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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: ProfessorNana



Lesesne and Perry's presentation for Killeen librarians

With Teri Lesesne (rhymes with insane) & Karin Perry Sam Houston State University Department of Library Science   @professornana @kperry

 Edge time (Donalyn Miller)  Priority  Class time time

 Reading on the fringes o Appointments o Bathroom books o Car o Purse or bookbag o Phone books • eBooks and audiobooks (more later about these)

 If it is not a priority for us, how can we expect it to be a priority for them?  Take a moment to jot down one time you will set aside daily (just 5 minutes) to read.  Make this commitment real by adding it to your calendar.

 Picture books  Graphic novels  Quick reads  Poem or story a day

“Once upon a time there were three dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur, and some other Dinosaur who happened to be visiting from Norway.”

–  Setting  Main characters  Motif  Archetype  And…it’s going to be funny! Plus it addresses this CCSS (anchor standard): Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences

   infer the implicit theme of a work of fiction, distinguishing theme from the topic; analyze the function of stylistic elements (e.g., magic helper, rule of three) in traditional and classical literature from various cultures; write imaginative stories that include: o (i) a clearly defined focus, plot, and point of view; o (ii) a specific, believable setting created through the use of sensory details; and o (iii) dialogue that develops the story (mentor texts)

     create multi-paragraph essays to convey information about a topic that: (i) present effective introductions and concluding paragraphs; (ii) guide and inform the reader's understanding of key ideas and evidence; (iii) include specific facts, details, and examples in an appropriately organized structure; and (iv) use a variety of sentence structures and transitions to link paragraphs;

  Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about how an author's sensory language creates imagery in literary text and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to explain how authors create meaning through stylistic elements and figurative language emphasizing the use of personification, hyperbole, and refrains.

    (A) summarize the main ideas and supporting details in text, demonstrating an understanding that a summary does not include opinions; (B) explain whether facts included in an argument are used for or against an issue; (C) explain how different organizational patterns (e.g., proposition-and-support, problemand-solution) develop the main idea and the author's viewpoint; and (D) synthesize and make logical connections between ideas within a text and across two or three texts representing similar or different genres.

 How could this collection of poems be used in a lesson on informational text?  How could it be used as a Mentor Text?  What other use might it have?

   (A) analyze linear plot developments (e.g., conflict, rising action, falling action, resolution, subplots) to determine whether and how conflicts are resolved; (B) analyze how the central characters' qualities influence the theme of a fictional work and resolution of the central conflict; and (C) analyze different forms of point of view, including limited versus omniscient, subjective versus objective.

  Scaffolding, Visual Literacy, and More

 Who is important in this picture on the cover?  What can we tell from looking at him?  What do the other 2 on the cover think?

 Where are they?  Where would we like them to head next?  What goal? is our ultimate

 What do they like?  What will move them horizontally?  What will push them a bit?  What might be a diagonal move?

 Booktalks  Read Alouds  Displays

 Mind the Gap  Crossing bridges  Challenging zones comfort

 What HOLES are in your reading range?  What will you do to address them?  How can you help kids do the same?  Identify ONE genre, form, format you will read in the next 60 days.

 Titletalk o Last Sunday of the month from 7-8 pm Central Time o Hosted by @donalynbooks and @colbysharp o Talk is archived as well  Centurions of 2013 o Resolved to read 113 books in 2013  Nerdbery Challenge  Caldecott Challenge

 It is important to read a wide variety of literature in order to recommend books to all your readers.  Check your favorite authors to see if they’ve written other genres. ex. Margaret Peterson Haddix, Avi, Richard Peck, etc.  Set a goal. Read one new genre for five of your usual books.  Take reading suggestions from your students. Make a point to go talk to them after you’ve finished their recommendation.

 Apps  eBooks  Audiobooks

 What is an app?  Why should I care?  How do I find recommendations of good ones?

Goodreads Teen Book Finder Bluefire Reader Readmill Overdrive

Shakespeare Pro iPoe Frankenstein Dracula iPoe2 Alice for iPad

Meanwhile PPZ Another Monster…

Apps Gone Free AppShopper

 NetGalley and Edelweiss  Kindle Sales  Facebook promos  Free first chapters

 Start with award winners o Odyssey o Amazing Audio o Notable Recordings o Audies

 New  Old books books

 Divergent Survey 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Ad Amazon Browsing Friend Goodreads Librarian Teacher Trailer  See if you can rank order these 8 as kids did. And then rank order them as YOU would find them useful.

Kids 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Teacher Friend Librarian Browsing Ad Amazon Goodreads Trailer  YOU And are there other considerations for YOU? o Twitter o Facebook o Book clubs o ???

   PW list weekly NYT Children's list NYT Middle Grade list  NYT YA list

  For all ages

  Dust off some neglected books

 Fighting censorship

 Resources  Recommendations

 1. Someone with the heart of a reader is already a reader, enjoys reading, and turns to reading on a regular basis as an activity they prefer. 2. Someone with the heart of a reader does not need extrinsic motivation. No points, pizza, or other incentives are needed. 3. Someone with the heart of a reader tends to have friends who have reader hearts, too. They enjoy taking about books they have read, comparing notes. 4. Someone with the heart of a reader reads up and down and sideways. Sometimes they turn to books that are easy reads, and occasionally they challenge themselves, too. While they have comfort books, they read widely as well. 5. Someone with the heart of a reader recognizes that books entertain, inform, provoke, and touch them deep in those hearts. They know books can elicit laughter, tears, rage, and the full range of emotions.

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