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Published on June 7, 2008

Author: moesds



The efforts of our company, PT Mobee Indonesia, to anticipate the global mobile megatrends 2008


What is Mobile Megatrends 2008 ? • Mobile Megatrends 2008 is an entity of 15 phenomenon resulting from mobile technology spectacular growth in recent years prior to 2008 characterized with web 2.0 online connectivity: (from : Constantinou A, Research Director – Vision Mobile)

How do we in PT Mobee Indonesia as an enterprise anticipate the Mobile Megatrends 2008 ?

Megatrend 1 : From mega- portals to me-portals • PT Mobee Indonesia successfully has been developed On- Device Portal (ODP) as “me- portal”

Megatrends 2 : Content is aging; Content communication is king • PT Mobee Indonesia established “Context Architecture” as the Content Communication beside their “Content Architecture” as the enterprise architecture

Megatrends 3 : The internet is reaching into the phone • Core Biz of PT Mobee Indonesia is “putting the content (from the web) into the phone”

Megatrend 4 : The war of the application environment • PT Mobee Indonesia successfully developed application technology and potentially could be Killer Apps :

Megatrends 5 : Value in Mobile Software is bubbling up

Megatrend 6 : OEMs go for services and vertical propositions • PT Mobee Indonesia : anticipates Megatrend 6 as device manufacturer trend by following services :

Megatrend 7 : Brands as the new form of equity in handset • PT Mobee Indonesia success stories :

Megatrend 8 : Network operator strategies are shifting • As in Megatrend 6, PT Mobee Indonesia anticipates the Megatrend 8 by doing services as follows :

Megatrend 9 : Browsing is out; engaging experiences are in • PT Mobee Indonesia has been successfully developed :

Megatrend 10 : Service delivery spills out of the browser, into the user journey • For PT Mobee Indonesia, user is the king :

Megatrend 11 : Browser proxies bring the internet to the masses = PT Mobee Indonesia products as the outcome

Megatrend 12 : Open source is disrupting the status quo • “Handset operating system” is the product of PT Mobee Indonesia in this situation :

Megatrend 13 : Nokia is now a tier-o OEM • Contrary PT Mobee Indonesia “opposing and neutralizing” Megatrend 13 as follow :

Megatrend 14 : Mobile is transforming to a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business • Precisely PT Mobee Indonesia is lessening the effect of FMCG such as saying that “Making phones has tiny margins and no consumer value” :

The role of PT Mobee in Megatrend 15 : Channel Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) : a new source of revenue •

And “last but not least” here is our VISION and MISSION of PT Mobee Indonesia

• Thank You • PT Mobee Indonesia – Jl. Tebet Utara 3 / 7, Jakarta 12820, Indonesia – Phone : +62-21-8311238 – Fax : +62-21-8352470 – URL : – Email : • •

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