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Published on March 11, 2009

Author: nemogenia



Resume of the different conferences attended at TOC 2009.......a must go for 2010!!  Bob Stein (Institute for the Future of the Book)   - the golden notebook experience about sharing reading a book online (between groups of people who are not in the same country) - the book generates lots of different effects around themselves (social experience, feelings, impacts..) - Bob says his new definition of a book is A PLACE. - in the future children will think on reading like a social experience - Publishers should build vibrant communities for authors and readers  Peter Brantley (Digital Library Federation)   -  A book is many things that converse to one idea: it's a machine to think with - But “book” must be redefined because of the digitalization of everything -  Books are now networked commodities -  Also reading is being redefined -  words are also adquiring semantic meanings.......and being connected..... becoming more than just simple words -  the book leads us to a new environment....they are windows to new communities -  literature becomes a driver to services - Books are quot;knowledge tokensquot;

BLOG  Cory Doctorow (Happy Mutants LLC)   -  DRM is generating again the same idea people has on music industry: you are the bad guys -  Better DRM videogame protection ? Spore -  Most pirated game in 2008 ? Spore -  DRM is always broken.....publishers should learn this -  the only EULA you need is: don't break copyright law - DRM should be decided by publishers not vendors  Scott Meyers (Aristeia)   - different platforms need different skills from authors - Platform-agnostic manuscript from the author (so we can re-use it with the final platform we would choose) - adopting new tools for authors, give authors some expertise/skills -  capability-dependent content -  capability-dependent formatting: conditional formatting allows pre-reader personalization (if the author is working taking this into account, we will be able to produce many different format for the same book) - choose a specification for cross-references and links

Sameer Shariff  (Impelsys)   - Viral marketing at Harper Collins is the email to a friend......that worked very well........widget it !! - networks are he new currency - authors speaking about their books (as a viral marketing and part of the book itself) - widgets, widgets, widgets!!!

Roundtable: Mobile strategy  Eltham (Queensland Writers Centre) -  iPhone changed the game because it make it easy to use a phone in many more ways -  85% of ebook content bypassed the internet and went mobile directly -  Japan is a 35 billion mobile content market -  Harlequin makes image books from written stories. - Considerations: customer needs, work flow, customization of content, Platform, revenue models, resources Prud'hommeaux (Stanza) -  We're fans of working with open standards creating communities - Mixing free and paid content is helping them

Roundtable: Mobile strategy (2)  Brantley (Digital Library Federation) -  Connect, Communicate, Collaborate (mobile platforms mantra) -  platforms for integrating data (iPhone and Android) -  mobile allows to extend ourselves in the space.... in a wider environment -  Green Map System -  virtual worlds force us to rethink the concepts: place, environment, experience -  what is the essence of a library? -  trending toward interactivity - gaming and education melds  Jeff Jarvis (What Would Google Do?)   -  If you're not searchable, you won't be found -  What would you do if you were Google? -  What business we are really in? Decide what business you're in - Encourage, enable and protect innovation -  Simplify, simplify….and get out of the way - What if books were updatable, searchable, linkable correctable, ....? -  ....the book were a process more than a product? - ....links are giving value to content - …this is the creation generation

Sara Lloyd (Pan Macmillan)   ‐  publisher is (now) an enabler? (before he was an intermediary)  ‐  we need to create new internet models of distribution (respect the channel)  ‐  ‐ Manifesto ….will be free tomorrow at O'Reilly books  Jason Fried (37 Signals)   ‐  whenever you make something you make something else  ‐  they created Basecamp (project management system)  ‐ today in e‐business the real important thing is the Audience 

Lexcycle (Stanza)   -  propietary formats are against proliferation of better solutions -  Stanza has 1.3 million users in 60 countries, 12 languages -  Average title price (fiction) is 10,25 $ -  It's all about the readers -  Give readers lots of options to customize -  problems start with the friction users find in every process -  Budget for marketing on e-books -  Keep experimenting - be bold - 0,1% of their books are not free

Nick Bilton (NYT Lab)   ‐  it's all about storytelling  ‐  everyone is a storyteller  ‐  online nomads  ‐  162.000 links per day in his browser  log  ‐  customTimes (machines to print on demand) = innovation & prototyping  ‐  new readers are opportunistic and  omnivorous  ‐  example: the story of a friend who went to jail and made a multiplatform book  ‐  Authors want to tell a story, let's (publishers) help them to tell their stories  ‐ “I trully believe people pay for content” 

Tim O’Reilly (CEO ‐ O’Reilly)   ‐  we are building a global intelligence network  ‐  1 trillion pages in internet in 2008  ‐  lightweight IT development must come to publishing industry  ‐  ..embrace the revolution!  ‐  Twitter, twitter, twitter...  ‐  Don't make anouncements, talk about the issues that matter to you  ‐  DRM is an obstacle  ‐  involve your customers and authors to build your product  ‐ experiment with pricing....(i.e. iPhone, The Missing Manual) 

     The Changing role of the publisher ‐ Roundtable  ‐  (Bob) Lulu ‐ A recent report jan 2009 informs everything will be in recession  except....the Net  ‐  Internet builds in such an efficient way that it could grow  ‐ (TO) ...e‐books will be 30‐40% of our revenue in the next couple of years  ‐  (Blurb) ...a community of people, professionals  related to the publisher: blurb  nation (they don't take a coin on the business…. they do indirectly by participating  or developping things thanks to this platform)  ‐  (Bob) ...the thing is to discover throught out the discoveries of your readers  ‐ (Blurb) .....we do one widget per book so authors can spread their books  ‐ ....we can convince the authors to work on social networking when you show them  that you are doing the same things and also if you teach them how to do this and  what is the impact of these kind of actions...  Gavin Bell (Community)   ‐  relations between the people that read a to connect them?  ‐  Do create API’s from your apps so that people could interact and use them  freely.....integrate your products with as many services as you can.  ‐ engage with the activity in your community  John Broughton (O’Reilly author)   ‐ who is likely to edit the book…… online? (how can then it be found?)  ‐ Will potential buyers prefer the online version? Ask yourself……why?  Ron Hogan (   ‐  Gateway blogging vs Destination blogging   ‐ Everything on the site is my opinion (except comments written by others,  which are their opinions). I have strong opinions. At times, you may not agree  with these opinions, or how I choose to express them. This is not my  problem. I run this site as I please. You do not get a vote. If you try to suggest  that you do, I may be rude to you.  ‐  ‐  ‐ 10 years to build his audience  ‐ once a blogger starts to appear commercial....they loose readers.....or  readers change their profile, and you obtain other kind of readers.   Chris Baty (NaNoWriMo)   -  ...creation has a lot to do with the feeling we put in it...... -  free lessons in order to learn how to write novels (from kids to adult audience)....all free….generating community -  internet communities grow through shared experiencies.....there's a hunger in the world for sharing things -  they are experts in proposing experiences to people so they can share…..they start proposing challenges……like NaNoWriMo -  you have to share and participate in the experience with the people so they can see that you also feel value in it -  At the end......books win! - writing novels simply feels well.....Chris says.....and it makes you understand the effort of the authors creating the books you like and read….you will never read a novel in the same way once you’ve tried to write your own.  Nina Paley   ‐  content is free  ‐  containers are not free  ‐ good content advertises itself 

Select TOC Video Available We have select video from TOC available online. We still have a lot of video to upload, so if you don't find what you are looking for, check back later. Speaker Presentation Files We have several speaker presentation files available online. Keep in mind not all speakers choose to share their files.

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