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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: ISPSoftware



Total Quality System 9000 Quality Management System Software

Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. TQS-9000 Family of Products Overview Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior written consent from ISP Software, Inc. Toll Free: 877.865.7562 Fax: 989.317.0646 E-mail: Web Site: Copyright (c) 1997 - 2014 ISP Software, Inc. 1

ISP Software, Inc. Partial Customer List Accuride Corporation Alma Products Company Brant Form Teck, LTD Burr Engineering Bay Corrugated Container, Inc. Cable Assembly, LLC ClosetMaid CGR Products, Inc. Daimler North America Dayton Polymeric Detroit Tool Douglas Auto Tech. Corp. Engineering Specialties, Inc. Eberhard Manufacturing Emerson Engineering Specialties, Inc. Gates Rubber Corporation Gecom Corporation General Electric – Plainville Guardian Automotive GRP Harodite Industries, Inc. Indiana Mills and Manufacturing, Inc. Jay & Kay Manufacturing K&S Tool ITW Tomco Jordan Industries Lear Corporation – MI Lear Corporation – Mexico Copyright © 1997 -2014 Liberty Steel Manufacturers Industrial Group Michigan Tool & Gauge, Inc. Midwest Wire Products, LLC N. Coe NCM New Standard Corporation Otics USA, Inc. Pedmic Converting Plastic Corporation PMW Products Porters Fabrication P&R Fastners RJF International Rosco Vision Systems South Star Corporation Specialty Manufacturing Spectal Industries St, Clair Technologies Superior Machine and Tool Sure-Lok, Inc. SynTec Seating Solutions Thomas Built Bus Tomson Steel US Wire and Rope Technology, Inc. Vishay Siliconix Watkins and Associates Weldon Technologies, Inc. Westport Axle Corporation Duplication of This Document is Prohibited Without the Written Consent of ISP Software, Inc. Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc.

ISP Software, Inc. Products and Services Software Total Quality System 9000 Supplier Management Edition Training Core Tool Corrective Action Total Quality System 9000 Consulting ISO / TS Registration Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Total Advanced Quality 9000 Advanced Product Quality Planning Total Gage Control 9000 SPC Process Improvements Total Corrective Action 9000 Document Control Quality Systems Gage R&R Templates Lean Manufacturing Data Collection & Analysis Custom Solutions Six Sigma Copyright © 1997 -2014 Duplication of This Document is Prohibited Without the Written Consent of ISP Software, Inc. Cost Savings Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc.

Total Quality System 9000 Family of Products Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 4

Considerations in our Quality Database Solutions All Documented Quality Systems are Vulnerable to 3 Main Nonconformance’s Inaccuracies - 20% Inconsistencies – 65% Inadequacies – 15% The Following Slides Will Show How Implementing a Robust Quality Database Solution Can Help Reduce the Risk in All Three Area’s. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 5

TQS-9000 Advanced Product Quality Planning Module The APQP Module provides support for most of your Advanced Product Quality Planning needs. Configurable Feasibility Statements and APQP Checklists provide flexibility. Four APQP libraries for your APQP projects including control plans, fmea’s, work instructions, and flow charts allow users to maintain projects in the workin-progress, approved, or archived libraries. Entire projects may copied to new project numbers. RPN priority lists may be generated based upon the user selected value. Many drop down lists may be programmed to maintain consistency and speed project development. PSW Warrants, Dimensional Studies, and Material Results may be documented. Users may attach material certifications and other documents to their dimensional or material result records. Shared data fields maintains consistency between your documents. Your control plan will have approved gages available in a drop down if you use the Gage Control module. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 6

TQS-9000 Quality Documents Module In the Quality Module users may enter or link in the Quality Manual, Procedures, and Instructions. A document change request form allows users to track document change requests. Customer provided documents may be linked into the program through this module. Users may issue Quality Alerts with pictures attached, complete receiving inspection, issue non-conforming material, defective material, and return material authorization notices. Supplier charge backs may be issued, customer concerns may be recorded, and warranty records maintained. The data analysis tool allows users to obtain CP and Cpk data long with calculating PPM’s. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 7

TQS-9000 Engineering Documents Module The engineering documents module provides features for users to implement a robust engineering change release system. Within the engineering change release document, users may include a complete checklist and track their progress. The trial run feature allow users to document a trial run and include complete instructions along with providing the ability for each department to evaluate the results. Included in this module are also a deviation request and cost savings options that follow the Six Sigma process. Additionally users may track the work load in their departments through the engineering services requests. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 8

TQS-9000 Corrective Action Module Included in the Corrective Action module is a complete Practical Problem Solving tool that provides support for documenting your fishbone diagram and the 5 Whys used in problem solving activities. The practical problem solving form also allows users to link in supporting documents for the team efforts in resolving the issue. Included in this module are also a standard 8D and Enhanced 8D format. ISP Software recommends using the Practical Problem solving format although support is provided for these other methods of documenting your corrective actions. Also included in this module you may schedule your internal or external audits and document the results of your audits in the 5 phase format. Customer concerns and continuous improvement items may also be documented without having them reflected in your open corrective actions. An action item matrix has been included to track projects and implementation plans. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 9

TQS-9000 Six Sigma Module Within the Six Sigma Module provisions have been made for users to document their cost savings efforts using the Six Sigma methodology. A Six Sigma checklist and project summary may be documented. Six Sigma projects and approvals may be tracked within the system. Timelines may be generated for Six Sigma projects. Both a variable and attribute gage study are available for use. Data results may be documented for both variable and attribute data. An efficiency system has been included in the Six Sigma module to track Productivity, Efficiency, Downtime, and the Cost to Produce for each part. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 10

