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Published on February 29, 2008

Author: Carlotto


Be Equal • Be Different :  Be Equal • Be Different Images of diversity Woman, 1996:  Woman, 1996 Nina Labbart, Finland "My photo is about the right of an old woman to have wrinkles. It's about her right to age with dignity and without giving up her sexuality. I wanted to stir up this discussion because I believe that in our society we are fixated on appearance and have forgotten the wisdom of the old. It's also a way to approach my own ageing, to discover what's considered ugly and make it beautiful. Does life with all its passions cease at thirty-five?“ Nina works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden, but was born in Finland. She has exhibited on several occasions in both countries. Love is love, 1994:  Love is love, 1994 Tiziano Bedin, Italy "I have published in many gay magazines in Europe and also in a book about young Italian men, called Latin Lovers. More than on technique, my photographs concentrate on revealing the personality of the model, showing both 'body and soul'.” Tiziano Bedin switched to professional photography after working as an economist for a few years. He then studied at the European Art School in Milan, and specialised in advertising and industrial photography. The Mongans, 1998 :  The Mongans, 1998 "During my work I took a lot of photographs, because I wanted other people to see what I saw, and come closer to seeing Travellers as they are, not as they are so ungenerously imagined to be. I always hope that my photos in this way will contribute to a culture that appreciates diversity, while promoting inclusion.“ Dan O'Connell, Ireland A Vincentian priest, Dan worked in the Parish of the Travelling People in Dublin for the past seven years. He did much of the sacramental work and worked with Travellers and Traveller organizations particularly in the area of accommodation and social justice. Dan is now studying at Boston University (USA). Mien, 77 years, homeless in Rotterdam, 1996 :  Mien, 77 years, homeless in Rotterdam, 1996 "Mien spends a lot of her time cleaning up the city. Pieces of paper and plastic cups disappear in her carrier bag, she even rearranges the garbage in garbage cans. Now and then she admits she might prefer to live in a little house, with her family. However, she feels she will never settle down, because the street is in her blood. Mien is a kind and special person. I would have loved to have had her as my grandma." Arie Kievit, The Netherlands Arie Kievit graduated from the Royal Dutch Art Academy in 1997 and works for prominent Dutch newspapers (Algemeen Dagblad, De Volkskrant) as well as for Doctors without Borders and other organisations. Arie published for photobooks, for instance about Mien. She so feminine, 1999 :  She so feminine, 1999 "When I first met my girlfriend and started to go out to women's bars I became really interested in girls who looked like boys. Gradually my interest moved to how all kinds of women express their identity of femininity and masculinity. What's feminine? I wondered. Femininity and masculinity are outfits more than personal characteristics.“ Aurora studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and at Gothenburg University. She worked for Me Naiset, a Finnish women's magazine and has shown her work in Finland as well as in other countries. In her recent video-project, 'Angel', Aurora portraits young, androgynous lesbians. Aurora Reinhard, Finland Joyce, 1999:  Joyce, 1999 "Joyce is a self-made woman. To judge her choice would be easy. It fascinated us because this choice is irreversible. For her, it's the only way to force her own happiness. In our work we never search for the truth. We just want to show what we find unforgettable." Daan and Sander have worked as a duo since 1997. They both graduated from HKU (Art Academy) in Utrecht in 2000 and exhibited and worked on assignment, for instance for the Dutch World Broadcast Company. Sander Smits / Daan de Beer the Netherlands No title, 1997:  No title, 1997 "I grew up during the Cold War with the idea that communism was terrible. One of the worst things was the fact that in communist countries people weren't free to travel. The Iron Curtain was a barrier until 1990, an absurd situation. But now we close our borders. Apparently it's alright to prohibit others to travel freely." Piet den Blanken, The Netherlands Piet den Blanken travels around the world as a freelance photojournalist. His work has always been politically engaged, since the eighties when he was one of the few photojournalists to report the civil war in El Salvador, until the present where he travels Europe to photograph the way refugees are being treated by authorities. This photograph was taken in the harbour of Brindisi and shows Albanians as they are guarded prior to their deportation to Albania. Lesbian family, 1992:  Lesbian family, 1992 Marian Bakker studied visual communication at the Art Academy (Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunst) in Amsterdam. She exhibited her work (both solo and in group exhibitions) in Berlin, Paris, New York, Brussels and several Dutch cities. Marian is also actively involved in the Dutch feminist and lesbian movement. She is one of the initiators of Lesbian ConneXion/s, an international photo-exhibition by lesbian photographers about