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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: lizhkelly



Enjoy our Top 10 Tech Impacts + and - using mobile and social media that Goody PR founder Liz H Kelly presented to Van Meter School during their technology week. Liz has worked for Fox/MySpace, teaches social media at UCLA Extension, helped start the first Sprint PCS, and founded the Goody Awards for social good (voting for good via Twitter #HeroGoody). For more info, follow @LizHKelly or visit

Liz H Kelly, Goody PR & Goody Awards Founder presented to Van Meter School March 2014 Top 10 Tech Impacts + and - 1 Monday, March 10, 14

Top 10 Tech Impacts + 1. Building a global community is easy #LAMarathon #IWD2014 2. Marketing to a global audience is immediate via the web and social 3. Communicating during a disaster is real-time #Ukraine 4. Learning is advanced at warp speed through technology 5. Making a positive impact enhanced #TwitterRevolution. 2 Unite4Good Oscar Party Recap v=SqhM1aeELOw&list=UUhA9bNJ BaL3EqjPmfLuNSlw&feature=shar e&index=1 ©  2014,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential) Monday, March 10, 14

Top 10 Tech Impacts - 3 Oscar Nominee Gabby Sidibe 1. Protecting your privacy is a challenge online. (set up alias) 2. Bullying is way too easy and anonymous. #Stopbullying 3. Communicating thru text versus IRL is over-used. 4. Over-use of tech turns into dangerous addictions. #LoveChild #WebJunkie 5. Working 24/7 is the new norm. ©  2014,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential) Monday, March 10, 14

4 ★ Environment - World Oceans, etc ★ Education - Teacher Goody Awards, etc ★ Health - Malaria No More, etc ★ Women Empowerment - Girl Rising, etc Goody Awards™ recognizes social good via online (Twitter #HeroGoody), offline awards & cause marketing. We don’t just give awards, we’re Digital & PR experts focused on 4 key areas: 5 Types of online awards, ie #HeroGoody Golden Goody, Lifetime Achievement Award Goody Awards Overview Online & Offline Awards for Social Good ©  2014,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential) Monday, March 10, 14

CEO/Founder Liz H Kelly has built advertising campaigns and recognition programs for Fox Interactive Media/ MySpace, Paramount Pictures, and the first Sprint PCS. She is a UCLA Extension Instructor for “New Media Marketing” and is on the Advisory Board for Net Impact LA & regularly speaks on digital media About & Contact Liz H Kelly, Goody PR & Goody Awards* Founder 310-987-7207 *part of Sunrise Road Media Inc 5 ©  2014,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential) Monday, March 10, 14

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