Top reasons why you should buy an electronic cigarette

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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: marandamoses



Nic Hit eCigs are best cigarettes. Nic Hit ecigs give you the freedom to vape wherever you want, including most places where smoking is banned as you only exhale clean water vapour instead of cigarette smoke, which allows you an authentic experience with your chosen nicotine strength without all the hassle of traditional smokes.

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electronic Cigarette Ecigs or electronic cigarette often come in thousands of glorious models which are available almost at every cigarette shop or one can buy electronic cigarette at the internet stores where there are numerous online stores which provide quality e cigs. Nic Hit ecigs is one of the leading brands that deals in best electronic cigarettes that are produced at the world class level and offers magnificent designs and models specifically for the smoker. E-cigarette is a long term reliable friend to a smoker and gives a satisfying nicotine content everyday in a stylish way that is comfortable to physical, social, and environmental aspects. Ecigs do not produce smoke and hence are more advantageous to the atmosphere and has no adverse impact on the smoker’s health. Conventional smoking such as paper cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are the common tobacco smoking products that contain thousands of hazardous chemicals and are very dangerous to health and environment. E-cigarette gives a more healthy smoke and helps in counteracting pollution and can be used anywhere depending on the smoker. However, there is no combustion whenever ecigarettes are used and instead they release nicotine enriches vapors that are completely safe to the smoker’s health and also has no negative effect on the passive smokers. Smokers from all over the world have preferred e-cigarette over traditional smoking products and their number is increasing day by day. One can quit tobacco smoking permanently by using e-cigarette as it is a perfect substitute to conventional smoking and gives more pleasure and charm in a stylish way. Ecigs are also known as vaporizer cigarettes or digital cigarettes and are mostly available in automatic models in either plastic or metallic forms. E-cigarette consists of a mouthpiece, a heating element or the atomizer, a liquid chamber of nicotine solution, a battery, and some electronic circuits. When a user inhales e-cigarette, the battery turns on the atomizer that heats the liquid nicotine solution which converts into a vapor and is directly inhaled by the smoker. There is no combustion during this whole process and smokers get their regular nicotine dosage without any harm. Ecigs are expanding everyday on the internet as well as in the retail side. Since a short span of time, ecigs have come up in level to their traditional counterparts and have proved their excellence in providing a healthy smoke that is more safe and comfortable to the body of the user and also help in conservation of environment.

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