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Published on February 10, 2014

Author: PradipKharbuja


Topic 11 Implementation Er. Pradip Kharbuja

Aspects of Implementation  Creating... 1. Tables 2. Indexes 3. Views 4. Domains  Write an example of each.

Some More Constraints  Null Integrity  Entity Integrity  Referential integrity  Domain constraints or General Constraints  Propagation constraints  Table constraints

departments and workers Table departments dept_no workers PK emp_no dept_no PK FK

departments and workers Table

workers Table

Propagation Constraint  What happens if we delete a department from departments table?  There are lots of workers records that reference it. What happens to them?  What happens if we update or change dept_no?

Options for Propagation 1. No action 2. Set Null 3. Cascade 4. Set Default

Table with Propagation Constraint DEMO ???

Table Constraints  This example limits the amount of times a boat can be rented to less than 10.  Table constraints can be dropped using the Alter Table clause.

Inserting Multiple Rows of Data

Data Loading Tools  Bulk insert in SQL server   Oracle SQL loader   My-SQL uses something called 'Bulk Insert' 

Bulk Insert  Create CSV file with student_id, level_name and course. Save the file as D:students.csv.

Further Studies  PL/SQL  Stored functions  Stored procedures  Triggers  Data warehouses


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