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Published on February 20, 2008

Author: Garrick


Slide1:  Use to teach the Hero’s Journey Use as film notes (in order of appearance) Use hyperlinks for pre test preview and post film review Use in card game, “Six Degrees of the Plot” Hero’s Journey:  The Hero Woody is the hero. He is the leader of the toys Hero’s Journey Hubris Woody’s self importance as Andy’s favorite toy is challenged by the newcomer The Fall he falls from “grace” as he knocks Buzz out of the window The Quest The adventure begins as Woody tries to get Buzz back! Obstacles The former hero faces problems to achieve his goal. The Nadir Woody hits bottom: the former hero sees no way out of Sid’s Renewed Purpose He must battle HIMSELF to find a new purpose Final Battle Good vs Evil Woody vs. Sid in a final showdown! Salvation Woody sacrifices his own rescue to save Buzz [BIBLICAL ALLUSION] The Hero Restored Woody returns as the leader of Andy’s toys Toy Story REFERING TO ADAM’S FALL FROM GRACE IN THE CREATION STORY Exposition pg1 1-11:  Exposition pg1 1-11 1 EXPOSITION 3 EXPOSITION 4 EXPOSITION 5 EXPOSITION 6 EXPOSITION 14 EXPOSITION Plot Just days before moving, it’s Andy’s birthday and his toys are eager to see his gifts but afraid of being replaced. Setting Detail Andy’s room is covered in posters and a cardboard town reflecting a western theme P.O.V. [PERSPECTIVE] 3RD Person from a toy’s eye view Andy’s house \ bedroom Protagonist “Woody” cowboy hero leader Toy Story 7 EXPOSITION Author’s Purpose [SONG] Friends endure 8 EXPOSITION Setting [TIME] 3 days before moving Andy’s birthday [PLACE] 2 is on strategy voc sheet 9 EXPOSITION Character “WOODY” Andy’s favorite toy leader 10 EXPOSITION 11 EXPOSITION Metaphor Princess Drool – she is not a princess Allusion Picasso -a painter \ artist who arranged body parts in unusual ways Exposition pg2 12-21:  Exposition pg2 12-21 14 EXPOSITION 13 EXPOSITION Literal vs Figurative Language Puck really IS an a hockey puck (vs the insult) 15 EXPOSITION Homonym “DRAW!” (command) To pull out a gun (verb) To sketch a gun 18 EXPOSITION 20 EXPOSITION Pun “Do we have to hold hands?” A.K.A. Literal language Tongue-in-cheek Facetiousness 21 EXPOSITION Metaphor “ she losing her marbles?” Expression meaning being forgetful Homonym “BLOCKS” (noun) city streets (noun) a child’s ABC toys Toy Story 16 EXPOSITION 17 EXPOSITION Character “REX” lacks confidence tries hard weak fearful annoying Character “BO PEEP” flirtatious easy going forgiving likes Woody 12 EXPOSITION Mock-Epic Language “uncultured swine” vs uneducated pig 19 EXPOSITION Idiom “For cryin’ out loud!” Exposition pg3 22-34:  Foreshadow Woody: “Every Christmas and birthday we go through this.” [worrying about toys] Rex: “I just don’t think I can take that kind of rejection” – taken from Marty’s line in Back to the Future “That’s using the old noodle” – expression meaning brain (common sense) or applying intelligence wisely Exposition pg3 22-34 24 EXPOSITION 25 EXPOSITION 22 EXPOSITION 30 EXPOSITION Allusion Toy Story Idiom 26 EXPOSITION Theme #1 PURPOSE Everyone has value in this world 28\29 VOC 27 EXPOSITION Character “HAM” swine (pig) “uncultured” (uneducated in what society knows) dramatic 23 EXPOSITION Foreshadow PH: “Woody ain’t worried, he’s always been Andy’s favorite.” 