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Published on March 20, 2014

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In need of web traffic, Stumbleupon still brings traffic and can bring huge burst when done right

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Stumbleupon Traffic Stumbleupon Can Bring You Loads of Traffic

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic What Traffic To Expect From Stumbleupon? Stumbleupon can send you a very diverse range of traffic from all over the world, although the majority of traffic we received has been from the main USA, UK and Canada. The traffic will come in bursts, and you will see spikes of visitors followed by lows. However, if the community continue to “thumb up” an article you can still be receiving traffic for months afterwards. SU users often only stay for a short amount of time and you should make every effort to grab their attention straight away before they Stumble on. High quality web design, low number of adverts, humor and photography are well known to be a combination that can guarantee SU success.

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic That said, keep in mind that StumbleUpon traffic is awesome when you manipulate it correctly. You can experience multiple benefits depending on your objective. ● These are the strategies that will help you increase your income and or ● These strategies help you get great burst of traffic to increase rankings. Hopefully, you'll be able to spawn other ideas from this list as well. Remember many office workers are surfing SU while at work, Stay at home Moms/Dads, etc, StumbleUpon now has millions of users. In other words, more people with money to spend and traffic for you. .

1) Create A Top # List. Read some of the popular, posts or popular blog posts and you'll see plenty of “Top” lists. People love reading lists for some reason. For example, you can create a Top 30 list of the coolest games online and stick it into a gaming category. People love to discover new games to play online. Of course this page should be full of your adsense ads and/or CPA offers. Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic

2) Create A Focused Video Page. I'm sure you're thinking “Hey, isn't that what YouTube is for?” the answer is yes and no. YouTube is massive, but weeding through all the videos can be time consuming. I found that by spending a bit of time searching for videos on a certain topic and embedding them into my site, I could make some money from Adsense. For example, you can setup a page that had videos about the new video game systems (Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii). You can get dozens of videos that captured people fighting each other while standing in line for the system, etc. Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic

3) Put Up An Arcade Online games are popular with almost all Internet users. To setup an online arcade, you can purchase an arcade script complete with games already loaded. Scripts for this purpose: The above sites make it easy to add your Adsense/YPN code. Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic

4) Use CPA Marketing Only Put up a page that has some articles about niche topics, then place CPA ads on that page. For example, you can have a few credit card articles on a page with a credit card CPA offer. Some of these pay $10+ for each person that inputs their information. Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic

5) Get Opt-ins For Your List Give away a free report or something worthwhile in exchange for the stumbler's email address. You are basically using the same opt-in techniques you would use any other time, but now you can do niche targeting within the StumbleUpon categories. Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic

6) USO (StumbleUpon Special Offer) This method is simple. Create a special offer for StumbleUpon users. You can do this by first getting their attention with a Stumbler specific headline. Also your content should be easy and fast to digest, like pictures, info graphics and videos, for blog post a list with a catchy title is good. Then you can either setup a sales page just for them, or offer a coupon code for your products. Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic 7) Offer Free Software Downloads Similar to the above technique, offer Stumblers a free software tool with a knowledge pack that you develop. Checkout downloads at Then create a download page consisting of your offer, the software download, and your knowledge/review info about the best way to use the software from your perspective. Monetize the offer in a few ways that you decide. You can Adsense the offer and download page. You can offer the knowledge pack for a nominal fee for say a $1. You can just add them to your list and provide info and offers once they are on your list.

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic 8) Take Advantage of Current Events Take advantage of Tent-pole events and other current events when you have existing content that may be relevant. Tent-pole events are the cultural events that promotion, sponsors, advertisers, and viewing trends orbit around throughout the year. Big movie releases, sports, holidays and niche events should act as guides for the content you produce. For you think YouTube If you have a video that is of you watching a fireworks show, you could update that during the 4th of July (for those in the USA), and again during New Year's to see if you get an uptick in views.

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic Then you create a scheduled post or scheduled YouTube video to be released in conjunction with the upcoming scheduled holiday or monthly event. On your site, you have a wodpress plugin, or use a Hootsuite notification to notify your Stumbleupon community of your “monetized” video and or post. This can all be setup on autopilot and it just runs forever sending new Stumblers to your offers on autopilot.

Top 8 Ways to Monetize Traffic You can get massive amounts of traffic from SU. Focus on becoming a valued member of the Stumble community, rather than just targeting the site to get traffic. By subscribing to others and having them subscribe to you, by making Stumble friends, and by using the “stumble” feature, you can meet people who will be happy to help you promote your site and your offers. Stumble is a fantastic tool for networking purposes, and by getting involved in the community as a whole, you can guarantee large amounts of traffic for your site or blog.

Ready to get started using Stumbleupon in your business? You tell us your interests. We recommend great websites, photos and videos. Simple. Click now to Start Stumbling Across Great Content

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