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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: michellecampbellscott



Authors don't often have the problem of not knowing what to write. Instead, they generally have to many ideas!

There are a few things we can do to evaluate our ideas, see how viable they are in terms of potential sales if we turn them into books, and find out if the topic interests and excites us enough to sustain momentum through the process of writing the book.

Use the tips in this presentation to go through all your current ideas for book titles, topics, and series. You will be doing keyword research, Amazon research, and YouTube research - that will help you decide if the book has the potential to be both popular and profitable.

Then you will brainstorm your ideas, to a deadline, to see which has the most potential and which gives you a buzz.

Then it's time to see where the best of your ideas fit into the rest of your writing. If you have 2 books in one genre but are thinking of writing a new one in a different genre, you might be better going with an idea for a third book in your original genre (if your research showed it to be viable).

Too many ideas for books seems like a dream to authors who are stuck for ideas but actually it can stifle creativity and stop us being able to focus and concentrate on the book we're writing now. Use these strategies to help decide your writing agenda for the next couple of books. You'll understand where they fit in the big picture of your writing schedule and know that you'll be able to keep up the energy and enthusiasm while doing the research and writing.

How to decide which book ideas to run with and which to do first

How To Pick Which Book To Write  Research:  Keywords – what’s being searched  Amazon – what’s selling  YouTube – what’s being searched  Emotional pull:  Brainstorm each book idea  What gets you feeling excited  Series – where it fits  Tools > Keyword Planner

Check Amazon

See what’s selling and what isn’t

Brainstorm  Set a timer – 2 minutes.  Spend 2 minutes jotting down all you can think of for each book idea – paper/pen or computer.

Emotional Pull?  Go through your notes for each book and write down:  When you were thinking of ideas, which book idea got you the most excited?  Which one did you come up with the most ideas for?  Which one do you feel most strongly about?

Series – Where It Fits  Ideally, you need a minimum of 3 books in a series.  If you have 2 books published, working on an idea for a 3rd would be good.  If it’s a new book/series idea:  Can you come up with at least 2 other ideas for a series?  Research those ideas.

Which To Choose First?  The one that will:  Fit into an existing series.  Be profitable – lots of searches, other books in this category doing well on Amazon.  Give you a buzz while writing it.  Be quick to write.

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