31 is a VOC 32 EXPOSITION Literal vs Figurative Language “They’re not lying down on the job” (meaning lazy) 33 EXPOSITION 34 EXPOSITION Foreshadow “Bed sheets? Who invited that kid?” (unimportant filler detail?) Foreshadow PH: “Mrs. Potato Head…(he wishes for one) … hey, a fellow can dream” >>>>>>>>> Perspective? Exposition pg3 35-45:  Exposition pg3 35-45 35 EXPOSITION Suspense The batteries fell out just as the toys were about to find out about the newest toy Toy Story 38 EXPOSITION 36 is voc 39 EXPOSITION Theme #2 “New Kid in Town” The unknown, changes, imagined threats 42 RISING ACTION 44 RISING ACTION Main Idea Allusion “I come in peace” refers to a line from a 50’s movie about an intruder from space (Main Problem or Main Theme) >JEALOUSY< Additional themes: New kid in town Value in self 43 RISING ACTION Character “BUZZ” oblivious (he thinks he’s a space ranger instead of a toy) 40 RISING ACTION Sarcasm Potato Head: “only his sounds like a car ran over it” Monologue Buzz creates a star-date log entry 41 RISING ACTION Antagonist Stranger \ intruder – the cause of Woody’s jealousy [ALSO A CATALYST OF CHANGE] 37 EXPOSITION Symbolism Woody gets pushed off the bed to make room for the new toy meaning Buzz takes over. 45 RISING ACTION Innuendo “laser envy” is reminiscent of a similar term Rising Action pg 5 46-55:  Rising Action pg 5 46-55 48 RISING ACTION 52 RISING ACTION Toy Story Symbolism The western themed items are being replaced with space themes Malapropism Woody deliberately abuses Buzz’s last name as ‘Lite beer’ 46 RISING ACTION Person vs Person Woody vs buzz over whether Buzz “can \ can’t” fly 47 RISING ACTION Hyperbole “I can fly around this room with my eyes closed” 49 RISING ACTION 50 RISING ACTION Person vs Fate Amazing coincidences make it LOOK like Buzz is flying Foreshadow “That’s not flying…that’s falling w style!” 51 RISING ACTION Character Buzz takes over; Woody becomes jealous 54 RISING ACTION Sarcasm Potato Head: “like the attic” 53 RISING ACTION Mockery “Hey, look, I’m Woody… Howdy Howdy Howdy!” Shark mocks Woody while wearing his hat 55 RISING ACTION Mock-Epic Language “universal bonding strip” means tape Rising Action pg 6 56-65:  Rising Action pg 6 56-65 57 RISING ACTION Irony Woody did not like being mocked, but within minutes, he does like mocking Buzz 60 RISING ACTION Character “SID” Creative Violent psychotic “happy child” 63 RISING ACTION Symbolism Sid is characterized by the skull on his shirt, meaning poison or death 64 RISING ACTION Allusion The falling objects, rolling sphere, and music are from Raiders \ Lost Ark 61 RISING ACTION Toy Story Hubris Woody’s belief he should be Andy’s chosen one tempts him to do wrong Foreshadow Combat Carl scene is a foreshadow of what may happen to Buzz. Woody says, “I’d love to see you… as a crater” hints to scene with Buzz in Sid’s yard 58 RISING ACTION 56 RISING ACTION Malapropism Woody deliberately abuses Buzz’s last name as ‘Light snack’ Character “SCUD” the dog “hairy fellow” 59 RISING ACTION 62 RISING ACTION Character “ANDY” Imaginative Cares for toys 65 RISING ACTION Person vs Society Everyone thinks Woody knocked Buzz out on purpose Rising Action pg 7 66-77:  Rising Action pg 7 66-77 67 RISING ACTION 70 RISING ACTION Person vs Person Woody & Buzz fight at the Dinoco gas station 74 RISING ACTION Person vs Person Woody is frustrated at not getting through to Buzz (& Buzz is worried about the saving a universe) Person vs God\Fate A delivery truck from the SAME pizza parlor just HAPPENS to go to Dinoco for gas Toy Story 73\76 voc 66 RISING ACTION 68 RISING ACTION Allusion Dinoco is the name of the gas