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Published on March 1, 2009

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Top Selling Album Ever

Top Selling Albums Ever WHITNEY HOUSTON-BODYGUARD SOUNDTRACK (17 million) Okay, technically, this isn't completely a Whitney Houston album. It's the soundtrack to the blockbuster romantic thriller starring Kevin Costner and Whitney. Released in 1992, Whitney may only sing half the tracks, but it's her songs that sold the album. Produced by Babyface, this record appealed to people from all walks of life, but was mostly popular amongst the romantic folks out there. FLEETWOOD MAC-RUMOURS (18 million) In 1977, America was in a transition phase. The hippie movement was dying out, as was the widespread tendency to revolt against the establishment. Still, the era of über commercialism that would soon follow hadn't started yet. Fleetwood Mac transcended all this. They had moved away from blues and fashioned with this album an ode to love that still wasn't too quot;pop.quot;

SHANIA TWAIN-COME ON OVER (19 million) This was the third album from the Canadian babe. She had started her ascent into social consciousness with country music, but as she grew in popularity, it was obvious that she had also struck a chord with mainstream audiences. Released in 1997, Come On Over was an instant hit. It fused country and pop, and made sure to use Twain's sexiness to its full advantage. Its tracks didn't reinvent the wheel by any means, but they were catchy enough to satisfy everyone (and stay in your head all day). THE BEATLES-THE WHITE ALBUM (over 19 million) Although the official name of this record is The Beatles , most people refer to it as The White Album because of its plain white cover. After three years of studio experimentations, it was finally released in 1968. Like everything else from the era, this record was out there. It pushed the rock 'n' roll envelope to places it had never been before. Again, this new kind of music was appreciated by the fans who were constantly looking for something edgier --

and it is still adored by millions today. ACDC-BACK IN BLACK (20 million) AC/DC devotees thought the loss of Bon Scott was the end of an era. But after Scott's tragic death, Brian Johnson came along and helped the Australian rock band sweep into the mainstream. In fact, it was Back In Black , which can be considered a tribute to Scott, that did it in 1980. By all accounts, it's immature, lacking in originality and cartoonish. But it's also catchy, haunting and fun. This album came at the right time, as it was exactly what fans were looking for. BILLY JOEL-GREATEST HITS (21 million) Younger readers may consider Billy Joel a fixture of easy listening stations and Musak, but the man has always been a genuine artist. This 1985 album compiles his greatest successes

of the '70s and early '80s, combining rock 'n' roll rhythms, romantic ballads, socially conscious lyrics, and hymns to happiness. These are true classics; it's no wonder Billy Joel has sold so many copies. LED ZEPPELIN IV (22 million) In 1971, Led Zeppelin was already a rather famous rock outfit. This album, however -- their fourth -- propelled them to the status of demigods. Harboring a medieval theme, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant intermingled hard rock and blues. Fans immediately took to it and this is the album for which the British band is most famous. The timeless quot;Stairway to Heaven,quot; which tops most quot;Best Rock Songs of All Timequot; lists, has become legendary. PINK FLOYD-THE WALL (23 million) Interestingly, this is the darkest entry on the list. Instead of the usual assortment of songs,

this 1979 album tells the story of Pink Floyd's songwriter and founder, Roger Waters. This is a tale of loneliness, desperation, alienation, and drugs. The songs forebodingly reflect these emotions and this is precisely what is so engaging about this album. A cult motion picture based on this opus was released in 1982. MICHAEL JACKSON-THRILLER (26 million) Internationally, Thriller is the best-selling album of all time, but not in America. Quincy Jones produced this 1982 album, which won eight Grammys and spawned seven Top 10 singles. This wasn't Jackson's first solo effort, but it was the one that elevated him to pop king status. And the groundbreaking music videos that accompanied the singles practically launched MTV. EAGLES-GREATEST HITS 1971/1975 (28 million)

The Eagles' classic quot;Hotel Californiaquot; hadn't even been released and the band already had enough hits under its belt by 1976 to release this album. Their sound was a mix of folk, country and grainy rock, and it soon became associated with Southern California. A great collaboration between Don Henley and Glenn Frey, the songs are skillfully produced to the point where it's impossible to tune them out. Countless bands have imitated their style over the years but true music aficionados are aware that the Eagles were the original groundbreakers.

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