Top five Spots on a Cruise down the Nile in Egypt to Luxor

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Information about Top five Spots on a Cruise down the Nile in Egypt to Luxor

Published on January 18, 2020

Author: imperialegypt


slide 1: For witnessing the marvellous temples and captivating tombs of Egypt you must make plans to go on a tour on a luxury cruise along the Great Nile River. It is undeniably the most perfect time-honoured way for exploring a country that has a treasure trove of ancient heritage. Emerging tour company There are emerging tour companies that design itineraries to tour the exciting landscapes of Egypt. Imperial Egypt professionally curates tours focusing on Cruise down The Nile to Luxor for travellers from every corner of the world. You can gather more relevant information by visiting its official website. Karnak Temple Most of the cruise tours begin at the culturally significant city of Luxor. One of the first places where you visit during your journey is the mind-blowing Karnak Temple. It is one of the integral elements of any Cruise down The Nile to Luxor by Imperial Egypt marking the beginning of a series of thrilling experiences in the trip. The Temple and its premises form a forest of astonishingly adorned pillars and obelisks with intricate designs. The main lobby of the temple is traditionally considered to be the abode of the mighty Sun God Amun-Re. The Temple boasts of 134 columns in the spacious hall where the floor symbolizes the River Nile and the ceiling resembles the expansive starry Egyptian skies. Top five Spots on a Cruise down the Nile in Egypt to Luxor slide 2: Luxor Temple No tour is complete without visiting the famous Luxor Temple. At the entrance two enormous statues of Ramses II will sternly greet you. The walls have incredible carvings of common folks performing acrobatics and various other merry-making activities. The Temple has concreted pieces of evidence in frescoes and pillars that prove the prevalence of multiple religions. If you are particularly interested to dig deep into religious art Luxor Temple is an excellent choice without any speck of doubt. Valley of the Kings You will witness the famous tomb of the Great Pharaoh King – Tutankhamen at Valley of the Kings. The chamber is bejewelled with fascinating designs. The place also houses grand chambers that have tombs of other Pharaoh Kings. The hieroglyphic art on the walls is impeccable enough to engross you whole-heartedly. You would be amazed to see vivid ancient paintings inside the tombs that are still so vibrant. Edfu Temple One of the best-preserved temples in the country Edfu Temple is the auspicious zone for the Falcon God Horus. It has a marvellous inner sanctuary and marvellous antechambers that you slide 3: should explore during the journey. The intricate wall carvings are bound to arrest you with their detailing. Kom Ombo You Nile cruise trip would remain incomplete without paying a respectful visit to Kom Ombo where the twin Gods – Horus the Falcon God and Sobek the Crocodile God reside. It is said that in ancient times the Nile was infected with deadly crocodiles. The temple was made to appease them via Sobek. Kom Ombo has everything in two from courts to sanctuary rooms. Traveling safety The trip usually does not have any warnings from concerned authorities regarding traveling. Still it is better to know everything before you start your journey. slide 4: CONTACT US Imperial Egypt Address: Al-Madina St. - Front of Modereat alamn Luxor – Egypt Country: Egypt Phone: +2 01003456253 Email: Website:

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