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Published on August 18, 2008

Author: mobiledragoman



A presentation about Web 2.o within TOSMI: Multimedia for the Web

Training in Open Source Multimedia Instruments,

Martin Ruskov TOSMI 2009 Media for the Web August, 10-16

Web 1.o vs Web 2.o DoubleClick Google AdSense Ofoto Flickr Akamai BitTorrent Napster Britannica Online Wikipedia personal websites blogging evite and EVDB domain name speculation search engine optimization page views cost per click screen scraping web services publishing participation content management systems wikis directories (taxonomy) tagging ("folksonomy") stickiness syndication Tim O'Reilly, What Is Web 2.o, 2005

Microcontent and Social Media ● “Technology becomes more transparent; attention is focused on content” ● “Organized around people rather than traditional computer hierarchies of directory trees” ● “Web 2.o tools are built to combine microcontent from different users with shared interest” Alexander&Levine, Web 2.o Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre, 2008

Evolutionary Change ● Internet is about networked information ● Web 2.o is about networked people

Elements of Web 2.o ● Dynamic content, focused on user experience ● Open standards allow connectivity and reusability ● Users generate content and semantics

The Experience

User Experience ● Is my site user-friendly? ● Can I find information in it easily? ● Does it motivate people to explore it?

User Experience

User Experience

User Experience

User Experience


Native Interfaces

Interactive Diagrams

Virtual Worlds

Mobile Internet ● Is your site accessible from a mobile phone? ● What kind of handhelds does it support? ● Is it convenient to use?

The Humanware

User-Generated Content Before Now

Collaborative Authoring

Social Networking Social Artificial Intelligence Intelligence

Online Communication

Content Authors User ● Text ● Comments ● Audio/visual ● Tags and content categories ● Multimedia ● Voting and ranking

Free Distribution ● Word-of-Mouth marketing ● Involves external authors and promotes innovation ● Product development starts with release, not finishes

Why Own Site ● Establishment of online brands ● Preservation of product rights ownership ● Escape from site provider restrictions ● Delivery of unique services

Online Site Creation

Open Source ● Light-weight and widely available applications ● Can be freely used and modified ● Includes functionality, necessary for average everyday use

The Standards

Multi-Layer Architecture

Web Services ● Access to content via web requests or programming interface (API) ● Sites provide documentation for the services they provide ● Allows integration of independent information systems

Rich Internet Applications ● Full desktop functionality within a browser ● Multi-platform and browser- independent ● Outstanding internet security


Online Video Editing

Open Screen ● RIA-access for mobile and entertainment devices ● Hardware-independent content delivery ● Internet beyond screen, keyboard and mouse

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