Top 5 Myths about Study Abroad

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Information about Top 5 Myths about Study Abroad

Published on October 23, 2017

Author: jagvimal


slide 2: Nowadays the number of students headed for study abroadisincreasingbuttherearesomanycandidates who skip the opportunity by some misunderstandingsaboutstudyabroadprograms. Study medicine abroad for Indian students is beneficial. Make sure you have your facts right and don ’ tmissout 1: Language majors can take benefit from the studyabroad Irrespective of what you major in students generally don ’ t find it difficult to fit a study abroad program to theiracademic requirements.Limiting on e ’ s choiceof destinations to countries like England Australia and Ireland can do away with the language barrier as a problem. Even countries where English may not be the native language have universities where teaching isdoneinEnglish. slide 3: 2:StudyabroadisonlyfortherichStudents It is not necessary that study abroad would be costlier than the programs at home. The tuition fees in sponsor universities can frequently remain at par for the study abroad programs as well as home institutions. W ha t’ s more often federal and state financialaidcanbeappliedtoasemesterabroadtoo. Thenthereareanumberofscholarshipsforstudents who wish to avail international opportunities in academics. 3:Moretime-takentograduateinstudyabroad Care in planning can ensure that when you study abroad you are able to finish your program in the durationof4years.Bothwinterandsummerinterim have studied abroad opportunities for all students with majors often having the option of study abroad for a whole year and at the same time graduate well ontime. slide 4: 4: Courses taken abroad are not useful at NativeCountry The payoffs from study abroad are most pronounced in the promotions by American schools helping students adjust credits from abroad universities to their own courses. Be well informed before applying to study abroad. Find out about the syllabus of every class seek the advice of your advisor on the kind of credit that can be earned and ensure that you have it inwriting.Youneedtobeassuredofgettingcreditfor allyoureffortsabroad. 5:Unsafetostudyabroad Caution is certainly advised for travels abroad but merely associating the term overseas with certain danger is absurd. Students are notified by study abroad offices on matters of safety and health well before departure along with stringent guidelines and courseofactionforthesafetyofthestudents. slide 5: Therefore keep these points in mind if you want to go studyabroad. JAGVIMAL CONSUL TANTS provides you the best and accurate FEE Structure and Admission process. Here are some best colleges to study MBBS in Georgia. European Teaching University of Georgia ETU slide 6: European Teaching University was established in 1995. It is maintained by qualified and experienced academic staff as well as invited specialists who are educatedintheleadinguniversities ofEurope. LOCATION –TbilisiGeorgia ELIGIBILITY:Min50in10+2 For more details click: mbbs-in-georgia/ Reference: 17/09/07/top-5-myths-about- study-abroad/

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