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Published on July 19, 2018

Author: channelteam


slide 1: TOYAMA HOTEL AUTOMATION Smart Hotel A customized experience provides a unique luxurious visit. ... TOYAMA automation enhances hotel operational efficiency service and ... Yes. Electronic House ... SMART HOTEL. PERSONALIZED GUEST EXPERIENCES. With TOYAMA a 5-start stay is just a touch away. Guests can control drapes lights temperature TV and music schedule wake-up scenes request valet service and more —from one intuitive remote. slide 2: The guests of your hotel value above the classic concepts the technology put at their disposal to improve their comfort and contribute to energy saving reducing the environmental impact. With our fully customizable and avant-garde touch panels or smart devices guests can enjoy among other things lighting regulation access audio-video and exquisite climate control eliminating one of the main sources of complaints and turning it into a competitive strength. It is possible to achieve this objective at zero cost due to the very fast return on investment guaranteed. SMART HOTEL PRODUCTS FROM MODERN TO CLASSIC. THE RIGHT STYLE FOR EVERY ENVIRONMENT An intelligent use of the systems translates into cost savings as well as an improvement of the customers experience. TOYAMA is a modular system and it can be customised to suit each customers request based on their needs by installing the necessary control and activation modules slide 3: Thermostat 1. Climate control. 2. Presence control. 3. Lighting control switch all off. 4. Energy Management. slide 4: One Touch Control 8key T13 708 1. Light dimming. 2. RGB LED dimming chromotherapy. 3. Remote control from smartphones. 4. Monitoring System. 5. Energy Metering. 6. Advance Room functionalities Curtain control 4key slide 5: Dimmer 4key 1. Lighting control switch all off. 2. Energy Metering. 3. Advance Room functionalities 4. Light dimming. Service Panel 2key wireless Touch Panel TH13 403K slide 6: Corridor pannel 3Key Wireless Touch Panel TH13 413K Card Panel slide 7: Toyama_Controls Systems Private Limited Bengaluru : +91 8861932495 :

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