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Published on November 3, 2016



1. Top 10 Content writing secrets Tips and Tricks to consistently produce a steady stream of High quality Content

2. 1.Keep Research work On all the time Got an Idea - Develop As soon as you get the idea begin looking for : ❏ Major points about the topic ❏ Websites that provide additional data ❏ URL for web pages that explain your points Collect Resources As your go through the web see which material will help you tell your stories Be it a social media post or an article related to the topic, grab the Content along with a note for reference Google+ & Evernote When you see a post that has valuable data you can use, make sure to save those pages. Three effective ways of doing it are : ❏ Google’s +1 feature ❏ Create a Google+ Circle ❏ Use Evernote to store web pages on Cloud

3. 2. Write in your own unique Voice 1.Find 5 of your Favourite Content Writers 2. Select one from each you enjoy reading 3. Read the most favourite slowly, word by word 4. Study the writer's approach 5. Write an article of your brand similar to the one you studied 6. Repeat this for remaining 4 articles 7. Select the one which sounds similar to your style 8. Write 6th article with a small change to make it sound more like you 9. With each article tweak until it sounds more like your own

4. Talk about one thing only Each piece of Content should have one point. Set what the bottom-line point is before you start writing. The first round of edits is to make sure your writing stays on point.

5. Depth and Length should Match ➢ Short articles should only provide a high-level discussion of your topic or in-depth coverage of one aspect of it. ➢ Longer Content has the space to provide more details. ➢ The idea is to know what your readers want and provide depth and length that gets them engaged.

6. Topic A subject of Discussion or conversation Point Slant A specific point of view Find a Unique way to Cover your topic A major idea

7. Spend as Much time on your title as you do on writing 6 types of title that are tend to perform well are : ● Top [ # ] [LIST] ● How to [do something useful or interesting] ● Best of [category or type] ● Why [something] is [the way it is] ● Breaking News ● Secrets of [something we are dying to know]

8. Make the first sentence your Best ❏Your headline and first sentence should take the reader smoothly to your main point. ❏You have about 3 seconds to hook your readers and get them reading.

9. Craft an irresistible lead [Introduction to your content] Types of leads that perform well in Content : ● Enchanting Stories ● Little-known fact ● Contrarian perspective ● Promise of Information available nowhere else ● Breaking news

10. Kill the Hype Keep it believable No hype. It tends to make people feel like they’re being manipulated Write content to add value to the readers and help them. Use content to build awareness and entertain readers. Don’t stretch the truth. Research your topics. People will see you as a resource if they can trust you Back up your facts and figures, provide a solid source or a link to it.

11. Paragraph Maximum 6 lines Short and Simple Sentences Syllables 1-2 syllables Plain writing is best 25 words maximum

12. Edit. Edit. Edit. The first draft indicates an effort you have into your ideas and constructed a quality content. Great writings happens in editing stage. So when you write : ● Get your ideas down on paper. ● Write quickly so that you can keep up with your idea. ● Put your best efforts into editing the content

13. Good Luck !!! For more information Visit us at or you can email us at Reference - chapter-5/

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