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Published on November 17, 2008

Author: olleratub


Slide 1: Too: more than is needed or wanted. Enough: sufficient Too/ Enough Slide 3: SB p68 ex5 Divide the words into: adjectives adverbs countable nouns uncountable nouns Slide 4: Used before adjectives Mary is too young to get married. The food is too hot to eat. Susan is 50. She is too old to have a baby. Used before adverbs: It was raining too heavily when the accident happened. He was driving too quickly to avoid the accident. Mary was doing too well in the course to give up. Too: excess Too many/ too muchbefore nouns : Too many/ too muchbefore nouns Countable nouns use: Too many: I’m so tired. I have too many things to do. Paul couldn’t come to the party because he had too many clients to visit. Uncountable nouns use: Too much: It’s too much coke for me. Would you like to drink some?? I have too much work I don’t know if I can finish today. Enough: means “sufficient”Not enough: means “not sufficient” : Enough: means “sufficient”Not enough: means “not sufficient” BEFORE nouns They have enough money to travel, they don’t have to go to the bank. They do not have enough money to travel. They have to go to the bank. AFTER adjectives or adverbs He is strong enough to cross the desert.(He can do it) He is not strong enough to cross the desert (He can’t do it) Slide 7: If the sentences are negative use AFTER for adjectives or adverbs and BEFORE for nouns. Mary needs 5 Kg of cheese to make a lasagna. If I buy 1Kg of cheese: It is ____ ________ cheese. If I buy 15 Kg of cheese: It is _____ _______ cheese. Mary needs 3 eggs to do an omelette. If I give her 1 egg: It is ____ ________egg. If I give her 10 eggs: There are _____ _______ eggs. If we want to see snow and the temperature is 10oC, we won’t see snow, because the temperature is _____ cold _________. When the temperature in Prudente is 38oC it´s _____ hot. not enough too much not enough too many not enough too Slide 8: Correct the wrong sentences

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