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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: ResilientMichael


1.                                                                                                                                                                                   Deepening our capacities to thrive Page 1 of 1 416-229-4655 • Toronto ON M2K 1B8 • Canada   Tortoise Walking or Meditative Walking > Outcomes The key is to walk and breathe, so that each step soothes and centres your mind and body. > Steps Start off walking a bit slower than usual. Focus your attention on the in and out of your breathe. Begin each inhale and exhale with a label of "in" or "out." Without trying to control your breath too much, see if you can begin each in and each out breathe exactly as one of your feet hits the ground. Notice how many steps you take during each inhalation, and how many steps you take during each exhalation. Then count each step as you walk and breath, so that in your mind you are saying "In 2,3,4,... Out 2,3,4..." "In 2,3,4... Out 2,3,4,..." "In 2,3,4,... Out 2,3,4..." or perhaps "In 2,3,... Out 2,3..." "In 2,3,... Out 2,3..." "In 2,3,... Out 2,3...". Continue to substitute "in" or "out" in place of each count of "one," to help you stay focused on the breathing as well as the walking. Your personal breathing rhythm may be different from the above. Your exhales may take longer than your inhales as: "In 2, 3, ... Out 2,3,4 ..."Or your inhales may take longer than your exhales. The step count may vary from one breath to the next - just pay attention, so that you can accurately count your steps during every inhale and every exhale. Just breathe and walk and count. As in all meditations, if your mind wanders, gently bring it back as soon as you notice that it is gone. So, instead of hurrying and scurrying from one appointment to the next, walk and breathe, walk and breathe, so that each step soothes, refreshes and centres your mind and body. Then when you arrive at the next meeting, you are more relaxed and ready to deal with whatever may arise. Try it whether on a quiet walk in the country or between errands on the job.

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