Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid while Making a Mobile App

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Information about Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid while Making a Mobile App

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: SynapseIndia


PowerPoint Presentation: Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid while Making a Mobile App By - SynapseIndia PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction Mobile apps have peeped in human lives in such a manner no one could anticipate earlier. Today's urban life may literally crash without smartphones and smart apps. No wonder businesses are trying and reaching their target group through mobile apps. But, there is a checklist to follow in terms of avoiding common mistakes. Let's discuss them here... PowerPoint Presentation: #1 - DO NOT Build for Just One Website If you have an app idea, DO NOT think of developing it for just one website. Sure, Android and iOS are big right now, but this industry is uncertain. You never know, Windows platform may boom overnight and leave its counterpart way beyond. So better be prepared. The best solution to this problem is to build mobile web apps instead of native. One mobile web app reaches all platforms, both now and in the future. Of course, if you must build native apps, go the hybrid route. This lets you create one underlying mobile web app, and then add a native skin on top. PowerPoint Presentation: #2 - DO NOT Build Separate Apps for Each Platform As of now, we have 4 major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry. If you want to build native applications for all platforms, you must build 8 apps (4 for smartphones and 4 for tablets). Since each platform requires a different programming language, you’ll likely need 4 different developers. This can be a lot more expensive affair, keeping in mind that you need to spend a lot on maintenance also. PowerPoint Presentation: # 3 - DO NOT Avoid Future Maintenance How often must these apps be maintained? They must be updated every time you need to change the app. They must be updated with every OS update, which are frequent. The best way to avoid a maintenance nightmare? Build mobile web apps. Since one mobile web app works across all platforms, you’re only left with with one application to maintain. Also, mobile web apps aren’t affected by OS updates, which makes your life even easier. PowerPoint Presentation: #4 - DO NOT Ignore Integration with Backend Systems When you ignore integration, you’re creating more long-term work for your company. Employees are stuck duplicating data from one system to another. This wastes time and leads to data errors. It also means that your mobile apps do not deliver real-time data… Which sort of defeats the purpose of a mobile app. PowerPoint Presentation: #5 - DO NOT Ignore App Security One of a smartphone’s greatest strengths is portability. That’s also its greatest weakness. Because smartphones are so small and portable, they’re also easy to lose. What happens if a lost smartphone contains sensitive business data? At worst, it could put your company at risk. What’s your backup plan? If you build native apps, you’ll need to encrypt all sensitive data and create a way to remotely wipe a lost/stolen phone. PowerPoint Presentation: #6 - DO NOT Make a Difficult Interface Here’s a sure-fire way to fail with mobile apps: Create a mobile app with a difficult or confusing interface. Users have come to expect a certain level of usability with their mobile apps. Put a difficult or confusing interface in front of a user, and most won’t bother figuring it out. And, if nobody uses your mobile app, it’s worthless. PowerPoint Presentation: #7 - DO NOT Make Your Audiance Wating for Your App As with any new trend, some companies sit back and wait until they’re positive the trend is here to stay. Is mobile here to stay? As I mentioned above, mobile is the fastest growing trend ever. In just a few short years, smartphone use has exploded. Companies that sit back and wait will find themselves playing from behind. PowerPoint Presentation: Need some more clarifications...? Well... Just drop us an email to OR Call us @ 1800-SYNAPSE OR Visit

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