Top & Best NGO for Child Education in Jaipur India

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Information about Top & Best NGO for Child Education in Jaipur India

Published on December 17, 2017

Author: singhalfoundation


slide 1: T op Best NGO for Girl Child Education in Jaipur Rajasthan India Education gives children hope and it gives them the power to fulfill their dreams. Education opens new doors for children it is necessary for children to turn their dreams into a reality. The sky is the limit for a well educated child. In an ideal world money should never come in the way of a child realizing her or his dreams. Unfortunately the truth is far from this ideal. Numerous children do not get the education they deserve due to financial limitations. Good education is not always accessible to the underprivileged in our society. There is tremendous potential in children all they need is access to good education. And that ’s what we do at the Singhal Foundation. We provide access to high quality education to the most talented children who don ’t have the necessary resources. Our first project on this journey is Project Hope which has started in the beautiful city of Jodhpur India. Project Hope strives to give a great education to the most deserving under-privileged children. As we make progress on this project we will post regular updates on our Facebook Page and on Twitter. Project Hope is our first project in our philanthropic journey. Starting in the beautiful city of Jodhpur India this project aims to identify the most deserving under-privileged children and provide them with a great education through scholarships to attend the best schools in the city. India has a dichotomy in its education system. There are private schools called public schools as per the British system and there are government schools for students who can ’t afford the private slide 2: schools. According to the ninth Annual Status of Education Report ASER three in four children of ages six to fourteen go to the government schools. Given the sheer scale of the student population the government run schools in India face unique challenges in delivering quality education to the masses. India does have a network of for-profit private schools in every city which strive to deliver higher quality education to children. Unfortunately this quality education is only accessible to the privileged few in the country. Project Hope identifies the most talented under-privileged children and alongside giving them scholarships to attend these private schools supports them through outside classroom support and activities. Singhal Foundation Girl Child Education NGO serves in Jodhpur Ajmer Jaipur Rajasthan India Areas. EMAIL WEBSITE USA 888 Villa St Suite 200 Mountain View CA 94043 Phone: +1-650-305-5721 INDIA “Sher Villas ” Opposite Air Force Officers ’ Mess Ratanada Jodhpur 342 001 Rajasthan India Phone: +91 291 2010006 Cell: +91 82333 66666

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