Top Trends for the Hospitality & Service Industries

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Information about Top Trends for the Hospitality & Service Industries

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: samueljames48


Slide1: Top Trends for the Hospitality & Service Industries Slide2: Commercial wall beds are essential components to the hospitality and service industries. These days, the hospitality and service industries must cater to a range of clients, including millennials and international travelers. Hotels want to please this new influx of consumers with gourmet dining, easy check-ins and high quality commercial wall beds. Slide3: Other trends in the hospitality and service industry include things like seamless technology, i.e.: mobile check in, digital concierge, smartphone compatible sound systems, and fluid wifi. Guests appreciate sustainability, so whether it’s solar panels or commercial wall beds, which save space and resources- visitors, notice eco friendly items. Slide4: Organic , locally sourced amenities like soaps, shampoos and body wash make an impact on your guests. Commercial wall beds can feature high thread count sheets maintained with body safe detergent so that your visitors are well taken care of. Slide5: To learn more about FlyingBeds and their high quality commercial wall beds, please email or visit . Flying Beds International 4470 Garfield Street, Denver, CO, 80216 303-333-3052  

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