delante#39 delante

in front ofin front of TheThe DellDell isis delantedelante, d’, d’ AuntyAunty.. A Dell is aA Dell is a brand ofbrand of

#40 detrás de#40 detrás de

behindbehind ““Debt, Ross,Debt, Ross, ist’s not good to beist’s not good to be behindbehind.”.” Dey trust d’eDey trust d’em to standm to stand behindbehind them.them.

#41 silla#41 silla

chairchair Joke: Carlitos (who is bilingual) comesJoke: Carlitos (who is bilingual) comes home and asks his mom why Henryhome and asks his mom why Henry always saysalways says chair, chairchair, chair at the end ofat the end of the day?the day? SeeYa.SeeYa.

#42 piso#42 piso

floorfloor The little kid missed the toilet and hitThe little kid missed the toilet and hit thethe floorfloor.. There isThere is peas, oh-peas, oh-no on theno on the floor.floor.

#42 suelo#42 suelo

floorfloor That is aThat is a swell ,swell , suelosuelo.. cognate:cognate: soilsoil

#43 techo#43 techo

ceilingceiling TheThe teachateacha got mad and hit thegot mad and hit the ceiling.ceiling.

#44 dientes#44 dientes

teethteeth TheThe dentistdentist takes care of mytakes care of my dientesdientes.. Dante's,Dante's, teethteeth were left in the inferno.were left in the inferno. alal dentedente - cooked just slightly- cooked just slightly

#45 lápice#45 lápice

pencilpencil The firstThe first lap islap is where I pass thewhere I pass the batton, shaped like abatton, shaped like a pencilpencil.. Spell it likeSpell it like lap ice.lap ice.

#46#46 abreabre la puertala puerta

openopen the doorthe door AbraAbracadabra “cadabra “openopen the door.”the door.”

#47 ventana#47 ventana

windowwindow TheThe ventana, vents-Anaventana, vents-Ana withwith windwind.. The bentThe bent window, bent-Annawindow, bent-Anna out ofout of shape.shape.

#48 come#48 come

he/she eatshe/she eats ComeCome herhere,e, to eatto eat.. A diabeticA diabetic eatseats to not go into ato not go into a comacoma..

#49 llora#49 llora

he/she crieshe/she cries Your “R”Your “R” pronunciation is soooo badpronunciation is soooo bad hehe cryscrys.. You areYou are aa crycry-baby.-baby.

#50 escribe#50 escribe

to writeto write TheThe scribe,scribe, escribaescriba.. ScribScribbling is no way tobling is no way to escribir.escribir.

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