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Published on June 8, 2011

Author: tudorgeog


SP Q6b Explain the effectiveness of strategies put in place to ensurethat the tourist industry continues to be a success in your chosenlocation. (4)Blackpool is focusing on improving its image. The Blackpool masterplan spentmillions of pounds in its bid to host a super casino. Since 2001 efforts havebeen made to smarten up Blackpool by pulling down old buildings and landscapingcar parks. Grants have been given to upgrade hotels and smaller failing hotelshave been converted into self catering holiday flats. The beaches have beencleaned up and beach facilities have been improved. An old derelict airfield sitehas been redeveloped with a zoo, an exclusive hotel and an internationalstandard golf course. Major attractions like the illuminations have also hadmore investment so that there are new attractions each year and similarly thePleasure beach invest in new rides so there is always something ‘new’ for thevisitor. Blackpool has tried to promote being an all year destination and hasinvested in undercover attractions such as converting the old open air swimmingpool into the Sandcastle leisure pool with slides and flumes. It promotes of offseason events such as political party conferences, festivals and dancecompetitions to ensure the industry can be successful throughout the year.SC 10 Q6c. Explain why it is important for the tourist industry in either aNational Park or a coastal resort in the UK to be successful. (4) Blackpool’s main function is tourism, it attracts millions of tourists each year who contribute some £435 million to the local economy so it is very important to maintain Blackpool as the UK’s No 1 tourist fun spot. There are around 3500 hotels, guest houses and holiday flats and local people depend on tourism having jobs working in the hotels, cafes, restaurants as well as entertainment provision for tourists like the Pleasure beach, amusement arcades, zoo etc.

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