Top Job Interview Questions and Answers

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Information about Top Job Interview Questions and Answers

Published on March 21, 2009

Author: tstotalsuccess


Top 10 ImportantInterview Questions & Answers : Top 10 ImportantInterview Questions & Answers This presentation tells you top 10 Interview questions and answers to help an interview candidate to apply for job with confidence. These Q&A regarding interview are also applicable to phone interview. Many interviewers across the world refer to our database. Source: Interview Question 1 : Interview Question 1 Why are you looking to leave your present job? Answer: I am very happy there and doing well. But, I feel that……….. See complete answer at Interview Question 2 : Interview Question 2 Why do you want the job which we have advertised? Answer: I am sure your company can give me extensive experience and……….. See complete answer at Interview Question 3 : Interview Question 3 What makes you feel that you will be suitable for this post? Answer: I am of the opinion that there are six requisite needs to work efficiently for this position……… See complete answer at Interview Question 4 : Interview Question 4 Why You want a job on less salary as compared to present one? Answer: I know that am to learn and grow and……… See complete answer at Interview Question 5 : Interview Question 5 What types of people you do not like? Answer: I dislike certain bad qualities say, unethical……… See complete answer at Interview Question 6 : Interview Question 6 What is your aim in Life? Answer: Ultimately I want to reach at the top position of your company through my hard work……… See complete answer at Interview Question 7 : Interview Question 7 Do you believe in unionism? Answer: The point is why this union is? If it talks of some vested interests only then……… See complete answer at Interview Question 8 : Interview Question 8 If you are rejected today, what will be your reaction? Answer: My immediate reaction will be that maybe I could not convey my point and second that you are……… See complete answer at Interview Question 9 : Interview Question 9 After doing your degree, why have not you gone for MBA? Answer: I have applied for this position because of……… See complete answer at Interview Question 10 : Interview Question 10 Difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness? Answer: Efficiency relates to jobs done properly, whereas effectiveness means……… See complete answer at : Visit for: Resume Writing Tips Resume Examples Resume Cover Letter Samples Questions and Answers during Interview Gestures and dress for Interview Job Forum and Discussions Copyright Total Success Group 2007-2009

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