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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: DanielNichols2



STEM Jobs can be a complete mystery, which can explain why so many students dismiss STEM education. We exist at STEM Jobs to reveal the awesome opportunities in STEM. Check out our Top 10 in Logistics!

TOP 10 STEM JOBS for the student in your life who knows nothing about: LOGISTICS TM

10 $28,000 STEM TYPE: Operator High School Diploma The Real Scoop WAREHOUSE ASSOCIATE What they do Will I like it? There's a lot of packing and unpacking of merchandise. You fill the customers' orders and make sure the orders get out to the right place and on time. You prefer to work with your hands but don't like bugs or sunburn. Schools that train Employers that hire Tacoma Community College, Lake Land College, Mid Florida Tech, Southwestern Illinois College, Seattle Community College Sears, Lowe's, Pearson Education, Toys R Us, PetSmart You've secretly wanted to learn to drive a forklift or operate a crane or program a robot or machine. These jobs are changing dramatically as logistics is becoming a significant area of focus in organizations. Become great at your job and keep finding ways to improve processes, safety and quality and there's no limit to where you can go!

9 $37,000 STEM TYPE: Communicator High School Diploma The Real Scoop DISPATCHER What they do Will I like it? It's up to you to get workers in the right place.You coordinate drivers and vehicles for anything from emergency response to taxi services to freight. You keep everyone else on schedule Schools that train Employers that hire Southside Virginia C.C., Tidewater C.C, Texas A&M University-Galveston, University of North Florida, Sacramento City College Halliburton, United Rentals, Glass Doctor, FlexPrint, City Government of (the city of your choice). Dispatcher is a pretty general title that captures a huge range of job types from air traffic control to emergency response or ice cream truck logistics. These are the communicators of the world, they need to be able to communicate through data systems and directly with people, sometimes clients and drivers as well. Your day will be packed, and you will be living on the edge of control.

8 $39,000 STEM TYPE: Operator High School Diploma The Real Scoop LOGISTICS CLERK What they do Somebody has to do the work, and that's the clerk. Keeping all the i's dotted, this position is about detail and routine. Without this role, paperwork gets lost, and the whole machine can unwind. Schools that train Employers that hire Will I like it? You don't mind the details and you like to keep a routine with a little problem solving thrown in. Michigan Institute of Aviaion, New Professions Technical Institute, Vantage Career Center, Your High School Ryder, Kroger, National Guard, CEVA Logistics,Penske You should get to know something about the company and the business you want to work for before going to an interview. Being very organized is a must, as is being able to take direction. If you're not going to college, or you're a new college grad looking for a foot in the door consider this a learning opportunity and spring board toward leadership.

7 $47,000 STEM TYPE: Regulator Bachelors Degree The Real Scoop PROCEDURES ANALYST What they do Will I like it? You're the efficiency guy or gal.You develop new procedures, and policies to simplify and improve operations, including deciding which tools to use. You've completed so many applications you could do them in your sleep. Schools that train Employers that hire Duke University, University of Southern California, Georgia State University, Brandeis University, Trinity College Department of Veterans Affairs, BNY Mellon, American Eagle Outfitters, Quest Diagnostics, Health System (near your favorite city) Procedures Analysis jobs exist in a range of industries and departments that are not usually associated with logistics such as finance, human resources, compliance or quality and safety. Some jobs may not require a college degree, but employers are more likely to take someone with a degree or experience with the operations of the company. This is often a step-up position.

6 $54,000 STEM TYPE: Investigator Bachelors + Certification The Real Scoop DEMAND PLANNING ANALYST What they do Will I like it? You figure out how much of a product is expected to be needed and how much to keep in stock. You always look for a more efficient way to do things. Schools that train Employers that hire University of San Diego Supply Chain Management Institute, University of San Francisco, Purdue University, Cincinnati State Technical CC, American College Vitamix, T-Mobile, Skullcandy, Cabot Creamery, UTC Heavy on quantitative analysis, so math is essential. Experience using an enterprise resource planning software (ESP) is beneficial. Carrying too much or too little inventory can have dire consequences, and this is the role that keeps that from happening.

5 $56,000 STEM TYPE: Entrepreneur Bachelors +experience The Real Scoop LOGISTICS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT What they do Will I like it? You talk to company reps and find new business for your own company, and manage those customer relationships. You helped someone plan and launch their lemonade stand. Schools that train Employers that hire Florida Institute of Technology, Penn State University, Coastline Community College, Duquesne University, Volunteer State Community College FedEx, UPS, ODW Logistics, Schneider National, CITGO Advanced certifications aren’t required for success in this role, but the individual with experience and a basic knowledge of core supply chain concepts can better relate to the 3PLs customers. Solid experience in sales or account management is helpful, too.

4 $65,000 STEM TYPE: Communicator High School Diploma The Real Scoop PRODUCTION SCHEDULER What they do Will I like it? You're in charge of making production schedules, monitoring materials inventories, tracking progress of production, and reviewing schedules. You make sure you never run out of ALL the necessary ingredients for your favorite cookies. Schools that train Employers that hire Wahstenaw C.C, Honolulu C.C, Sowela Technical C.C. Bismarck State College, Clarion University R.R. Donnelley, Boeing, Cintas, Trimble Navigation, Starbucks Employers usually want new hires to be familiar with their operations before placing you in this position, so you may need to start in operations or administration positions and work your way into these roles.

3 $80,000 STEM TYPE: Advisor Bachelor Degree The Real Scoop MERCHANDISE BUYER What they do Will I like it? It's like shopping, only better. You research new trends or advances in products and make buying decisions. You looooove to shop! - for quality bargains. Schools that train Employers that hire Oregon State University, Purdue University, University of North Texas, Madonna University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dick's Sporting Goods, DKNY, Snyder's-Lance, Baker Hughes, QVC The buyer is the point person for acquiring materials or products for resale. This is generally a senior position with travel requirements and a good and proven sense of value and quality with strong negotiation skills. High profile buyers are most noted in retail and fashion industries, but these roles are critical in all types of wholesale and retail operations and wherever purchasing is a key part of the business.

2 $90,000 STEM TYPE: Operator Bachelors or experience The Real Scoop DISTRIBUTION CENTER LEAD What they do Will I like it? You are the manager of warehouse workers and logistics pros, and make sure they're organized and efficient. You follow a planned schedule every day because it helps you get more things done. Schools that train Employers that hire Albany Technical College, Georgia Southern University, Park University, Auburn University, Airforce Institute of Technology PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Target, Walmart Those who excel in these positions aren’t afraid to take a hardstance to achieve results, nor get their hands dirty when needed. Good work in this role can lead to lucrative career paths, as companies look for intelligent young executives with “floor-level†experience

1 $115,000 STEM TYPE: Integrator Bachelors + Certification The Real Scoop PROCUREMENT DIRECTOR What they do Will I like it? You find new equipment, products or services from suppliers and be in charge of managing those suppliers. You always got more candy than anyone else at Halloween. Schools that train Employers that hire University of Texas, Michigan State University, University of Tennessee, University of Maryland, Clackmas Community College HP, Google, Flour, Merck, Kohler These professionals require both an analytical rigor and excellent negotiation skills. For this reason, a background in supply chain operations, statistics, marketing and sales are all beneficial. A successful supply chain requires inventory flexibility and redundancy while keeping costs down. Ensuring this is possible falls on the shoulders of the Procurement Manager.

LOTS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM ... And we have a great quiz to help students discover their STEM Type! Pretty cool stuff @ TM

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