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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: ThoughtStreamEngage



Online engagement is more common than ever yet there are still folks who aren't quite convinced. Here are our Top 10 Reason to use online methods to engage your community in important consultations.

Top 10 Reasons to Engage Online Copyright Fulcrum Management Solutions Ltd. 2013 THOUGHTstream,Thoughtstream are Trade Marks of Fulcrum Management Solutions Ltd.

Sometimes promoting online engagement seems like preaching to the choir.!

And yet there are still some folks who have not fully embraced this kind of stakeholder and community engagement.! (This post’s for you.) !

Our Top 10 Countdown! ! The 10 best reasons to go online to connect with and engage your community in! meaningful consultation. !

#10 ! Cost ! It costs less to engage groups online.! ! This is especially true for large groups that are physically distant.!

Using online platforms are considerably more affordable than their face to face equivalents.! Online is more affordable for you and in a lot of case it’s also more affordable for your community members.! Travel Child-minding Time off work !

#9 ! Speed ! The average person can read twice as fast as they speak.! ! Exception: Folks from the southern states read 3 times faster than they speak.!

North American adults speak at a rate of 130 -150 words per minute, on average. ! ! The average reading rate for adults in North America is 200 - 300 words per minute.! ! Auctioneers average 250 - 400 words per minute. That’s fast!!

#8 ! Time ! Engaging online allows people time to reflect.! ! Your community members can take the time they need to think about what they want to say.!

#7 ! Moderation ! Ideas and responses can be easily checked online.! ! Disrespectful or harmful comments can be removed.!

It’s hard to stop a disrespectful or harmful comment once it leaves someone's mouth. ! ! In an online environment thoughts can be moderated and inappropriate comments can be removed or sent back for editing.! ! The idea isn’t to censor - it’s to keep it clean and respectful.!

#6 ! Comfort ! Difficult issues can be addressed in a safer, more comfortable space.! ! Participants feel protected and identities can be kept private.!

There is a difference between anonymity and confidentiality. ! ! In our moderated online environment people can say what they want to say without fear of repercussions. However they are not anonymous.! ! This provides safety and accountability. !

#5 ! Accuracy ! What is said, is what is recorded.! ! Our memories aren’t a good as we think they are.!

We don’t record and store what we hear or see.! ! We record and store what we think about. ! ! In face to face meetings and community forums, where emotions can run high, we very often mis-remember what was really said. An online environment protects against that.!

#4 ! Fairness ! Quieter voices aren’t muffled by louder talkers.! ! Introverts get an equal chance to participate and be heard in an online space.!

#3 ! Halo Effect ! We are easily influenced by how a person looks, sounds and by their position. ! ! Using an online platform reduces this kind of bias. !

Charisma is a great quality to possess. The downside for groups is that it’s easy to be swept away by a gifted presenter who knows how to sway an audience.! ! Online processes are protected from the influence of the person so that ideas can shine through, regardless of who they come from.!

Groupthink When people get together in a face to face environment they can begin think alike. #2 !

Groupthink or in-group bias is part of being human. It’s a subconscious drive to be part of a group. ! ! Taking important considerations online and ensuring people have a say before being exposed to other people’s thoughts, allows for more diverse ideas without the risk of polarization or groupthink creeping in. !

#1 ! Convenience Online consultations let people take part where and when they are able. People can participate from anywhere on any device.

Why Engage Online? ! 10. Cost! 9. Speed! 8. Time! 7. Moderation! 6. Comfort! ! 5. Accuracy! 4. Fairness! 3. Halo Effect! 2. Groupthink! 1. Convenience!

Thoughtstream Stakeholder Engagement Solutions ! Copyright Fulcrum Management Solutions Ltd. 2013 THOUGHTstream,Thoughtstream are Trade Marks of Fulcrum Management Solutions Ltd.

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