Top 10 Strongest Pokemon Ever!!!

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Published on March 5, 2009

Author: Regigiratina



My view of the top 10 strongest pokemon ever. Enjoy!

TOP 10 STRONGEST POKEMON EVER!!! 2 pokemon tied for 5 th place

Ok here’s the award giving for the strongest pokemon. In 10 th place- Nidoking because of his defense, and Sp.def. His best move: Horn drill

In 9 th place- Snorlax for it’s amazing defense and special attack! Best move: Giga Impact

In 8 th place- Hetran because of his superb defensive skills and offensive skills. Best move: Magma Storm

In 7 th place- (sorry about the quality) Regirock because of it’s amazing defense and Sp.defense Best move: Stone Edge

In 6 th place- Groudon because of everything! Best move: Fissure

In 5 th place- Tied for there defense stats and speed Best moves (both): Hyper beam

In 4 th place- Giratina for everything Best move: shadow force

In 3 rd place- Arceus for everything! Best move: Judgement

In 2 nd place- Lucario for all it’s skills Best move: Aura Sphere

The strongest pokemon ever is… METAGROSS!!! Because of EVERYTHING!!! Best move: Meteor Mash

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