Top Rank SEO Tips: 2013 Checklist for On-Page SEO

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Published on December 27, 2012

Author: branditlikebarker



As social media, content marketing and inbound linking continue to increase their share of contribution in search ranking, one thing holds true... on-page SEO can boost or break your search rankings.

Here are a few SEO tips to make sure your page rank's up front in the (new-er) Google algorithm. Let’s get started…

A Web Marketer’s Checklist for On-Page SEOURL  Search engines and visitors can interact with your website more affectively when you use URLs that describe the pages content. For example:  Be sure to use a 301 redirect to help Google index pages correctlyTitle  Your title tag should be written like this: o Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name  Use a dash in between your keyword phrases and a pipe at the end before your brand name  Avoid duplicate title tags  Keep title tags at 66 characters or less in length, including spacesMeta Description  Write compelling meta descriptions  150 to 160 characters is the recommended length  Avoid duplicate meta descriptions  Do not use quotes or any non-alpha characters (Google, cuts them out of the meta description)Content with Targeted Keyword Phrases  Create content that is extremely relevant for that keyword phrase  Use your keyword phrase 4 times within your content  Use multiple variations of that keyword phrase – singular and plural versions, abbreviations, acronyms (SEO vs. search engine optimization) and synonyms  Include links from other pages within your website that point back to this page (see internal page linking below)  Create unique content for every medium (press releases, blogs, guest blog posts, etc…).  If you send out a press release, do not copy and paste the press release to your site o If it gets picked up in multiple publications, search engines will see that you have duplicate content and penalize you for it.

Headings  Each page should implement HTML headings with <H1> through <H6> headings appearing consistently  You can include keywords in your headings  The initial heading (<H1>) should include your best keywords  Using only one <H1> heading per page will strengthen your SEO  Use your keyword phrase once in your H1 tag  Use H1 tags on pages you are trying to drive unique traffic to (SEO page)  Use H2 tags if there are multiple sectionsInternal Page Linking with Anchor Text  When linking to another page on the same site from within content, select good anchor text (keywords) to use in the actual link and do this often. For example: “We offer a wide range of Donation Services,” rather than “Click here for our donation services.”  In the above example, you would link “web design services” to your web design services page instead of linking “click here.”Images  Add ALT text to images so that its easier for search engines to index them o Attaches description to pictures so they show up in search engines image results o Make sure your website images have their own unique ALT text  Name all of your images in a way that describes what they are  Use dashes between the words, rather than underscores o Purple-hat.jpg rather than purple_hat.jpg  Do not use non-alpha characters in your image or file names (so no %, &, $, etc…)  Keep in mind that your pages load time will vary based on the number and size of your images o Try your best to keep it lowMake Content Easy to Read  Paragraphs should be roughly three sentences long o Extremely long sentences will lose the users’ attention  Use bullet points and bolding to break up large blocks of content o Users tend to scan content looking for keywords  Do not overuse bullets and boldingText/HTML Ratio  Should be around 50% - matching keyword density with on-page tag optimization

Robots.txt FileRestricts the activity of search engine crawlers and stops them from accessing certain pagesand directories. To check your robots.txt file for syntax errors, Click Here.A robots.txt file also locates the...XML SitemapsLists URLs that can be crawled and may offer other information such as how often you update,when your last update occurred and importance.With an XML sitemap, search engines can index your website more accurately.LanguageHere are some suggestions for multilingual sites:  You should declare the contents language in the HTML code of each page.  You should also declare the language code in the URL (For example:  If you plan on building a multilingual site, refer to the tips found here.Remember to Specify…  Doctype (XHTML 1.0 Transitional)  Encoding (utf-8)MicroformatsA markup that is used to structure the data that is being sent to search engines more effectively.The presentation of Googles search results is always improving due to Microformats.Dublin CoreSet of metadata standards that describe your websites content.GeoTaggingStrengthens Bing SEO, although Google no longer uses itFeedsRSS feeds should be linked to any news feed, and should be visible from the Home Page –where search engines can index it. Website visibility improves when subscribers are alerted ofcontent updates.

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