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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: hazzanista



An audio-visual aid for studying Torah trope.

1. Line 1 Etnachta Phrase A Guide to Trope for Biblical Chanting Line 2 Sof pasuk Phrase Notice: Look alike tropes! What is the difference? KADMA sits at the beginning PASHTA sits at the end YETIV sits at the beginning MAPACH sits in the middle Line 3 Katon Phrase

2. Line 4 Revi’i Phrase (& relatives) Notice: The word “revi’i” comes from the Hebrew word for “4”. REVI’I is diamond shaped and has 4 sides This “MUNACH” is chanted as ׀ מֻנַּח לְגַּרְ מֵ֣הּ Line 5 Darga/Tevir Phrase Notice: KETANA means “little” in Hebrew. The LITTLE LOLLIPOP LEANS to the LEFT Line 6 Pazer T’lisha Ketana Phrase Line 6a Pazer Telisha Gedola Phrase

3. Line 7 Gershayim Phrase Line 8 Zakef Gadol Phrase Line 9 Zarka Segol Phrase Line 10 Sof Aliyah Phrase Notice: Looks the same as “sof pasuk” but chanted differently at the very end of an ALIYAH (section of Torah reading).

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