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Published on January 15, 2009

Author: vortextower


Tornado Energy : Tornado Energy September 21, 2006 Tornado Vortex : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 2 Tornado Vortex The strongest tornadoes come from fierce thunderstorms known as supercells. In addition to tornadoes, supercells can produce large hail and downbursts. Supercells are most common on the Plains, in the Southeast and across the Midwest, but do occur elsewhere. Not all tornadoes come from supercells, but the strongest twisters usually have a supercell as a parent. Jet-streams : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 3 Jet-streams Cold air above and warm humid air below contributes to the formation of thunder storms and tornados. A Tornado Website : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 4 A Tornado Website Waterspout Vortex : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 5 Waterspout Vortex Weaker vortices, such as waterspouts like those common in the Florida Keys, can form from cumulus congestus clouds. These are tall, thick cumulus clouds that might produce rain, but not lightning and thunder. Some researchers use the term "landspouts" for similar twisters that form over land, not water. At times, waterspouts move ashore and can do the same damage as weak tornadoes. Dust devil Vortex : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 6 Dust devil Vortex Dust devils are atmospheric vortices that go upward in clear air; they aren't attached to clouds. They are commonly found on deserts and form when air at the ground becomes much hotter than the air above. The lighter, hot air begins rising and takes on a whirling motion that carries dust and sand upward. Top wind speeds seem to be around 60 mph. A Big Natural Dust Devil : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 7 A Big Natural Dust Devil What are the forces that create large natural dust devils? A Soccer Field in Japan The Solar Tower Concept : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 8 The Solar Tower Concept View an animated artist rendition of the EnviroMission Solar Tower Vortex Energy : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 9 Vortex Energy An atmospheric vortex demonstrates that low intensity solar radiation can produce concentrated mechanical energy. Is it possible to create and confine a tornado-like vortex and concentrate the mechanical energy where it can be captured? Backyard Experiment : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 10 Backyard Experiment Four 8’x4’ panels Large frying pan of water Propane tank and burner Desert Experiment : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 11 Desert Experiment Slide 12: Atmosphericvortextower LLC 12 ~140o F ~100 Watts per square meter A Solar Powered Dust Devil! : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 13 A Solar Powered Dust Devil! Future Research : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 14 Future Research Can we create a large solar powered dust devil that has enough mechanical energy to be useful? Can the wasted energy from power plant cooling towers be used to generate a large tornado-sized vortex? Is there structure that will combine wind and solar power together to amplify a vortex? Wind and solar power together? : Atmosphericvortextower LLC 15 Wind and solar power together? Wind Solar Vortex

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