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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: chopratripti


1. Prepared by- Tripti Chopra

2.  Govind, the son of an illiterate rickshaw vendor in Varanasi, had grown up with cruel taunts like 'However much you study, you will still be a rickshaw puller.‘  He had studied with cotton stuffed in his ears to drown the noise of printing machines and generators below his window in a poor neighborhood where small workshops existed cheek by jowl with tiny residential quarters.

3.  He had given Math tuitions to supplement the paltry sum his father could afford to send him each month.  His ailing father had sold a small plot of land to give Govind about Rs 40,000 so that he could move to Delhi which would provide him a better place to study.

4.  Throughout his life, he had lived with only one dream -- to become an officer of the Indian Administrative Service.  For him that was the only way. And when he broke the news to his family, that he was ranked 48 among 474 successful candidates in his first attempt at the exam -- it was the turn of his three sisters and father to weep with unbridled joy.

5.  The tenement that she calls home is all of 280 sq. ft. where she and her family live.  “I didn’t go to any coaching class for my entrance and chose to join coaching classes only for final exam.  I received scholarship from my class, so I didn’t have to pay for them,” she said. “They found me cleverer and brighter than others. The scholarship meant that my parents didn’t have to worry about my educational expenses.

6.  A 20-year-old MS Dhoni came to Kharagpur in search of a job, and worked as a ticket collector for 3 years. Today, he is India's most successful captain ever.

7.  He used to survive on a mere 10 Rupees a day.  His father was a watchman in a shopping complex and he always wanted his son to join the army.  His mother worked as a nurse and spent a considerable amount of her earnings on Jadeja's kit.  Jadeja lost his mother at 17 and that so devastated him that he wanted to quit everything.  But then he remembered his mother's last wish - to see her son don the national colours. Today, Jadeja is one of India's leading all-rounder.

8.  ShahRukh Khan revealed that when he came to Mumbai he did not have money to eat.  He even slept on roads for many days near Oberoi Hotel.  SRK also recalled that in those days he did not even know that there was Mumbai beyond Haji Ali.

9.  Abhishek, a shoe mender's son, living in a filthy, congested and neglected area of Kanpur, cleared one of the hardest-to-crack exams of India, the IITJEE in 2010.  Now he is a proud IITian and that too studying in IIT, Kanpur, one of the five best IITs in India.  Abhishek’s family consists of his parents and 3 younger brothers. The father mends shoes and his mother stitches and mends clothes to run the family.

10.  Abhishek too helped his father and mother during the day in their jobs.  At night he would study for 5-6 hours. With the meager amount that his parents would earn, they would feed a family of six as well as buy the necessary study material and stationery for Abhishek.

11.  Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was too slow to learn anything in life. Who knew then that this ‘slow’ kid would become the man who will give us the first electric bulb? He invented nearly a 1000 bulbs before inventing the one that worked!

12.  The 27 years old technology geek who like other Americans mentioned in the list is a college drop-out is founder of Facebook, the famous social networking site.  He is known to run a company almost used by half a billion people across the world.

13.  This Indian actress and classical dancer needs no introduction.  She met with an accident when she was just 16. Doctors missed a small wound in her ankle and plastered it, which later got infected and there was no alternative left but to amputate her leg.  With her prosthetic “Jaipur Foot” she became one of the most popular and acclaimed classical dancers of the country

14.  You can be the next success story!!!!  Just wake up and decide whether you want to become a part of the crowd or lead the crowd.  Tomorrow may be too late, so why don’t you decide today!!

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