Tornadoes... 1. updraft, plates, striations, 2. power plant

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Information about Tornadoes... 1. updraft, plates, striations, 2. power plant

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: andrzejbartoszewski98



During the time when the supercell updraft constantly accelerates with height (not considered in time domain) there may appear characteristic vertical map of atmospheric fronts. The situation depicted above presents theoretical (idealistic) distribution of such fronts when the updraft doubles its speed roughly every single gap between adjacent "stacked plates" Appearance of "stacked plates" evidences that above them exists strong and regularly increasing its speed updraft.

When additionally air pressure decreases fast but uniformly with distance along linear, radial direction then "cloud base" striations might be observed. The border surface that separates low pressure area with heavy cloud from the rest, is determined by atmospheric front reminding stairs, a stadium or amphitheatre auditoriums as looked from below. Air moves irreversibly along the invisible internal spiral structure and cloud base is formed into the consecutive steps of stable for some time, atmospheric front. The above slide, presents two chosen computations for such cloud base striations. There are many variants of 'stairs' with different proportions and slope. The internal spiral structure reveals itself as the shape detail, pointed at with the red arrow.

That stairway-like 'ridge waveguide' works in atmospheric gravity-electrostatic field and can transmit mechanical (sound) waves as well as it can give voltage. Electrical charges climb the stairs along invisible spirals and this works similarly to typical high voltage multiplicator's 'ladder' which consists of capacitors (stairs) and diodes (spiral). A look into history: From the oldest times people utilized that knowledge in practice. To produce electrical power they built stairway-like ramps to the oldest zikkurats or platforms. Mesoamerican Indians have annotated such places with winged or feathered snake. Winged, feathered (able to fly?), snake (backbone=>electrical current?). Has anyone seen "winged, flying snakes" or "white snakes" during a thunderstorm? Later in ancient Europe were built: amphitheatres, stadiums and multilevel tandem "circuses" enclosed by colonnades. These devices were such popular that even Plato, according to poetical manner at that time has described that place as a "land" (Atlantis) behind Hercules' poles (high voltage columns), which has sunk in water (has been charged with electrical charge). "Dark Ages" have deliberately separated us from their knowledge.

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