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Published on December 10, 2008

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SECURCITYWORKSHOP 5: FEAR OF CRIME, DISORDER AND ENVIRONMENT : SECURCITYWORKSHOP 5: FEAR OF CRIME, DISORDER AND ENVIRONMENT Ulla Korhonen-Wälmä 16.2.2006 Project leader TOWARDS SAFER AND MORE COMFORTABLE RESIDENTIAL ENVIRONMENT THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PROJECT IN HELSINKI CASE KONTULA-MYLLYPURO THE NUMBER OF PERSONS FEELING UNSAFE IN HELSINKI, % : THE NUMBER OF PERSONS FEELING UNSAFE IN HELSINKI, % Kontula-Myllypuro City centre Malminkartano STRATEGIES FOR SAFER AND MORE COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT : STRATEGIES FOR SAFER AND MORE COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT TO KEEP HOUSING AREAS SAFE IT IS IMPORTANT TO STRUGGLE AGAINST SEGREGATION IN ALL LEVELS To develop underprivileged districts: create new attractiveness in underrating areas To renovate the physical environment: apartment blocks, public areas and green environment To combine the physical and social development To promote partnership and empowerment and engagement of residents To create a positive image by urban culture THE NEIHGBOURHOOD PROJECT, WHAT IS IT? : THE NEIHGBOURHOOD PROJECT, WHAT IS IT? Established in 1996 by the City Board of Helsinki The mission of the project: To strengthen the attractiveness of neighbourhoods through various area-specific measures The vision of the project: Safe and comfortable neighbourhoods for families with children Co-operation and co-ordinating measures with EU URBAN I and URBAN II – programmes WHY KONTULA-MYLLYPURO AS A PROJECT AREA ? : WHY KONTULA-MYLLYPURO AS A PROJECT AREA ? The area was built in the 1960’s, need for renovation Bad reputation due to huge housing blocks, 90 % apartment houses of the total housing stock High number of social housing, about 40 % of the total housing stock Declining and aging population Lower income and education level than on average in the city Number of immigrants higher (12 %) than on average in the city (7 %) The lowest prices of apartments in the city: about 2100 €/m2, in the city centre about 4100 €/m2 in the year 2005 WHAT THE PROJECT AREA LOOKED LIKE IN 1996 ? : WHAT THE PROJECT AREA LOOKED LIKE IN 1996 ? KEY GOALS OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PROJECT : KEY GOALS OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PROJECT Factors of attraction from special characteristics of an area Quality environment to neighbourhoods Safe living environment as a competitive factor of the city Resident involvement as a resource MORE ATTRACTION AND SPECIAL CHARACTER : MORE ATTRACTION AND SPECIAL CHARACTER Special services which make the area well-known in the whole city Sports sites and buildings Skateboarding and youth culture Rock-festivals New attractiveness through complementary construction More one-family and semi-detached houses New apartment houses in the centres of the neighbourhoods Skateboarding as the special attraction - An indoor skateboarding hall - A skateboarding place outside in a park - Planning skateboarding places together with the youth MOTION AS A SPECIAL ATTRACTION AND CHARACTER OF THE NEIGHBOURHOODS : MOTION AS A SPECIAL ATTRACTION AND CHARACTER OF THE NEIGHBOURHOODS Liikuntamylly ”Sports Mill”, Conversation of empty print factory into multi-purpose sport hall: all athletic sports and gymnastics, ballgames, wrestling, fitness, climbing etc. Arena-centre, The biggest indoor bandy hall in the world. Slide 10: NEW ATTRACTIVENESS THROUGH COMPLEMENTARY CONSTRUCTION Aims to increase the esteem of the area and to diversify the housing stock Slide 11: NEW SERVICE HOUSING old people’s homes customised apartments for seniors - shelter for women suffering from domestic violence Slide 12: NEW PLANS FOR THE COMPLEMENTARY HOUSING, MORE ONE-FAMILY HOUSES GOOD CONDITION OF THE BUILDING STOCK : GOOD CONDITION OF THE BUILDING STOCK Nearly all apartment houses have been renovated in 1996 – 2005 over 83 M€ used for the renovation of the housing stock in 1996 – 2005. Schools and day-care centres have been renovated New community centres and meeting places for residents have been established Slide 14: Renovation has changed the image of the council housing. Slide 15: The quality of local schools is one of the most important things in preventing segregation Slide 16: The Residents’ park before and after renovation. It offers families with children guided or unguided activities. SAFE AND PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT : SAFE AND PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT Pedestrian and cycle routes, squares and other public areas have been improved public investments over 35 M€ for improving the environment The most unsafe places are shopping centres, plans have been made for improving them Improvements have been made with co-operation of residents Art has been used as means of improvement Slide 18: SAFE, CLEAN AND PLEASANT PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLE ROUTES Slide 19: Beautiful parks and green areas SHOPPING CENTRE DEVELOPMENT : SHOPPING CENTRE DEVELOPMENT Improving the environment of shopping centres: renovating metro stations rebuilding a new shopping centre in Myllypuro developing public services (youth house, swimming pool, library) and environment in Kontula New complementary housing Seeking new means for decreasing disorders of alcohol abuses in shopping centres Slide 21: PLANNING AND CO-OPERATION WITH RESIDENTS Prioritizing improvements with residents Ideas for improvements from residents and planning together with them Co-operating with local organisations, schools and playgrounds Slide 22: Problematic places have been changed to works of art, an art school as a partner PROMOTING EMPOWERMENT FOR INCREASING SAFETY : PROMOTING EMPOWERMENT FOR INCREASING SAFETY The neighbourhood community centres as meeting places Places for residents to organize activities of their own Local festivals and happenings, cultural festivals and events Supporting and co-operating with local organisations Suburban sports for preventing segregation Slide 24: In 2000: An empty shop has been changed into a meeting place for children and families. In 1996: A small neglected shopping centre in Myllypuro SERVICES AND MEETING PLACES FOR RESIDENTS Slide 25: To celebrate anniversaries and to organize festivals strengthen local networks A new innovation “The suburban sport” increases the social interaction, creates new networks in the area and brings safety, joy and new quality of life. Slide 26: THE URBAN CULTURE OFFERS MANY MEANS TO INCREASE THE POSITIVE IMAGE AND PREVENT PREJUDICES Annual ”Forces of Light”- festivals in late November ”Kontufestarit” – Rock festivals Other local festivals and happenings HOW TO CONTINUE TOWARDS SAFER AND MORE COMFORTABLE HOUSING AREAS : HOW TO CONTINUE TOWARDS SAFER AND MORE COMFORTABLE HOUSING AREAS To increase information of the project results – “the change is genuine” To focus on the environment of shopping centres – “shopping centres as business cards of the area” To involve new partners in keeping the environment clean and comfortable – more resources and visibility

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