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Published on December 17, 2017

Author: mubashirmemon98


slide 1: 1. Rakaposhi and its View Point While leaving Gilgit City a hour drive at KKH there is point known as Rakaposhi View Point A little place where from we can look Rakaposhi. Blue sky and mountain secured with snow is the vital excitement of Hunza Valley. 2.Karimabad Karimabad obviously understood due to accumulated gathering of Culture where old rulers feel happy to run the show. People of Karimabad had Smiling Faces Modern lifestyle little settlements welcoming slide 2: improvements aggregate base system. Guests treasure the way how people of Karimabad live "that make the Karimabad a hot objective of Pakistan". Outside and neighborhood guest abuse their shot being there captivating to sentry kids playing football and looking vacationers thinking about to investigate areas. In Hunza Valley "Karimabad is sweetheart to find". 3. Altit post We are not going to analyze the recorded scene of Altit present however vivacious on control you people the attractions of Altit stronghold. While going into entrances of Altit Fort there is a surprising yard nursery of Cherries with endowment of apricots extreme green grass walk way and faultlessly arrange little bistros and an old post. Altit fortification foreseen that would give a for the most part thorough viewpoint of valley where in out-dated conditions people used to trade silk and unmistakable things. Military watch out for the track who is encountering the roads extraordinary rulers and the rulers had their splendid rooms and collecting centers. ALTIT FORT is request of best course of action recognizing what people of Hunza Valley eat up. slide 3: 4.Baltit stronghold The 750+ years old stronghold outlines the standard Tibetan and Balti arranging inheritance. The stronghold is a little while later an obvious fixation open for just to go to. Standard events like Bofao and Ginani are additionally held at the post. The best thing about the fortification is that not in any way like diverse different fortresses in the territories it has an exceptional game-plan of collectibles and gadget of long time past days appeared inside the fort.In Hunza the Baltit Fort legitimizes a fundamental place. slide 4: 5. Winged animal Nest Hunza A champion among the most principal zenith where from whole Hunza could be orchestrated on right side there is a summit known as Lady finger and on right side we can see the Rakaposhi. slide 5: Point of view of Hunza Valley From Eagle Nest 6.Attabad lake Hunza Valley A disaster changed Hunza River into a sensational lake couple of years in a substantial slide two mountains get together and stopped the area of Hunza River which later changed into Hunza Lake. slide 6: The length of this lake is around 29.3 Kilometers and started from a little town known as Ganish. 7. Passu slide 7: The most nostalgic place at Hunza Valley is Passu. Reliably countless rush to examine this beguiling adjacent zone. A little motel name Passu Inn is sorted out there which is chilled cool and calm place. Remarkable sustenance the taste you audit ignore. At whatever point you go there you ought to stay for no under 10 days. You will be charmed by this place 8. Rush lake slide 8: Surge lake is around no under 5000m stature and a champion among the most fundamental high lake on the planet. Phenomenally troublesome trek essentially master trekkers and mountain climbers are made a request to visit there. 9. Gojal Village People of Gojal are the worshiping live-hearted and social favored people which are tuned into spellbinding voices and capable instrumental players. slide 9: 10. Sust Border Sost a stunning town tense of Pakistan-China Border where a colossal number of guests come to inspect its vitality. Pak-China edges the disguised trade point where trade help center is discovered trucks from china dump their stock at this place. Sost is the last clarification behind Hunza Valley.

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