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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: lachesisbraick



Ace the speaking test with this class I have prepared :-)

TOEFL Speaking task

VOCÊ TAMBÉM ESTÁ SENTINDO QUE PRECISA SE PREPARAR MELHOR PARA O IELTS E O TOEFL? SEU PROFESSOR NUNCA FEZ AS PROVAS? Estude com quem conhece as provas e obteve resultados excelentes! IELTS: 8.5 (proficiente) TOEFL: classificada C2 (proficiente) - 111/120pontos. Aulas de inglês cuidadosamente preparadas para quem (mais do que nunca) precisa de certificados internacionais! Para mais detalhes, segue meu contato: TEACHER Whatsapp/oi: 86311812 LACHESIS BRAICK

Familiar topic about your experience QUESTION 1 Answer  Reason 1  Prepar e   15 15  Answer 45s 45  Reason 2 Interested in classes?! Whatsapp/oi: (031) 86311812

QUESTIONS 1 AND 2 Familiar topic about your experience Hypothesis Answer 45s In my opinion… for two reasons…  Prepare  Answer 39s First…. For example… 17s Second… for instance.. 0s That’s why….  Reason 45 seconds Write 2 reasons Reason 1  15 seconds 2 Interested in classes? Whatsapp/oi: (031) 86311812

LACHESIS’S TOEFL CLASS NOTES QUESTIONS 1 AND 2  Prepare 15 seconds Familiar topic : your experience Write the answer while you hear the question TRAVEL  Speak 45 seconds Write 2 reasons 45s during this time In my opinion… for two reasons… 43s First…. For example…  Reason 1 17s… for instance.. FUN  Reason 2 0s That’s why…. WORK A LOT Interested in classes?!

Familiar topic about a hypothesis QUESTION 2 Answer  Reason 1  Prepar e 15 s 15    Answer 45s 45  Reason 2 Interested in classes?!

QUESTION 3 Reading 45s – 50s Listening   Identify the change and reasons and take  Prepare notes Change Reason 1 Reason Man Woman 2 Change   30 s   Interested in classes?!   Speak 60s Draw circles  Opinion Reason 1 University announcement + conversation Ignore the reasons from the reading Write about the Reason 2 student’s reasons One of the students is going to support or oppose the  The reading states that… The man says that…  43s He provides two reasons  22s First, 3s Second,  0s  That’s why…

Reading + Lecture QUESTION 4 Reading Title 45s – 50s  During this time write the title and definition 100 words take notes on the reading before the preparation time Definition from the text ____ Example ____ ____  30 s  Write the definition classes?! Write the title  Title Prepare  Lecture listening 120s Will be an example  Interested in Pay attention to the story  Speak  60s This article is about.. Which the passage defines as…    43s The lecturer gives an example of… to illustrate this 17s He/she states that…. 3s And so this example clearly illustrates..

Talking about a problem QUESTION 5 Listen to a problem  Man Problem Woman   P S Solution 1 Prepare 20 s Choose the second solution R Response (-) S Solution 2 R Response (-) Response (+) What’s the problem? Which solution would you choose and why?  Speak  60s The man’s/woman’s  35 problem is that… The students discuss two solutions… First Second If I were the man/woman I would choose… The first solution isn’t good because… The second solution is better because…

Lecture QUESTION 6 Listen to the lecture 1min30sec to 2 mins Topic definition Subtopic Example  Prepar e 20 s 15  Answer 60s Write 2 words for each paragraph Subtopic 2 example  What does the lecture say? Interested in classes?! (031 86311812)

Nem precisa ser especialista pra dizer: “Você está fazendo isso errado!” Aprenda com quem já fez as provas! #Lachesis Braick (031) 86311812

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