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Published on January 30, 2014

Author: coquitoday



Want to learn how to be a brand ambassador? Better yet, one of the best?

Join us at Promo Rockstars and we can help guide you every step of the way!

(And for those with experience, there is always something we can learn. We are here to coach our community and help provide resources, no matter what experience level. We will help you get to the next level, beyond brand ambassadorship even)

Top 10 Secrets to Becoming a Highly Paid Brand Ambassador By Edwin J Goitia 1.) Networking powerhouse The ability to be able to pitch ideas or, more importantly, yourself, to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike has got to be the single most important factor in any individual’s success in the promotional arena. Yes, we may mostly be socially savvy when touting brands and making people smile about a new yogurt they may love, but when it comes to efficiently networking, it takes a strong candidate to be able to communicate effectively, express their desires to their newfound contacts, but also reach out a helping hand from time to time to really make the relationship that much more valuable.

2.) Determination In order to really attain some level of success, the will and the desire must come from within. Utter determination is having faith and loving what you do enough to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This industry is not for everyone, but, like anything else, you’ll never know until you try it. There have been many skeptical people in this world who thought that this industry was a scam, or that it wasn’t real, and once they tried it, they fell in love with the lifestyle, the freedom, and the unending experiences. 3.) “Hustler” mentality When you desire anything in life and you want to achieve greatness, experience the best, and see the world, you have to be HUNGRY. It is those who are willing to step the furthest from their comfort zone and do whatever it takes that have the best experiences in life as a brand ambassador. The lifestyle of a brand ambassador is basically an ongoing hustle, where one must always be on their toes, always be alert, and searching for ways to better themselves and find what will allow them to live their lifestyle by design. Now, that is not to say you cannot have fun. Fun is probably the most important element of being a brand ambassador. You can have fun and work hard at the same time. By hustling, you are essentially putting out good energy into the world and building

your own brand. That way, you are always finding gigs as a brand ambassador and staying busy. 4.) Organized Printed calendars, sticky pads and highlighters oh my! When hustling on the road and living out of your car (ok, that only happens in some cases), it can become a logistical nightmare trying to keep all event details, load-in documents, speaking points, and parking receipts in order. You can sit there and throw all of these papers along with your calendar and everything else event-related in your car in a hodgepodge. Without knowing where you can find the details of your days and also who you’re gonna call, your answer may very well be “Ghostbusters!” 5.) Team Player Being a team player is much more than just showing up and helping out in the wonderful world of promotions. Thinking outside the box, expressing gratitude for each other, and also being extremely enthusiastic and happy for consumers and delivering a truly memorable experience all help to uplift the entire team during an activation. This is more than just being positive, but rather leading by example, talking your team up to those in charge, and making

everyone look good when possible. The bigger a team player one is, the greater results that can be driven. 6.) Self-awareness Having the ability to look within for the energy and the willpower to make magic happen has got to be one of the most important weapons when being a brand advocate in the streets of your local area (or around the world if you like traveling!). The best brand ambassadors have the ability to be able to reach inside of themselves and find ways to always get bigger, better, and badder. The tenacity to constantly ask oneself how we can be even more amazing individuals on a day-to-day basis, especially upon waking up, is what gives us the burning desire to do bigger and greater things for others. So, essentially, by focusing on enhancing one’s self out in the field, we essentially do more good for others around us. Simply put, the best ways to improve one’s own confidence and selfimage can be done by reading books, listening to audios, and even attending live events of other highly successful business individuals who perhaps focus on certain areas where you may feel that you can use some improvement

on. However, the most growth, without a doubt, occurs when socializing and networking out in the field with like-minded individuals. By surrounding yourself with others who are succeeding where you want to succeed, it bolsters your chances of success and growth tenfold. 7.) Energetic Energy is everything in the promotional marketing arena. Without the energy, you have no confidence. Without the confidence, you have no impact. Without the impact, there is no positive energy towards a brand. WIthout the positive energy, the brand company, say like Pepsi, is left in the dust. Essentially, they waste their money. I’m sure you hate wasting your money as much as most people do. When representing a brand, always treat it like it’s your very own company and do everything in your power to express the right energy and get it out there for that company. Smiling and being approachable is just the basics of good energy. Make someone’s day. Shake some hands. Crack a likable joke and make people laugh. Be yourself, most importantly, and have fun, and all that good energy will flow. 8.) Punctuality

The number one reason that B.A.s do not get hired again for companies is lack of reliability and not being punctual. Being on time and being punctual are two completely different things. Showing up as a brand ambassador at any event early gives one a chance to iron out any unpredictable things that may arise. For example, leaving earlier from your house than usual will allow you the chance to escape the excuses of “I got stuck in traffic” or “My pet lion ate my khaki pants”, or even the classic, “I got a flat tire”. Don’t be one of these people. Trust me, you don’t want to be known as “that guy” or “that girl”. Basically, show up early and not just on time, to EVERYTHING. (This applies to the online and offline world) 9.) Persistence One of the qualities that I believe every B.A. has to have in order to succeed in the field is to keep pushing and keep working hard, day in and day out. Sometimes, you have to suck it up and work longer than expected days. Other times, you end up not having to work at all and still get partial payment for gigs. At the end of it all, it’s all about the journey when you are a brand ambassador. It’s not necessarily about the short-term results. Those who shoot

for the stars and give the industry at least 3-5 years will have a life-transforming experience. Remember that no matter how difficult things may get or what obstacles you may find yourself facing, things will always work itself out. 10.) Savvyness Savvyness really comes down to creativity and being able to think outside of your own realm of reality. You almost have to step into different shoes on a daily basis and ask yourself “What can I do different today than what I did yesterday?” Of course, most people are going to contest this with the fact that think it’s not realistic to do this everyday. Even just taking 5 mins a day to find something that you can do to make yourself or how you approach projects more attractive and savvy will pay off in huge dividends in the future. Creativity and a savvy edge plays a huge role in everything when being a brand ambassador, from networking to planning, to travel, as well as how you carry yourself out in the field when representing an amazing brand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this quick guide to The 10 Qualities that Make an Amazing B.A.. I feel that understanding these key underlying principles and practicing them on a daily basis will without a doubt have an impact on your success and do it the right way. Please make sure to check out our new website at PLEASE DO NOT ILLEGALLY COPY, DISTRIBUTE, OR DEFACE THIS FREE RESOURCE. THANK YOU!  

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