Top reasons to select a residential school in Chennai

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Information about Top reasons to select a residential school in Chennai

Published on June 20, 2019

Author: chennaipublicschool


Residential school Chennai : Chennai Public School Residential school Chennai Slide 2: Top reasons to select a residential school in Chennai Boarding schools never go out of vogue. It is no more considered to be a punishment tenure. It is neither a vacation or an easy ride. The boarding schools have lower rates of disciplinary issues. The teachers are focused and provide holistic education. Boarding school teachers are hired based on the qualification and experience. They are specialist in their subject. Slide 3: Residential school has access to the best of facilities. These schools are not just interested in academics but also in sports, community development, leadership, arts and additional pursuits. They are the one stop destination for all activities your child can dream off. The schools provide hi-tech lab facilities, well stocked libraries, sophisticated gym, etc. They provide the students with a host of opportunities. Slide 4: In day schools students have no time in between teaching and tests. The learning time of the students is diminishing. On the contrary in boarding schools the child explores deeper and gets a better understanding of the concepts. Here schooling become personalized as the teachers are available round the clock to be of assistance to them. They are able to stand among their peers. Slide 5: Children today are highly protected and hardly stay away from home. Boarding schools gives them an opportunity to gain early access to responsibility. It is a secure place for your child to mature and become responsible. The transition is easier as they move for higher studies to different parts of the globe. The students become independent and confident as they grow. Slide 6: At boarding schools, children see beyond their backgrounds. Here children live as a community and are self motivated. They care for their peers irrespective of their nationality, language and socio-economic background. Students grow and explore new horizons as they know that they are not alone anymore. They help each other and develop lifelong friendship. Slide 7: TH Road, SH 50, Thirumazhisai Chennai-600 124 T: 044 2681 2444, 2681 2424, 2681 2423 M: +91 87545 92477 E: Visit Us: Chennai Public School

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