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Published on January 14, 2009

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Slide 1: Tourism in Tajikistan Principle Donors Meeting Dushanbe June 5, 2008 Prepared by OSI AF – Tajikistan Tourism in Tajikistan : Tourism in Tajikistan Main tourism opportunities in Tajikistan: Mountaineering, alpinism, cycling tourism, jeep tours, rafting, eco tourism Visitors in Tajikistan in 2007: 320 000 tourists from foreign states State income from tourism in 2007: 1 350 000 smn. which is 60% more in compare to 2006. (According to the Committee on youth, sports and tourism under the Government of Tajikistan) Tourism in Tajikistan : Tourism in Tajikistan Governmental: - Committee on youth, sports and tourism under the Government of Tajikistan; - Tourist organizations regulated by trade unions. Non-governmental: Tajik Association of Tourism Organizations (26 members); Regional associations (Zeravshan, Pamir) Commercial: Joint stock and private companies (130 registered organizations according to the Committee on youth, sports and tourism under the Government of Tajikistan); Main normative and legislative acts which regulates tourism activities in Tajikistan : Main normative and legislative acts which regulates tourism activities in Tajikistan Law “On tourism” President decree “On establishment National Tourism Company of Tajikistan” Tajikistan Governments Resolutions: “On organization activities of National Tourism Company of Tajikistan – “Tajikturizm” “On licensing of tourism activities in Tajikistan and the compulsory payment for nature management” “On state program tourism development for 2004-2009 in Tajikistan” “On approval of rules, types, and visa procedures in Tajikistan” Projects connected to tourism development : Aviation: Several projects are implementing on improvement of air communication and improvement of services at airports; Donors: EBRD, Government of Japan, Netherlands, France, UNDP Auto transportation : Improvement of transport infrastructure, construction and reconstruction of roads, construction of tunnels and bridges; Donors: ADB, Government of China, Japan, USA, AKF Railway: This type of transportation had not been developed properly considering the relief conditions. Tourists do not use railway at all; Hotels: Along with existed state and small private hotels and guesthouses there several construction of modern hotels are being implemented; Donors: AKF, Turkey, Russia Projects connected to tourism development Capacity Building : Capacity Building There are five universities which have tourism departments in Tajikistan: Tajik State National University, Institute of Culture, University of Commerce, Pedagogical University, University of Central Asia (Khorog) Non governmental training centers providing short term training for restaurants and hotels personnel management (Dushanbe, Khorog, Varzob). Slide 8: Alternative forms of tourism development in Tajikistan Community Based Tourism - “Community Based Tourism is a form of tourism where the local community has a substantial control over and involvement in its development and management; and a major proportion of the benefits remain within the community” - (WWF definition) What CBT stand for? Preservation of nature, socio-cultural development, economical development, gender equity, education, communities development, transparent decision making, high living quality standards, new workplace, etc. Slide 9: Pamirs High Mountains Integrated Project – Swiss Development and Cooperation Implemented by: ACTED Partners: MSDSP, CAMP and other international organization in GBAO Implementing area: Murgab (GBAO) Alternative forms of tourism development in Tajikistan Slide 10: Alternative forms of tourism development in Tajikistan Pamirs Eco cultural Tourism Association Project (PECTA) – MSDSP – AKF Project implementer: MSDSP. Partners: Ministry of Culture, Committee on youth, sports and tourism, University of Central Asia, FOCUS, AKFED, Pamir Energy Donors: EU, SDC, TCF Implementing area: Pamirs Slide 11: Alternative forms of tourism development in Tajikistan Community Based Tourism in Zeravshan Valley Project - EU, GAA Project implementer: ASDP Nau. Partners: DED, Micro land Fund Project started in 2007 Budget: Euro 278 800 (72%- EC, 28% GAA) Implementing area: Ayni, Penjikent ? Gornaya Matcha Slide 12: Alternative forms of tourism development in Tajikistan Economic and Business Development Program – Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan Project implementer: Tourism Development Center, OSI AF – Tajikistan Partners: Tajik State University of Commerce, Hukumat of Baljuvon rayon Main activities CBT Development in Baljuvan – 2006 Training center in Dushanbe Publications Budget: 220 000 USD Slide 13: Alternative forms of tourism development in Tajikistan Community Based Tourism in Varzob Project – Embassy of Great Britain Project implementer: National Fund “Shohrohi Abreshim shohrohi Vahdat” Partners: Eurasia Foundation, Hukumat of Varzob rayon Project started in 2008 Implementing area: Varzob rayon Challenges in tourism development : Challenges in tourism development Visa procedures and permits Licensing of tourism activities Insufficient involvement of central government and local government in supporting private tourism development and CBTs Insufficient banking payments system Security, life insurance and health care for tourists Dependency on local air companies Lack of qualified specialists in the field of tourism Absence of defined tourist product Poor condition services Poor of sanitation and hygiene conditions and clean water Poor quality of roads to tour destinations Where to invest? : Where to invest? Infrastructure: Equipment (energy, water, sanitary) Roads, airport, border check points Security and safety for tourists Tourism centers at the airports and city centers Private investment for lodges for high-end tourists Attraction of microfinance institutions and banks in private tourism development and CBTs Capacity building: Product development Marketing, promotion, communication Visibility of Tajikistan (websites, participation to international fairs, brochures) Quality and standards Ecology Government initiatives: Cross border Revision of the legal framework (visa, permits, taxes, opening of borders) Registration of the Wakhan Corridor to the UNESCO World Heritage Contact information : Contact information For more information please visit: or And

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