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Published on March 12, 2008

Author: Techy_Guy


Tourism Destinations 1 Senior High - CTS:  Tourism Destinations 1 Senior High - CTS Gail Young & Dianne Hauschildt Curriculum Connections:  Curriculum Connections Tourism Studies: TOU 2060 A problem-solving task in which the student prepares and presents a travel information package to meet a client’s needs for a North American and world destination. Technology Outcomes Learner Outcomes Project Description:  Project Description You are a travel agent and a customer has come in about a trip he/she wants to take two months from today. The trip will take two weeks and they need the information quickly so they can book the travel and accommodations. You have three weeks in which to get them the information, which will be presented to the customer (class). You will create a profile of your customer, a presentation comparing two destinations and final package for the recommended place. Choose one of the following customers::  Choose one of the following customers: Assume they are Canadian citizens with basic Alberta Health Care going on a pleasure trip. Cost Comparison Chart Profile Information:  Profile Information Create a profile on your customer, choosing the age(s), any physical needs, cultural and/or religious background, lifestyle (do they like to lay on the beach, or hike in the mountains), do they prefer individual activities, or tours with other groups, accommodation preference (5-star hotels, hostels, camping). Beyond the trip costs, they will need passports and extended Health Care. Include this in your presentation, but not your budget. Return to Assignment! Factors to consider when choosing a destination are::  Factors to consider when choosing a destination are: Climate (weather) Geography types of activities required (i.e. no skating on the beach) supplies necessary (i.e. surfboard) Culture clothing requirements treatment of the women vs. men etiquette (proper behaviour) food (i.e. religion, availability, will they eat it?) Other Important Travel Information:  Safety Political climate (war, terrorism, crime rate) Health concerns (vaccinations, medical access, costs, coverage, supplies) Weather (i.e. monsoon) Time of year (because they are going in two months) Costs/ exchange rates/ mail/ telephone Other Important Travel Information Customs What they can take into the country they are going to? What they are allowed to bring back? Accessibility Transportation needs (e.g. Do I need to rent a donkey?) Entrance criteria (e.g. Criminal records?) Can I plug in my hair dryer? Can I get more money from the bank? Compare two destinations. :  Compare two destinations. One from each of the following areas: North America World Slide9:  Stanley Park, British Columbia Slide10:  Africa Assignment 1: Profile:  Assignment 1: Profile Present your profile on the traveler (client) using a word processor. The profile will be in a report format and handed in to the teacher after the first week. Review the profile! Assignment 2: Presentation:  Assignment 2: Presentation Present both the choices using a presentation software, with a copy provided for the teacher. Do a comparison for the destinations, considering the factors, the attractions, the accommodations and any other consideration that would influence your client’s choice based on their profile. transportation considerations (rental, cab, train) tipping, customs & duties Some of the considerations will be the same (i.e. items to bring back to Canada) Assignment 3: Package:  Assignment 3: Package Create a tour package for your recommended destination. Include at least the following: a budget plan an itinerary the flight schedule. Transportation shopping (depending on profile) hotel Use a desktop publishing package (i.e. Publisher, Printshop) to create the package in a brochure format. Assessment: Rubric:  Assessment: Rubric Tool: Tourism Studies TOU2060-2 Rating Scale Task Checklist Useful search sites::  Useful search sites: The first site you should explore is for content about accommodations, flights, and many other travel related information. Virtual Tourist - Canadian Tourism Information Network - Index for Travel Canada - Canadian Government Travel - Slide16:  Search each countries government site for information about travel restrictions: for example: - search travel (use the left-hand directory),1308,EXC,00.html will give you an example of a visitor’s profile for selected county (create a custom mini-guide) - traveling with children, all kinds of things. Print Material:  Print Material Fodor’s travel books Let’s Go travel books Travel agent brochures Any travel book about your destination Any book about the area Slide18:  End Learner Outcomes:  Learner Outcomes Create and present travel promotion packages to meet a client’s needs including: needs or desires of the client three possible work destinations travel information for each destination including destinations/attractions climate geography culture other important travel information Technology Outcomes:  Technology Outcomes Students will C1: access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies. C3: critically assess information