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Information about Torre de Rejas - Spanish wine by AATC Lebanon

Published on January 4, 2017

Author: FlorenceColls


1. TORRE DE REJAS Spanish wine by AATC Lebanon

2. Once upon a time…

3. In the17th century….

4. There was a man who lived modestly in the country village of La Mancha, Spain with his niece and a grumpy housemaid

5. His name was Alonso Quixano. He was compassionate and respectful but most importantly, he was passionate about books.

6. His books were his most precious possessions Alonso was obsessed with tales of chivalry, full of adventurous and heroic knights

7. One day he decided to go on an adventure, with horse and armor, just like the knights of his books

8. His mission : « redressing all manner of wrongs » Alonso was then named « Don Quixote de La Mancha »

9. La Mancha is a vast expanse of land that has a flat terrain. The wine culture has always been a tradition for the people of this region, based on the festivals, customs and literature.

10. It is the largest wine region in the world and an ideal area for growing grapes of extraordinary quality, maturity and health.   This is why we, AATC, chose to select this top quality wine as a trading product.

11. Lebanese wines are famous, however, we wanted to introduce something new and exotic into the lebanese market.

12. AATC is a family business that specializes in importing, supplying & distributing high end products and services.   Our customer-focused team selects the best quality products for your business to thrive and grow.

13. Mission & Vision • The group’s mission is to acquire a wide selection of exclusive products, to develop long term partnerships & distribution channels. • Our ambition is to become one of the top importers and suppliers of fast moving consumer goods in Lebanon and the Middle East area.

14. Our brand, « Torre de Rejas » features the noble Spanish grape « Tempranillo » « Torre de Rejas » is a collection that includes the following wines :

15. Reserva 2010 • Appearance : opaque ruby color with a light terracotta edge • Aroma : complex and deeply integrated aromas of fruits & fine spices. This wine leaves a truly expressive aftertaste ! • Palate : full bodied, bold and well-structured. Strong aftertaste mixed between oaky flavors, fruits and spices

16. Syrah Tempranillo • Appearance : attractive strawberry pink color with purple hints • Aroma : refined and fresh, reminiscent of raspberry and strawberry • Palate : full bodied & balanced

17. Verdejo • Appearance : bright gold color with green hints • Aroma : Powerful & fruity • Palate : full bodied & balanced

18. Tempranillo • Appearance : intense cherry red color with purple hints • Aroma : powerful & fruity • Palate : full bodied & balanced

19. We are a full service supply company that makes sure its clients are always at the top of priorities. Find us :

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