station (fossil fuels come from dinosaurs) Slapstick Obvious physical comedy like when Woody gets twisted, tumbled and slams his hand 72 RISING ACTION Character Woody is totally frustrated at not being able to get through to Buzz 71 RISING ACTION Character Buzz is completely unaware of being a toy (oblivious) Person vs fate Amazingly, the trucks stops right before running over Woody 69 RISING ACTION 75 RISING ACTION Mock Epic Language “…point of origin” simply means from where it came 77 RISING ACTION Mock-Epic Language “restraining harnesses” Means seat belts Rising Action pg 8 78-90:  Rising Action pg 8 78-90 Toy Story 78 RISING ACTION 80 RISING ACTION Dramatic Irony Woody mocks Buzz over a seat belt, but then gets hit because there are none in back Malapropism Buzz wants ‘speed’ so Woody uses the word ‘hyper’ with ‘active (which is a busy kid) 79 RISING ACTION Slapstick Woody takes a hilarious beating in the truck bed (physical humor). 81 RISING ACTION Malapropism Buzz wants ‘space’ so Woody uses the word astro- with ‘turf’ (which is fake lawn) 83 RISING ACTION Personification “The Claw” (a machine) is a (living) ‘master’ of the aliens “it decides who goes & stays” 82\84\87 voc 85 RISING ACTION 86 RISING ACTION 88 RISING ACTION 89 RISING ACTION Person vs God \ fate Person vs Society Woody fights the aliens to prevent the claw from holding Buzz What a coincidence Sid is at the SAME pizza place Andy goes to. Symbolism A skull stand s for evil, sinister, poison, horror and death Person vs fate What are the odds of not only 2 wins at a claw machine, but getting 2 prizes hooked together? 90 RISING ACTION Imagery Sid’s room: swinging bulb, shadows, posters, messages Rising Action pg 9 91-101a:  Rising Action pg 9 91-101a 91 RISING ACTION 93 RISING ACTION 96 RISING ACTION Under-statement “I don’t believe that man (Sid) has ever been to medical school.” Contrast (Character) Andy’ & Molly’s relationship vs Sid”s & Hannah’s Sarcasm “Great! If anyone attacks us, we can blink ‘em to death 98 RISING ACTION Allusion “Where is the rebel base…I can see your will is strong… we have ways of making you talk” 99 RISING ACTION 100a RISING ACTION Allusion “There’s no place like home!” From the Wizard of Oz Foreshadow the magnifying glass burning Woody will be important later. Toy Story 97 voc atrocities 92 RISING ACTION Character Sid is also fairly creative 95 voc 94 RISING ACTION Suspense Music and sounds help create a spooky moment 100 RISING ACTION Person vs Technology Woody uses Buzz’s Karate chop when his ‘laser’ doesn’t work Rising Action pg 10 101-110:  Rising Action pg 10 101-110 101 RISING ACTION Allusion “There’s no place like home!” From the Wizard of Oz Toy Story 81 voc atrocities 102 RISING ACTION Person vs fate Pull string 105 RISING ACTION Person vs Self Just a toy 107 RISING ACTION Person vs self Determined to fly 108 RISING ACTION Person vs Technology Can’t fly 103 RISING ACTION Person vs Technology Woody’s pull cord gives them away 104 RISING ACTION Person vs Nature The dog Scud goes after Buzz & Woody 106 RISING ACTION 109 RISING ACTION 110 RISING ACTION Melodrama “One minute you’re saving the whole galaxy.. Years of academy training wasted!” Allusion “Marie Antoinette and her little sister” refers to the 18th century royalty who were beheaded. Turning Point Buzz discovers he’s not a real space ranger and falls apart thinking he has no purpose Rising Action pg 11 111-117 :  Rising Action pg 11 111-117 115 RISING ACTION Symbolism Thunderclouds appear indicating gloom 116 RISING ACTION Irony Firecracker arrives for psycho-Sid. States: “Keep out of reach of children“ Toy Story 112 RISING ACTION Literal vs Figurative Language “Give me a hand.” 117 RISING ACTION Allusion ‘Binford Tools’ is the false name of Tim Allen’s (Buzz) Tool Time sponsor on Home Improvement 111 RISING ACTION Person vs Fate Christmas tree lights are thrown, untangled, and are caught amazingly in one throw! 