accessed through the use of a variety of technologies. C4: use organizational processes and tools to manage inquiry. C6: use technology to investigate and/or solve problems. C7: use electronic search techniques to construct personal knowledge and meaning. Technology Outcomes #2:  Technology Outcomes #2 F3: 4.2 - record relevant data for acknowledging sources of information and cite sources correctly. F3: 4.3 - respect ownership and integrity of information. P1: 4.1 - continue to demonstrate the learner outcomes achieved in prior grades and course subjects. P2: 4.1 - manipulate and present data through the selection of appropriate tools, such as scientific instrumentation, calculators, databases and/or spreadsheets. Technology Outcomes #3:  Technology Outcomes #3 P3: 4.1 - select and use independently multimedia capabilities for presentations in various subject areas. P3: 4.2 - support communication with appropriate images, sound and music. P3: 4.3 - apply general principles of graphic layout and design to a document in process. P4: 4.1 - integrate a variety of visual and audio information into a document to create a message targeted for a specific audience. P4: 4.2 - apply principles of graphic design to enhance meaning and audience appeal Technology Outcomes #4:  Technology Outcomes #4 P4: 4.3 - to use integrated software effectively and efficiently to reproduce work that incorporates data, graphics and text P4: 4.3 - use integrated software effectively and efficiently to reproduce work that incorporates data, graphics and text P6: 4.1 - select and use the appropriate technologies to communicate effectively with a targeted audience C1: 4.1 - plan and perform complex searches, using more than one electronic source Technology Outcomes #5:  Technology Outcomes #5 C1: 4.2 - select information from appropriate sources, including primary and secondary sources C1: 4.4 - communicate in a persuasive and engaging manner, through appropriate forms, such as speeches, letters, reports and multimedia presentations, applying information technologies for context, audience and purpose that extend and communicate understanding of complex issues. C2: 4.1 - consult a wide variety of sources that reflect varied viewpoints on particular topics Technology Outcomes #6:  Technology Outcomes #6 C2: 4.2 - evaluate the validity of gathered viewpoints against other sources C3: 4.1- assess the authority, reliability and validity of electronically accessed information C3: 4.2 - demonstrate discriminatory selection of electronically accessed information that is relevant to a particular topic C7: 4.1 - use appropriate strategies to locate information to meet personal needs C7: 4.3 - use appropriate presentation software to demonstrate personal understandings. Cost Comparisons:  Cost Comparisons Rubrics Rating Scale:  Rubrics Rating Scale The student: 4 Exceeds defined outcomes. Plans and solves problems effectively and creatively in a self- directed manner. Tools, materials and/ or processes are selected and used efficiently, effectively and with confidence. 3 Meets defined outcomes. Plans and solves problems in a self- directed manner. Tools, materials and/ or processes are selected and used efficiently and effectively. 2 Meets defined outcomes. Plans and solves problems with limited assistance. Tools, materials and/ or processes are selected and used appropriately. 1 Meets defined outcomes. Follows a guided plan of action. A limited range of tools, materials and/ or processes are used appropriately. 0 Has not completed defined outcomes. Tools, materials and/ or processes are used inappropriately. N/A Not Applicable TASK CHECKLIST The student::  TASK CHECKLIST The student: Identify Problem  accurately identifies problem from project brief or scenario  asks questions  divergent thinking Conduct Research  conducts research and uses information effectively  identifies related procedures  uses information provided or basic in- school/information sources  distinguishes between fact and fiction/ opinion/theory  follows specified procedures as required  manages personal learning including appropriate use of time and resources  works safely and cooperatively Consider, Select and Plan  considers and evaluates alternatives  selects best alternative  plans a procedure to resolve selected alternative  includes specified procedures where required Implement  follows plan to resolve problem Present  presents problem resolution to individuals and small groups as required  identifies unresolved issues  uses one or more communication media effectively  communicates in a logical sequence Evaluate/ Reflect  evaluates and reflects on success of resolving problems from a personal perspective TASK CHECKLIST Continued:  TASK CHECKLIST Continued Content  identifies travel needs and desires of client for a North American destination  prepares a travel information package for a North American destination:  destination attractions  climate  geography  culture  other important information  prepares a travel promotion package for a world destination:  destination attractions  climate  geography  culture  other important information Comments:

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