TQS-9000 Gage Control Module The Gage Control Module within the TQS-9000 program provides positive recall for your Gage Calibration program. Complete calibration may be maintained for each gage and visual aids may be added. All active gages in the Gage Control Module become available in the drop down lists of your control plan. Variable and Attribute gage studies are available from this module. Records may be maintained for gage repair and checkout. You may keep records of all of your gage calibration and gage suppliers. Calibration results automatically update the calibration due date based upon the criteria the user establishes. Gage instructions may be issued to assist your associates. A separate feature is available to track visual aids and keep them on a positive recall system. Gage manuals, procedures, and instructions may be maintained. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 11

TQS-9000 Gage Report Module Gage Reports may be easily obtained through the Gage Report Module. Reports include overdue calibration, gage instructions, calibration schedules, gage listings by location, calibration histories, and gage details. Reports are also available from this module for your visual aids. A gage request form allows new gages to be requested and automatically populate the gage form for when the gage arrives. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 12

TQS-9000 Human Resources Module The TQS-9000 Human Resources Module allows users to enter basic employee information that will assist by populating some drop down lists throughout the program where a persons name is requested. In this module you may establish job descriptions, employee evaluations, and track employee training. Training may be recorded as required and tracking training costs are available. Documents may be attached to each employee to keep records of training certificates and other documents related to training activities. Overdue training reports as well as planning for training reports may be generated. Additional links are provided in this module if you have purchased on-line training options from ISP Software, Inc. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 13

TQS-9000 Preventative Maintenance Module Within the Preventive Maintenance Module, users may document machine details, generate preventative maintenance work orders, track the time and costs of PM activities, assign resources, generate trouble reports, and keep track of replacement parts. Work orders may be generated using a positive recall system. Documentation provided by your machine builder or service company may be linked to a specific machine. Machine repair histories will assist in the decision making process. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 14

TQS-9000 Routine Reports The Routine Reports Module is designed to allow users to access many of the most commonly used reports quickly and efficiently without having to open the specific form to get to the reports. From this module, users may access over 100 commonly requested reports for several modules within the program. This module has been designed by our users and more reports are added with each new release based upon our customer feedback. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 15

TQS-9000 Document Control Module Document Control has been made easier with our Document Control Module. Access your document revision lists for your Quality Manual, Procedures, Instructions, control plans, fmea’s, gage manual, gage instructions, customer provided documents, and much more with a click of a button. In addition by controlling the version level of your software then all forms and reports included in the program are automatically controlled. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 16

TQS-9000 Security and Support Module From the Security and Support Module, users may customize the access that users have by assigning group access or by individualizing your security settings. Your TQS-9000 solution has been provided with several preprogrammed security plans by department. Users may create their own security accounts or keep the built in security. A guest sign in allows you to provide read only access to users. In addition with the release of version 7.0 security may be administered quickly and easily by locking out features from the program “Settings” module by deactivating non-favorites. An administrative password is provided with your product to provide full access to all features and to administer your security needs. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 17

TQS-9000 Program “Tutorial” Module By selecting the “Tutorials” module, users will have access to the instructions that are posted on line for your product. Each button in this module is linked to the help files that are available on the ISP Software, Inc. web site. Users will need an internet connection to view the help files. Additional help files may be accessed from each Tutorial by clicking on the link for accessing the Tutorial Index main page that is located at the top of each help page. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 18

TQS-9000 Program “Settings” Module By clicking on the “Settings” button, users may access the available features for customizing their installation. Under the “Program Settings” option you may use these features to change the location of your data file where your data is stored, link to a remote database if you have purchased the TQS-9000 Supplier Edition, change the security settings, update your data file if you are updating your program installation, or reset your product key if you upgrading your product. Under the “Select Module Favorites” you may choose which features will be selected as a favorite in each module and choose to deactivate specific features that you do not wish to use at this time. Deactivating features may make navigating the program easier as those buttons would not show as being active. You may also turn the mouse scroll feature on or off. By turning off the mouse scroll feature there is less chance that you will accidently advance to a new record when working in your program. Your product has been shipped with the mouse scroll feature automatically disabled. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 19

TQS-9000 Family of Products MySQL / SQL Connections MySQL / SQL Server Take advantage of the power of Microsoft Access to provide a robust user Interface to your MySQL or SQL data file. Our unique application allows your Users to connect to your Total Quality System 9000 Family of Products from Anywhere they have an internet connection available. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 20

TQS-9000 Supplier Edition Option The Total Quality System 9000 Supplier Edition option will only be available to those users that have purchased the TQS-9000 Supplier Edition program. The TQS-9000 Supplier Edition allows companies to schedule and receive all their PPAP information electronically in the same format that is used in the TQS-9000 software. In addition owners of the TQS-9000 Supplier Edition may communicate Quality Alerts to their suppliers and request and receive corrective actions electronically. Several report options are available for managing your supply base and tracking your supplier documents is made much easier. Users may communicate the status of the PPAP submissions by granting interim approval, full approval, or indicating the submission has been rejected. By having all of your supplier data available at a click of a button, managing your supply base has just been simplified. There will be no need to maintain hard copies of your supplier information as it will always be immediately available. To learn about the options for implementing the TQS-9000 Supplier Edition please contact an ISP Software Solution Provider today. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. 21

Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc. P.O. Box 1281 Mount Pleasant, MI 48804 Toll Free: 877.865.7562 Fax: 989.317.0676 Home Page: Copyright © 1997 - 2014 Integrated Solution Providers Software, Inc.

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