Top Liquid ZEOLITE Mineral Product, REMOVES TOXINS!

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Information about Top Liquid ZEOLITE Mineral Product, REMOVES TOXINS!
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Published on February 7, 2009

Author: MarilynKBeck



As People strive for Bigger, Better, Faster, Younger and More Convenience in our lives, the environment is taking a serious toll, and so is OUR HEALTH! For Life-Changing Health Benefits, REMOVE - REPLENISH - RESTORE! This is The WAIORA Company's Philosophy, the No. 1 Rated Wellness Organization Worldwide. Remove Toxins with their NCD Mineral - Replenish Your Nutrition with their EDN Nutritional Liquid Supplement - Restore Your Cells with their AgariGold Liquid Life-Enhancing SuperFood! WAIORA CO. Has a Very Sound Product Philosophy... REMOVE TOXINS... Waiora has a Detox product called Natural Cellular Defense, the product removes all heavy metals, toxins, harmful chemicals, and completely cleanses your body of anything harmful. It balances pH levels to help fight off disease and helps improve the overall function of your immune system. Natural Cellular Defense was created after 15 years of research, it has now been brought to market and experts are calling it... THE MOST IMPORTANT nutritional breakthrough in history. REPLENISH YOUR CELLS... Waiora has THE MOST POTENT Liquid Supplement providing 100% of your daily Vitamins, Minerals, Poly phenols, and Herbs in a whole-food fruit base of Acai and Goji berry. This product combines with other exotic, high ORAC fruits like pineapple, cranberry, cherry, passion fruit, orange and agava nectar- to help replenish your body's cells, tissues and organs, fight free radicals and help repair oxidation damage. Key Benefits of Essential Daily Nutrients • It's your daily vitamin product. • It's your daily mineral product. • It's your daily poly phenol (super-charged antioxidant) product. • It's your daily herbal product. • It's your daily whole-food fruit product. RESTORE YOUR HEALTH... Waiora just launched an INCREDIBLE new product called AgariGold H1X1.This is a hybrid mushroom containing 2 types of Agaricus Blazei mushrooms that have been blended together in a 10-step patented process. This blend has created a quot;Super Mushroomquot; that is 15X more potent and powerful than any medicinal mushroom in history. It's a superfood that boosts your immune system and is now widely considered to be... quot;The Most Potent & Powerful Antioxidant in the World.quot; Only Waiora owns the exclusive rights to this amazing H1X1 blend. To ensure the integrity of this product each batch must be DNA finger printed to match the original strand for efficacy and potency before being considered. Marilyn Beck 888-216-3062 x202 or

More Info: Kenneth Kroll - M.D FICS Credentials... • Harvard Medical School • Medical Doctorate Degree • American Medical Association • American Urological Association • American Nutraceutical Association • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine I have been recommending Waiora's products since September 2005. It has been very rewarding to be able to help many people that ran out of places to turn to improve their health. The Waiora product line is very efficient in diminishing health problems associated with aging and allows me to help my clients better thatn with any products I've ever tried. — Dr. Regan Golob

As a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, NCD liquid zeolites is the first and only detoxification chelating agent that I have ever recommended, as it is the only one that is 100% effective and 100% safe. Waiora also has the most potent liquid nutritional supplement available on the market, Essential Daily Nutrients. These two products are your first line of defense, in this ever changing, ever toxic world. In less than a year, my Waiora income has exceeded my practices income, which is just an indication of how many people I have been able to help improve their health. — Victoria Smith I am Marilyn Beck with FastLane Concepts, and I want to Thank You for visiting my Web Link Today! The Company The Top Product with is the Liquid ZEOLITE, called NCD – Natural Cellular Defense. This Product is known to REMOVE TOXINS from the Body. We all have TOXINS in our body from Day To Day Living. A recent study in 2008 by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) indicated 100% of tumors contain herbicides and pesticides. WAIORA’s NCD Liquid ZEOLITE Mineral Product Removes herbicides and pesticides, as well as heavy metals. This is very good. While removing toxins, which is what burdens the body, you need to feed the immune system with the Product AgariGold , a liquid food.

The Immune System provides the body with raw materials to manufacture Natural Killer cells and other immune cells. It is the immune cells that identify and eradicate Cancer. Our Product, AgariGold, is 300 times more potent than any other immune modulator on the market. These two Products, combined, have a POWERFUL impact on the body. I encourage you to give them a try for 30 days and see if it makes a difference, like it has for so many others. Please view this Web Link Presentation: I am available to help you use the Products WAIORA has to offer, and guide you with any health concerns you or your family might have. JOIN US at: Revitalize Your Body, Marilyn Beck, WAIORA Distributor FASTLANE CONCEPTS 888-216-3062 x202 or Life-Changing HEALTH Benefits Remove TOXINS Build Immune System! Not Sure! See HOW We Can HELP YOU!

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