113 RISING ACTION Person vs Society The toys all believe Woody is guilty of taking Buzz apart 114 RISING ACTION Character Slinky wishy washy 118 RISING ACTION Conflict-PvN The rain delays Sid’s plans to launch Rising Action pg 12 119-128:  Rising Action pg 12 119-128 Toy Story Character Sid is very creative in how he plays 119 RISING ACTION 122 RISING ACTION Turning Point 0 127 RISING ACTION Foreshadow Match 128 RISING ACTION Alliteration “Who’re you calling Busted Buster?” (BB) 120 RISING ACTION 121 RISING ACTION Turning Point Woody admits Buzz is a cool toy and understands Andy Onomatopoeia “Your helmet does that WHOOOSH thing” 123 RISING ACTION Character [DYNAMIC] “BUZZ” is because he accepts being a toy and not ‘real’ 124 RISING ACTION Symbolism Once Buzz is ready to be a toy and escape, the storm blows over and the rain stops 126 RISING ACTION Theme #4 TEAMWORK All of Sid’s toys work together with Woody to rescue Buzz Rising Action pg 13 128-138:  Rising Action pg 13 128-138 130 RISING ACTION 132 RISING ACTION Allusion “No greater love has anyone than he who gives his life for another” Bible verse John 15:13 Allusion Head spin and darkened lighting refer to horror movies Toy Story 134 RISING ACTION Character [DYNAMIC] “REX” now has confidence – even roared at Woody when he thought RC was in jeopardy! Character [DYNAMIC] “SID” After being frightened, Sid is now nice to toys 131 RISING ACTION 129 RISING ACTION Person vs Society Sid vs all of his vengeance- seeking toys! 137 RISING ACTION Allusion The baby is listening to music from another Disney (Hakuna Matada from Lion King) RISING ACTION 135 RISING ACTION Person vs Nature Scud chases Woody & Buzz 136 RISING ACTION Person vs Technology RC’s batteries run low just as Buzz & Woody are about to be rescued! 138 RISING ACTION Foreshadow Flashes back to Sid putting a match in Woody’s holster Falling Action to Conclusion pg 14 139-148:  Falling Action to Conclusion pg 14 139-148 139 RISING ACTION Foreshadowed The earlier magnifying scene is now reflected in the helmet lighting of the fuse Toy Story Needs to be added RISING ACTION Poetic Justice As Buzz drops RC into the truck, Potato head is decimated! 140 CLIMAX CLIMAX Will Buzz & Woody survive the explosion? Will they get back to Andy? 141 FALLING ACTION Foreshadowed “Falling with style” vs flying 144 FALLING ACTION Symbolism As Andy grabs both toys, he holds them equally over his heart indicating equal value. 143 FALLING ACTION Falling Action Buzz and Woody return to him by sailing in through the moonroof of Andy’s car 145 RESOLUTION Resolution Andy’s toys are returned to him and there is no more jealousy 147 CONCLUSION 148 CONCLUSION Full Circle -gift time -toys worried -Bo gets Woody -soldiers scout -Rex wants a dinosaur Symbolism The room is decorated equally in western and space themes 142 Falling action Person vs Fate Flying after being unable to earlier 146 is strat conclusion Conclusion pg 15 149-152+:  Conclusion pg 15 149-152+ Toy Story 151 CONCLUSION 138a RISING ACTION