lesbian life in all its aspects. Marian Bakker, The Netherlands European Cup Winners Final, Strassbourg 1988:  European Cup Winners Final, Strassbourg 1988 "In this final, Ajax met K.V. Mechelen and lost (1-0). Player Danny Blind (left) was sent off the field in the first period. Just before the match Johnny Bosman (right) had signed a contract with K.V. Mechelen. When the two saw each other at the presentation of the cup, the emotions got the better of Bosman." Guus Dubbelman The Netherlands Guus Dubbelman studied journalism for three years and has been active as a photojournalist for 23 years, working for major Dutch papers as the Volkskrant. No title, 1994:  No title, 1994 "I took this photo in Spangen, a neighbourhood in Rotterdam where people from very different cultural backgrounds live together. Spangen received a lot of negative publicity, especially for this area. Instead of showing their problems I wanted to show the other side of these people living their daily lives." Arenda studied at the Royal Art Academy in the Hague and works for well known Dutch magazines such as De Groene Amsterdammer, Opzij and HP De Tijd. Arenda Oomen The Netherlands God loves me too, 2000 :  God loves me too, 2000 Sergio Perini, Italy "I took this picture during World Gay Pride in Rome, which was especially important. Not only because the Vatican had used all of its influence to prevent it from happening during jubilee year, but also because we felt a different atmosphere. Gays, lesbians and others were there with more determination than ever to claim the right to demonstrate and to express the fact that being lesbian, gay or transsexual isn't something to be ashamed of." Sergio has been a photographer for ten years, and has mainly been working for the Italian gay press (Pride, Babilonia, Noi) as well as for other magazines. No title, 1999:  No title, 1999 "The shaved head is a very important motif for me. It represents the feeling of exposure and vulnerability for being queer in this society. My photographs deal generally with the theme of 'coming out'. This is more than the single act of telling your friends and family. For me it also means the years inside of your own head coming to terms with something society does not accept. It is a constant battle against self-doubt, disgust (instilled at a young age in heterosexual society) and trying to re-establish oneself as someone different." Abi Cryerhall, Ireland A graduate in Ancient History and History of Art and Architecture from Trinity College in Dublin, Abi is an art photographer and an archaeologist. During her studies she spent several years as a committee member for the Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Society, and as the Students Union LBG (lesbian, gay, bisexual) Rights Officer. Distance, 1982:  Distance, 1982 "This photo is not only a document about The Chilean Refugees, it also represents part of my life as a refugee. It's called 'Distance' because we are far from home and far from the culture in which we live now. I came to Europe in 1973 and I think I'm experienced enough to tell about being a foreigner. Taking personal pictures is my way of expressing myself." Adolfo Vera, Finland Born in Chile, Vera has been living and working in Finland for thirty years. From 1976-1982, he studied at the University of Arts in Helsinki. He has worked as a freelancer, in Central America and elsewhere, and for different papers and magazines. He has also exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions. No title, 2000 :  No title, 2000 "I took this picture at a family gathering. In this picture, my grandfather sits alone amongst the partying crowd. To me he is a hero. My work always deals with relations between people and their environment. I shoot in ordinary situations. Sometimes the picture shows differences as they are bridged, sometimes it just shows how these differences remain. I come across discrimination as well. It's an aspect of how people deal with each other." Andrea Stultiens, The Netherlands Andrea Stultiens studied photography at HKU (Art Academy) in Utrecht. She's currently a post-graduate at Art Academy St. Joost in Breda and has won several Dutch prizes and stipends. Her clients are the city of Amsterdam, Rotterdam. Wish I was normal, 1997 :  Wish I was normal, 1997 "This photo is part of a series, taken as an examination of society's habit of labelling and quickly dismissing people without any attempt to either see them as individuals or explore the issues they may be dealing with. It's my belief that too many of us are unquestioningly conditioned by the opinion of others, be that the state or the man in the street, without making any effort to examine issues that are perceived as 'alien' or 'wrong'.“ Ciaran studied acting in New York. After a short acting career he studied commercial photography at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art design and Technology. Currently he co-ordinates the photography courses at Stillorgan College of Further Education, meanwhile working on photographic projects Ciaran O'Keeffe, Ireland No title, 1997:  No title, 1997 Linette Raven, The Netherlands Linette mainly photographs people, working as a freelancer and on assignment. Clients include the Dutch National Ballet. She also publishes in Dutch magazines such as the gay magazine XL.

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