Top 5 travel safety tips you need to lock with yourself

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Information about Top 5 travel safety tips you need to lock with yourself

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: andreagold


slide 1: Top 5 travel safety tips you need to lock with yourself slide 2: “Traveling is a part of life. While you are traveling to a different place you need to be more careful. Yes a number of incidents can happen which can ruin your travelling experience. Don’t let them happen. Your safety is in your hands up to a great extent” slide 3: Planning for a weekend trip with your family or visiting an outdoor location with your colleagues Travelling often leaves you with memories. Well you always expect good memories to come forth your journey. But you cannot ignore the fact that good and bad hang together. While some journeys make a distinct place in your heart with pleasant experiences on other hand some leaves you with lessons for life. However now you can turn your ‘journey’ to a ‘safe journey’ easily. All you need to do is just remember the following travel tips. Have a look: slide 4: Don’t get distracted easily slide 5: One of the best tricks the burglars on your way use is that they distract you. It is impossible to recognize them at the first glance. They can be of any age color gender etc. How they distract you will also differ they can offer some eatables ask you for some help or just start gossiping on the way. You really need to be aware slide 6: Luggage security slide 7: Whether you are travelling alone or with someone you need to carry luggage and it is of paramount importance to keep it safe and sound. Keeping it safe means to safeguard it and deter anyone from tampering with it. For this you have several options:  Always carry a lock for your luggage. You can count on those padlocks. slide 8:  If you are not willing to go for padlocks the other option is to secure your bags temporarily. You can have those backpack and bag mesh protector. These easily encase the luggage in a wire mesh and let you lock it securely.  The other good option is to keep your possessions safe with a travel door alarm which alerts you of any suspicious activity. slide 9: Safeguard your gadgets slide 10: This becomes highly important when you are on an official tour. During such journeys you always carry your laptop with you. Isn’t it It is probably one of the most prized items that you have while you travel and it is well worth securing. For this you can consider a laptop lock which is used to secure your laptop. Alternatively carry your laptop in a laptop backpack which is similar to adventure backpack. This will help you to keep it away from the burglars. slide 11: Manage your cash and credit cards slide 12: Having those travel wallets is surely not a good choice. The first thing you can do is that keep them hidden as far as possible. Along this note down your credit card numbers the telephone numbers needed to cancel them and other important information related to them. You can also carry photocopies of the front and back of your card. Informing your Credit Card Company and bank in advance about your journey can be helpful too. As the banks can easily suspect the fraudulent use and de-activate your card from working immediately. slide 13: Avoid carrying your valuables slide 14: It is advisable not to take your valuables along. If possible leave your laptop jewelry watches and other expensive items at home. Carting them around can definitely increase your problem. And in case you fear for their safety at home you can try out safe installation by a professional locksmith. Thus you can now go out without fear. Travel all alone or with family to the any corner of the world. A safe journey is a happy journey

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