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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: tdovalelmi


1. for SWIFT “The smallest positive action is worth 100 times more than your biggest and best intentions” SWIFT SUCCESS ENSURANCE?

2. for SWIFT “if you want to find out if something is ETHICAL, imagine what would happen if every person was doing it!” Immanuel Kant SWIFT SUCCESS ENSURANCE?

3. for SWIFT “When most people look in the mirror, they see their past with all it’s flaws and failures. Seldom do they see their future with all its Possibility & Potential. Do you have SUCCESS ENSURANCE?

4. for SWIFT “Are your present beliefs, mind-set, thoughts, feelings, focus & actions ensuring that you achieve your dreams and goals with 100% certainty? Do you have SUCCESS ENSURANCE?

5. for SWIFT Your COMFORT ZONE is the biggest killer of you living the life of your dreams. Stretch & Grow Now! Get Uncomfortable To Stop Struggling

6. for SWIFT Reality: We are drowning in data & info and yet still starving for Appreciation, Connection, Wisdom, Meaning and Love. We don’t need more information. We NEED a REAL MINDSET TRANSFORMATION. and FIERCE Focus to shift our limiting habits perpetuating the past. Get REAL and Get Fiercely Focussed

7. Become 7 x More Valuable…fast! In the ever-increasingly challenging times ahead. It is only Resilient & GO Mindset that will ENSURE REAL Success in life & business. Discover the top 20 qualities of a GO Mindset that makes you 7x more valuable… for SWIFT

8. FIERCE Focus Fuels Faster Freedom! … for SWIFT

9. Greater Happiness is a CHOICE We know from research that about 40% of your happiness is controlled by your MINDSET… what you think and do, not by genes or situational reaction. This means that ANYONE can be happier if they DECIDE to create a new GO MINDSET.

10. Abun-Dance or Abun-Dunce? Your Money Mindset is the tool you use to create and activate abundance in your life and business. Your Abundance Deserve-ability Frequency (ADF) controls what LEVEL of abundance you are able to create & keep in your life. .

11. Money or Your Life? Having money and no inner peace, is hell. Having inner peace and no money is also hell. Heaven is having inner peace, joy & abundant wealth…beyond just having lots of money. If you lose your integrity, health, love, happiness and peace for money…You are the biggest loser! REAL Success in life, if you are smart, is not measured in money terms.

12. 10 LifeShift Choices to Transform Your Life 1 Choose to be mentally, emotionally & energetically “Bullet-proof” with a Resilient & Growth oriented MINDSET. 2. Choose total DWEIT (do whatever it takes) commitment to your results and REAL success. 3. Choose to be Courageous in the face of fear by focusing on that which means more than your fear. 4. Choose Discipline & SWIFT action over avoidance. 5. Choose persistence now, over TRY or 1 day I will. 6. Choose to get uncomfortable , for it’s outside of your comfort zone that growth & success resides. 7. Choose consistent, constant FIERCE focus action over waiting for a perfect moment. 8. Choose to let go stuff (Material & emotional) SWIFTLY and live lightly. 9. Choose to be proactive & positive in relationships. Initiate, build, grow, mend. 10. Choose to DWEIT (do whatever it takes) commitment to your results & success.

13. Rethink Your Success Mindset FIERCE Focus - FOCUS 1 Thing for 20 minute - INCREMENTAL towards main goal - EXCLUDE all distractions - REAL, RELEVANT, REQUIRED - CLARITY of Value/impact - ENERGY – Enough & right

14. Rethink Your Success Mindset • Leadership • Digital Literacy • Communication • Emotional Intelligence • Entrepreneurship • Global Citizenship • Problem Solving • Team-Working Skills Required for Ensuring Success

15. Conscious Response-ability There is a small GAP, between STIMULUS & REACTION that reveals the true measure of a man’s consciousness & power. The POWER to choose to BE RESPONSE-able or to react like a dumb robot. What do you regularly choose?

16. Rethink Your Success Mindset S African Money Prediction @age 65 /retire • 6% can retire fully - Thrive • 47% depend on family/friends • 31% HAVE to keep working to survive • *16% are soley on Govt pension (*31% of total pop on social grants)

17. Rethink Your Success Mindset Rethink Your Financial Sanity @age 65/retire To live Comfortably Rough Rule of Thumb… you need… 15x current annual salary to retire @65% to 75% of your last salary. Pray medical expenses don’t grow!

18. Rethink Your Success Mindset 67% of people are too busy surviving their expensive ego-driven life-style, to be able to build a life of true success & Meaning.

19. Rethink Your Success Mindset 67% of people are too busy surviving their expensive ego-driven life-style, to be able to build a life of true success & Meaning.

20. Rethink Your Success Mindset Team building “games” destroy your team spirit! BEST team development is a blend of Appreciative Team Dynamics with Emotionetics, Neuro-Leadership & MindShift

21. Rethink Your Success Mindset Marketing Wisdom The Moment of TRUST, comes before the ZMOT. Ensure your Business With SubZero-MOT

22. Rethink Your Success Mindset PATIENCE is not about waiting. It’s the MINDSET & ability to keep a great attitude, whilst still working, highly focussed, on important goals, with SWIFT Action.

23. Rethink Your Success Mindset Predicting the Future If you want your business to grow Mindsets & Behaviors must SHIFT. In other words, if you continue with the SAME mindsets, values & strategies, you can expect more of the same results.

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