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Published on January 29, 2014

Author: DerekRussel



Largemouth Bass fishing is a thrill… The fish itself has personality… It's aggressive, it's Intense… It's simply the most Wanted species of Freshwater Fish when it comes to Sport Fishing...

Once you experience the adrenaline rush of Landing A Largemouth Bass, you'll want MORE... It's Simply An Established FACT...


Catching Largemouth Bass in winter is a difficult proposition at best. Much depends on what part of the country you are from and how cold the winter is. If you are talking about cutting a hole in ice that is 12 inches deep and trying to catch Largemouth Bass you can forget it now. If the water temperature is under 40 degrees you will not catch Largemouth Bass like you will other species. At 45 degrees, the action picks up a bit. For my money I would not target Largemouth Bass until the water reaches 50 degrees. Keep in mind the effects of the sun and water depth on water temperature. A lake may be near 40 degree at one end and as hot as 50 degrees on the other end. Your first consideration is what equipment to use. The key piece of equipment is the rod. Largemouth Bass will be very sluggish at this time of year. You need a rod that is very sensitive and will let you know when the bait is picked up. As is often the case in life you get what you pay for. A high quality fishing rod may cost a bit more than a common rod but at this time of year the investment is worth it. You will not feel many pickups with a common rod. Instead of viciously attacking it's quarry Largemouth Bass at this time of year often merely pick it up in there mouths and swallow it. Once they feel something unnatural in their mouths they will drop the bait. This often happens without the angler even knowing the bass ever picked up the bait. Any normal spinning reel will be sufficient. Largemouth Bass at this time of year are very sluggish and do not fight with anywhere near the same intensity they do in the summer. You will need to use very light line, certainly no stronger than 6 pound test. Because you will be using a light line you should have a small reel also. You will not need a great deal of line capacity. You will not be making long casts and will not likely have much line pulled off the drag. Remember that these very are very in active and very wary. In summer they will attack a bait without regard to heavy line in the area. In winter they will inspect any offering in a meticulous manner. Use the lightest line you can, four pound line is sufficient for any Largemouth Bass you may encounter in winter.

Your next consideration is where to fish. I would select a location in reasonably shallow water. Many Largemouth Bass suspend in deeper water, but these fish are not feeding. When they do decide to feed they will assuredly head to shallower water, I look for 6-12 foot water depth in the winter. I also look to fish in the sun, pick a spot on the lake that the has shined on for awhile. You will not likely have any green vegetation but you may be able to find some standing or fallen timber. Either of these two locations are prime winter locations. If you can find any green vegetation then by all means fish these areas. One in position you need to select a bait. As with any other kind of fishing live bait always works best. This is probably more the case in winter than other times of the year. If using artificial baits you can eliminate spinnerbaits, crankbaits and just about any fast moving or topwater bait. Lures you use must be fished very slow and very deep. I like to use either jig or plastic worm at this time of year. You need to fish them very slow. I prefer to bounce them on the bottom, sometimes even allowing them to sit for several seconds before I continue my retrieve. You almost cannot fish too slowly. Many of the strokes I have gotten have happen after I have let a bait sit for several seconds. The Largemouth Bass often will move towards a bait then stop moving and stare at it, often hitting the next time it moves. Bass fishing does not have to come screeching to a halt just because the calendar says it's winter. By changing some of the ways they fish, anglers still have success catching largemouths when the weather gets cold. Bass experts will note how largemouths react and then adjust their tactics accordingly. Cold weather significantly slows the metabolism of a bass. This means the distance a bass will travel to strike a lure lessens as well, so slow down the rate of retrieval of the lures during the winter. Rather than reel them in at the same speeds as during the summer, go a quarter of that speed. In colder winter water, bass have a limited choice of food. Smaller fish and aquatic insects will not survive in the colder weather. This leaves the bass with few good choices for food during the winter months. Bass will not work hard to pursue a small meal but will go after larger creatures, so fish with

larger baits. Plastic worms as long as 10 and 12 inches will produce bass. Jigs that have a four-inch pork rind trailer attached will also be enticing. Bass join up in schools when the water temperatures dip below 45 degrees. At this time, concentrate your efforts on where the bottom of a lake drops off drastically. Also focus on timber that is under the water such as brush piles and downed trees. Drop jigs straight down from the boat to the timber below. People fish this type of lure by bringing it up a short distance and then letting it flutter downward, causing it to resemble a dying bait-fish. Bass will hit these lures as they head down, so pay close attention to the lure's movement, watching for a bass to hit it before setting the hook. Tips and Tricks Largemouth bass are sensitive to light and you can seldom see them basking in the sunlight on the surface of water. They can also see things, such as a fishermen and colored baits, that are above the water. However, if you happened to be fishing for them, at the time of evening twilight, when the intensity of the light is decreasing with every passing second, try using top water bright colored baits as a largemouth bass fishing lure. If you are lucky, you may see a bold largemouth bass breaching the surfaces of the water, gaining height in the air, turning at the top of the flight and diving for your bait, with the water droplets splashing in the water off its body - a timeless moment that can turn a fisherman into a poet. The lateral line, which extends on both sides from the gill to the tail of the fish helps them pick up underwater disturbances as small as those made by the fish. It warns them about their predators and help them in catching their prey. It also makes them aware of the bait. How you throw a baited line in the water can make a real difference. If the bait is weighted and sinks fast, out of the visual range of the fish, then you can hardly expect to catch a fish in a day. A trick, such as pulling a head leaden bait close to under water structure, is one of the fishing techniques, for which a largemouth bass can surely fall for. The largemouth bass swallows a prey and if, it doesn't like, it throws it out.

So if you are using a large bait such as mackerel, frogs, or something exotic as salamanders, let the line hang loose and the bass to swallow it with the hook. Then tug on the line to set the hook. However, in case you are using a small bait, set the hook quickly, before it can throw it out. If you are using artificial baits, then select a soft-bodied lure, because, they tend to hold on to these. You don't need a bass boat fitted with the 120 horsepower engine to catch the bass in a small lake. This you can still do with a fishing pole, stout line and bait. In case of bass fishing in the large lake, a boat equipped with a depth finder, etc. can be useful. I hope the above information on the largemouth bass proves to be of help to you. Largemouth Bass Summer Fishing Tips In muddy water, present your bait in quick jumps along the deep side of the structure; in clear water, slowly crawl it through pockets in the weeds. With floating weed beds, hook a six or eight-inch golden shiner at the base of its tale and coax it to swim under the weed bed. This technique hooks big bass that like the cooler shallow waters. However, it can also land you Northern Pike with this method too. Would You Like To Know? • The Secret to being at the top of Every Bass tournament? • One Technique That Will Make Bass Literally Attack Your Lure? • The Truth About The Time Of Day To Bag A Record Bass? • The Proven Lure Colors To Use During Different Conditions? • How To Reveal Exactly Where Bass Are Hiding? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above CLICK HERE

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