Top 5 reasons to get that business degree you've been putting off

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Information about Top 5 reasons to get that business degree you've been putting off

Published on February 22, 2018

Author: torykiam


slide 1: Top 5 reasons to get that business degree youve been putting off As a professional and as a citizen of this planet you make decisions for yourself every day. The majority of decisions like where to buy a gray cardigan or where to eat your dinner are relatively easy to make. But when you have to make a more significant decision then its a good idea to research the ramifications so that you can be happy with whatever you decide. Deciding whether you should enroll in a business program is an extremely crucial decision. Figuring out the right major for you can bestow a lot of benefits on you and your family. This article will give you five reasons why you should select business administration as your major. 1. Youll have more job opportunities One study examined almost a million job listings in a single year. The results showed that over 60 percent of the companies sought out a candidate with a bachelors degree. When you earn a business degree youll stand out from the crowd of candidates with only a high school diploma. A degree will also give many more job opportunities. slide 2: 2. Youll obtain plenty of skills with a business degree Y o u ’l l learn skills that you can use in many different industries. The skills that you will learn in your studies are so flexible that most of us would have a hard time coming up with a field where you wouldnt be able to use your talents. Some of the job titles that you can get with a business degree include some of the following: o Business analyst o Financial analyst o Marketing manager o Office manager o Sales manager 3. You can transfer your skills to other industries Business majors can use their skills both inside and outside of the business world. One thing that many college students and graduates like is that the skills gained in a business administration program are transferable. This flexibility gives business graduates a lot more leg room when looking for work than those graduates who majored in fields with more narrow options. A study that examined job postings revealed that the following skills are the ones that employers want their job candidates to have: o Accounting o Budgeting o Business Administration o Customer service o Microsoft Office software such as Excel o Project management o Sales 4. You will have high earning potential One analysis of job postings found that the majority of job postings want business graduates to have at least three years of professional experience. If youre going to advance in the business world you will have plenty of slide 3: opportunities to advance up the corporate ladder. Getting one of the following jobs can give you high earnings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided the average annual salaries of the following positions: o Business analysts: 81130 o Financial analysts: 81760 o Marketing managers: 127560 o Office managers: 90050 o Sales managers: 117960 5. You will improve your communication Business administration graduates will need to write letters emails reports do presentations and negotiate with clients. In college you will learn how to listen effectively as well as how to express yourself through body language. Many employers look for communication skills when interviewing candidates. From 2001-2014 Victor K. Tory Kiam III was the Chief Executive Officer of lia sophia which became the leading direct seller of fashion jewelry.

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