Person vs God\fate A car goes by just as Woody lights the only match for the rocket and blows it out RHETORIC What could Andy get that’s worse than you? Character [STATIC] “POTATO HEAD” From beginning to end,he learns nothing and fails to grow a.k.a “flat” x CONCLUSION 150 CONCLUSION Foreshadowed Potato Head gets a “Mrs. Potato” (the one he wished for earlier) 152 RISING ACTION Character [DYNAMIC] “WOODY” now accepts Buzz and is no longer jealous 149 CONCLUSION Symbolism ‘frankincense’ and ‘myrrh’ are two of the spices brought to the baby Jesus (Christmas) 138b RISING ACTION Foreshadowed Match from Sid VOCABULARY I pg 16:  VOCABULARY I pg 16 28 EXPOSITION 29 EXPOSITION 31 EXPOSITION VOCAB ADJOURNED (either a verb or adj) means to end or suspend a meeting 87 EXPOSITION 84 RISING ACTION 36 EXPOSITION VOCAB INTRUSION (vb) To enter in where you are not wanted - trespass VOCAB FODDER (noun) means food for animals or throw out waste VOCAB RECON (noun) short for reconnaissance meaning survey Toy Story VOCAB LUDICROUS (adj) means laughable, unbelievable, ridiculous VOCAB ZEALOTS (adj) crazy over one idea; fanatics 76 RISING ACTION VOCAB JETTISON (verb) to get rid of or send off 97 RISING ACTION VOCAB ATROCITIES (n) horrible acts 0 RISING ACTION VOCAB DAR JEELING (n) a type of tea STRATEGY VOCAB Personification Giving human qualities to non-human items [THIS WHOLE STORY] VOCABULARY II pg 17:  VOCABULARY II pg 17 95 RISING ACTION VOCAB CANNIBALS People (or characters) who eat other people (or characters) 73 RISING ACTION VOCAB RENDEZVOUS (Fr) meaning a meeting with another person(s) 82 RISING ACTION VOCAB COMMANDEER To take over or to command that someone give it to you (usually by force) TERMINOLOGY I pg 18:  TERMINOLOGY I pg 18 2 TERMINOLOGY VOCAB CLIMAX The highest point in a story – greatest suspense or action VOCAB SYMBOLISM One item stands of for another unrelated item VOCAB FALLING ACTION A conflict that occurs AFTER the climax but does not affect the outcome VOCAB RESOLUTION Solving the main or remaining problems Toy Story VOCAB DRAMATIC IRONY Situation in which the audience knows something that the character does not. VOCAB CONFLICTS 6 P v self P v person P v society P v nature P v God\fate P v technology VOCAB CONCLUSION Ends the story VOCAB EXPOSITION beginning of the story that establishes character, setting, and main problem VOCAB RISING ACTION (noun) short for reconnaissance meaning survey VOCAB MOCK-EPIC LANGUAGE exaggeration through grandiose wording 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY TERMINOLOGY II pg pg 19:  TERMINOLOGY II pg pg 19 VOCAB SARCASM Wit; usually cutting (smart mouthed) VOCAB FORESHADOW x VOCAB HYPERBOLE (noun) means food for animals or throw out waste VOCAB HUBRIS (noun) short for reconnaissance meaning survey Toy Story VOCAB MOCKERY x VOCAB ALLUSION (n) VOCAB PROTAGONIST (n) VOCAB MALAPROPISM Accidental substitution for intended word VOCAB PUN Figurative language a.k.a. facetiousness or tongue-in-cheek VOCAB ANTAGONIST (n) 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY TERMINOLOGY III pg pg 20:  TERMINOLOGY III pg pg 20 VOCAB FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE VOCAB SETTING x VOCAB SUSPENSE x VOCAB HERO’S JOURNEY x Toy Story VOCAB P.O.V. x VOCAB STATIC CHARACTER x VOCAB DYNAMIC CHARACTER x VOCAB METAPHOR x VOCAB SIMILE x VOCAB SARCASM x 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY 2 TERMINOLOGY

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